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The European Kendo Championships are an international kendo competition contested by the member nations of the European Kendo Federation (EKF). EKF is the international federation of kendo associations in Europe as well as the governing body for members of EKF. The championships have been conducted generally every year except when there is a scheduled World Kendo Championship the same year, the first EKC's inception being in 1974. The competition is divided into 6 divisions: Men's Team, Women's Team, Junior Team, Men's Individual, Women's Individual, Junior Individual. Team matches are individual between 5 members from each team which change sequentially at the end of each round, except in the Junior category which is between 3 members from each team, male or female.

Medal table[edit]

Men's Division[edit]

The following is a summary of medals acquired by country for the Men's Team Division.

1 France (FRA)225128
2 Hungary (HUN)2136
3 Germany (GER)17513
4 Italy (ITA)14914
5 Great Britain (GBR)12811
 Spain (ESP)12811
7 Sweden (SWE)1247
8 Belgium (BEL)0235
9 Poland (POL)0145
10 Netherlands (NED)0134
11 Finland (FIN)0112
12 Serbia (SRB)0101
13 Switzerland (SUI)0022
Totals (13 nations)292951109

Individual Champions (Men)[edit]

Year Final Third Place
Winner Runner-up
1974 David Todd,  United Kingdom J.C. Tuvi,  France J.P. Niay,  France A. Markie, [1]  Sweden
1977 G. Sterckx,  Belgium P. Otto Forstreuter,  Germany J. Lopiccolo,  France A. Deguitre,  France
1978 J. Lopiccolo,  France K. Davies,  United Kingdom G. Sterckx,  Belgium D. Olivry,  France
1981 H. Bier,  Germany H. Maierhofer,   Switzerland A. Deguitre,  France
1983 J.C. Girot,  France R. Jattkowsky,  Germany J. Lopiccolo,  France P. Van Laeken,  Belgium
1984 J. Lopiccolo,  France R. Lehman,  Germany J.C. Girot,  France H. Bier,  Germany
1986 J. Potrafky,  Germany H. Maierhofer,   Switzerland J. Lopiccolo,  France J.C. Wolfs,  Belgium
1987 J. Potrafki,  Germany A. Deguitre,  France J.C. Girot,  France R. Lehman,  Germany
1989 C. Pruvost,  France P. Bjerlow,  Sweden J. Potrafki,  Germany S. Velasquez,  Netherlands
1990 S. Velasquez,  Netherlands C. Pruvost,  France T. Andersen,  Norway E. Hamot,  France
1992 R. Lehman,  Germany J.P. Labru,  France T. Andersen,  Norway M. Wahlquist,  Sweden
1993 M. Wahlquist,  Sweden G. Nicholas,  United Kingdom T. Andersen,  Norway J.P. Labru,  France
1995 R. Lehman,  Germany W. Pomero,  Italy S. Perrin,  France T. Andersen,  Norway
1996 F. Tran,  France R. Lehman,  Germany D. Castro,  Spain M. Wahlquist,  Sweden
1998 M. Herbold,  Netherlands T. Barany,  Hungary F. Salson,  France G. Erdelyi,  Hungary
1999 D. Castro,  Spain M. Herbold,  Netherlands T. De Brunel,  France B. Gustavsson,  Sweden
2001 G. Erdelyi,  Hungary M. Wahlquist,  Sweden D. Castro,  Spain F. Blanchon,  France
2002 A. Soulas,  France W. Haeke,  Belgium T. Barany,  Hungary M. Wahlquist,  Sweden
2004 F. Mandia,  Italy J. Ulmer,  Germany J. Sengfelder,  Germany J. Castro,  Spain
2005 H. Blanchard,  France J. Ulmer,  Germany J. Sengfelder,  Germany A. Soulas,  France
2007 G. Sicart,  France E. Yonnet,  France A. Diebold,  France J. Ulmer,  Germany
2008 S. Dubi,  Hungary G. Sicart,  France H.P. Herr,  Germany W. Haeke,  Belgium
2010 F. Mandia,  Italy A. Korhonen,  Finland A. Dubi,  Hungary N. Kiraly,  Hungary
2011 S. Dubi,  Hungary F. Mandia,  Italy G. Babos,  Hungary O. Kimura,   Switzerland
2013 G. Giannetto,  Italy K. Nakabayshi,  France S. Dubi,  Hungary A. Fisher,  United Kingdom
2014 S. Gibson,  United Kingdom K. Maemoto,  Belgium D. Baeli,  Italy K. Ito,  France
2016 K. Maemoto,  Belgium A. Pons,  France K. Bosak,  Poland K. Ito,  France
2017 K. Ito,  France M. Fritz,  Czech Republic F. Mandia,  Italy K. Maemoto,  Belgium
2019 K. Nakabayashi,  France G. Babos,  Hungary M. Kaczor,  Poland J. Bertout,  France

Women's Team[edit]

The following is a summary of medals acquired by country for the Women's Team Division.

