Even Yehuda

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Even Yehuda
  • אֶבֶן יְהוּדָה
  • حتى يهودا
Official logo of Even Yehuda
Even Yehuda is located in Israel
Even Yehuda
Even Yehuda
Coordinates: 32°16′12.09″N 34°53′14.74″E / 32.2700250°N 34.8874278°E / 32.2700250; 34.8874278Coordinates: 32°16′12.09″N 34°53′14.74″E / 32.2700250°N 34.8874278°E / 32.2700250; 34.8874278
District Central
Founded 1932
 • Type Local council (from 1950)
 • Head of Municipality Abraham Harari
 • Total 8,398 dunams (8.398 km2 or 3.242 sq mi)
Population (2015)[1]
 • Total 13,221
Website www.even-yehuda.muni.il
War Memorial in Even Yehuda

Even Yehuda (Hebrew: אֶבֶן יְהוּדָה‎) is a town in the central Sharon region of Israel east of Netanya.[2] In 2015 it had a population of 13,221.[1]


Even Yehuda is named for Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, one of the leading figures in the revival of the Hebrew language. It was founded in December 1932 by the Bnei Benyamin society and the Notea corporation. The economy was based on citrus growing.

Even Yehuda is bordered on the east by Kadima, one the south-east by Tel Mond, on the north by Lev HaSharon, on the west by Netanya and on the south-west by Hof HaSharon.[2]

In 2007, the Walworth Barbour American International School in Israel (WBAIS) moved to a new campus in Even Yehuda.[2]

Notable residents[edit]


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