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DO & CO Restaurants & Catering AG
Industry Catering
Founded 1981
Founder Attila Doğudan
Headquarters Vienna, Austria
Key people
Attila Doğudan, Dr.Klauss Petermann (CFO), Gottfried Neumeister (COO), Haig Asenbauer (CIO)
Owner Attila Doğudan Private Foundation holds a stake of 41% / 59 % free float
Number of employees
8,683 (end of 2014)
Divisions Airline Catering, Event Catering, Hotels & Restaurants

DO & CO Aktiengesellschaft is an Austrian catering company, headquartered in Vienna. It is active in segments such as airline catering, train catering and international events catering. The company also provides services through its restaurants, bars, lounges, and hotels.[1] Since 1998 DO & CO is listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.


The company handles the catering of Austrian Airlines since 2007 and Austrian Federal Railways since 2012, the latter under its Henry am Zug brand.[2] Do & Co provides VIP catering for Formula 1 races and provides hospitality and catering services for UEFA European Football Championship events.[3][4]

In early February 2015, DO & CO announced the establishment of a joint company with Nestlé Nespresso S.A. for the operation of Nespresso Cafés.[5]

Period 2012 2013 2014 2015 3Quarters
Sales (€m)[6] 466.35 576.19 636.14 597.79

Turkish DO & CO[edit]

A Do & Co meal as served aboard Austrian Airlines flights

Turkish DO & CO is jointly owned by DO & CO and Turkish Airlines established in 2007. It has been operating nine gourmet kitchens in Turkey. Over 60 national and international airlines, among whom Turkish Airlines represents 85% of the sales, are catered from these locations.[7] The company also operates Turkish Airlines' business class lounges.

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