Docklands Buses

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Docklands Buses
425 bus at Stratford Scania Omnidekka N94UD BV55 UCY - Flickr - sludgegulper.jpg
Parent Go-Ahead Group
Founded 1988
Headquarters Merton
Service area East London
Service type Bus services
Routes 9 (May 2015)
Depots 1

Docklands Buses is a bus company operating in East London. It is a subsidiary of the Go-Ahead Group and operates services under contract to Transport for London.


Docklands Buses was formed by Harry Blundred's Transit Holdings in 1988 as Docklands Transit.[1][2] It initially operated local commercial routes using Ford Transit minibuses, but these proved not to be viable so it switched to operating tendered Transport for London services.[3] Stagecoach purchased the bus side of the company in 1997, and Docklands Transit continued operating private hire vehicles. In 2002, Docklands Buses commenced operating route 167, soon winning other contracts.

In September 2006 the company was purchased by the Go-Ahead Group.[4] In August 2008, Go-Ahead's London bus operations all adopted the Go-Ahead London trading name, although the individual company names are still applied beneath the logo.


Silvertown (SI)[edit]

As at April 2017, Docklands Buses operated routes 135, 276, 300, 549, 673, D6, D7 and D8.[5]Silvertown also operates route 150's school journeys.

Docklands Buses took over the operation of route 135 on 23 May 2015 [6]


As at May 2015, Docklands Buses had a peak vehicle requirement of 76 buses.[5]


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