European Canoe Polo Championship

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European Canoe Polo Championships is the main canoe polo championships in Europe.

Summary of championships[edit]

Year City Country Date Venue No. of
Men's Winners Women's Winners
1995 Rome  Italy  Great Britain  Great Britain
1997 Essen  Germany  France  Great Britain
1999 Mechelen  Belgium  France  Germany
2001 Bydgoszcz  Poland  Germany  Great Britain
2003 Kilcock  Ireland  Netherlands  Germany
2005 Madrid  Spain  Germany  Great Britain
2007 Thury-Harcourt  France  Netherlands  Germany
2009 Essen  Germany  Italy  Great Britain
2011 Madrid  Spain 5-11 September  France  Great Britain
2013 Poznań  Poland 22-25 August  Germany  Germany
2015 Essen  Germany 27–30 August  Germany  Germany