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eSentral's logo

eSentral or e-Sentral is a Malaysian e-Book store for South East Asian market. It was first introduced in October 2011[1] by three entrepreneurs, Faiz Al-Shahab, Syed Irfan, and Iszuddin Ismail, as a private funded initiative, and received Series A funding from a Malaysian venture capital firm late 2012. eSentral is operated by a private limited company, Xentral Methods.[2] eSentral, a derivation of the word "sentral", meaning central or focal point in Bahasa, indicates a digital marketplace for contents delivered via bandwidth.

Once registered with the website, users can access books using EPUB standards (rather than PDF) on their computer, tablet or smartphone.[2]

eSentral was the first eBook portal in South East Asia to operate with Digital Rights Management via its own proprietary encryption system.[3]

eSentral has grown to be the biggest repository of eBooks in South East Asia.[4]

eSentral also became the first company to introduce bluetooth beacon technology in distributing eBooks for micro-location premises. This was first demonstrated in Kuala Lumpur International Airport in September 2015.[5]


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