1 Germany (GER)73111
2 France (FRA)45918
3 Finland (FIN)3148
4 Hungary (HUN)1326
5 Italy (ITA)1258
6 Netherlands (NED)1124
7 Switzerland (SUI)1056
8 Poland (POL)0224
9 Serbia (SRB)0101
10 Great Britain (GBR)0033
Totals (10 nations)18183369

Individual Champions (Women)[edit]

Year Final Third Place
Winner Runner-up
1989 J. Dekker,  Netherlands M.G. Passerella,  Italy M. Morel,  Germany S. Meresse,  France
1990 A. Neumeister,  Germany I. Benkmann,  Germany M. Livolsi,  Italy E. Fournier,  France
1992 A. Esshaki,  Germany A. Nemeth,  Hungary I. Benkmann,  Germany A. Stone,  United Kingdom
1993 C. Sasakura,  France A. Nemeth,  Hungary D. Castelli,  Italy I. Benkmann,  Germany
1995 C. Sasakura,  France A. Esshaki,  Germany J. Dekker,  Netherlands I. Benkmann,  Germany
1996 M. Livolsi,  Italy J. Dekker,  Netherlands K. Niklaus,   Switzerland I. Benkmann,  Germany
1998 M. Livolsi,  Italy J. Dekker,  Netherlands C. David,  France S. Porevuo,  Finland
1999 M. Livolsi,  Italy O. Martin,  Spain N. Soulas,  France O. Kaarlanen, Finland
2001 B. Kiraly,  Hungary A. Costa,  Italy S. Loustale,  France N. Soulas,  France
2002 B. Kiraly,  Hungary S. Porevuo,  Finland O. Martin,  Spain S. Loustale,  France
2004 B. Kiraly,  Hungary C. Garcia,  France A. Destobbeleer,  France A. Sipos,  Hungary
2005 C. Garcia,  France A. Destobbeleer,  France B. Kiraly,  Hungary K. Kovacs,  Hungary
2007 B. Kiraly,  Hungary L. Van Laecken,  Belgium C. Garcia,  France M. Livolsi,  Italy
2008 S. Aoki,  Germany W. Roehrbein,  Germany B. Kiraly,  Hungary P. Stolarz,  France
2010 S. Kumpf,  Germany S. Fadai,  Germany K. Grosiak,  Poland P. Stolarz,  France
2011 P. Stolarz,  France A. Blanchard,  France S. Fadai,  Germany M. Boviz,  Hungary
2013 S. Fadai,  Germany S. Van Der Woude,  Netherlands A. Momcilovic,  Serbia M. Boviz,  Hungary
2014 S. Van Der Woude,  Netherlands M. Boviz,  Hungary S. Riccuiti,  Italy S. Kumpf,  Germany
2016 K. Koppe,  Germany S. Van Der Woude,  Netherlands L. Meinberg,  Germany A. Michaud,  France
2017 P. Stolarz,  France A. Akila,  Greece F. D'Hont,  Belgium S. Ade,  Germany
2019 L. Meinberg,  Germany M. Ponomareva,  Russia A. Akila,  Greece F. Smout,  Netherlands

Summary of championships[edit]

No. Year City Country Venue
1 1974 Bletchley  Great Britain
2 1977 Papendal  Netherlands
3 1978 Chambery  France
4 1981 Berlin  West Germany
5 1983 Chambery  France
6 1984 Brüssel  Belgium
7 1986 London  Great Britain
8 1987 Malmö  Sweden
9 1989 Amsterdam  Netherlands
10 1990 Berlin  West Germany
11 1992 Barcelona  Spain
12 1993 Turku  Finland
13 1995 Glasgow  Great Britain
14 1996 Miskolc  Hungary
15 1998 Basel   Switzerland
16 1999 Lourdes  France
17 2001 Bologna  Italy
18 2002 Nantes  France
19 2004 Budapest  Hungary
20 2005 Bern   Switzerland
21 2007 Lisbon  Portugal
22 2008 Helsinki  Finland
23 2010 Debrecen  Hungary
24 2011 Gdynia  Poland
25 2013 Berlin  Germany Max-Schmeling-Halle
26 2014 Clermont-Ferrand  France
27 2016 Skopje  North Macedonia National Sport Arena
28 2017 Budapest  Hungary
29 2019 Belgrade  Serbia Štark Arena
30 2020 Kristiansand  Norway


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