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An Eggslut sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich

Eggslut is a fast food restaurant in Los Angeles and Las Vegas known for its signature dish "The Slut", a coddled egg on pureed potatoes.[1]

The Grand Central Market in Los Angeles was named as one of the top 10 new U.S. restaurant's by Bon Appétit for 2014, and Eggslut is mentioned.[2]

The restaurant's name has been included in a list of risqué names by KCET[3] and the New York Times, with Eli Altman stating that having a boring name may mean that an advertisement doesn't attract attention,[4] and 65 percent of respondents of a KCET poll stating they would be more likely to visit a restaurant with a "gross name".[3] Samuel Muston wrote that "Eggslut" falls into a category of "quirky" restaurant names, but that "the collision of the word 'egg' and 'slut' doesn't exactly encourage the appetite".[5]

In March 2017, Eggslut temporarily opened a pop-up concept store at Chefs Club Counter restaurant in Nolita, New York.[6][7]


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