Fédération Internationale Féline

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The Fédération Internationale Féline (or FIFe) is a federation of cat registries. There are currently thirty-nine member organizations in thirty-seven countries. Membership spans Europe, South America, and Asia.

Founded by Marguerite Ravel, the federation was unofficially started in 1949 in Paris, France. At the organisation's first general assembly, in Ghent, Belgium, the federation was officially founded. The original name was Fédération Internationale Féline d'Europe or FIFE. In 1972 the Brazilian Cat Club joined, making it necessary to change the Euro-centric name of the federation. The "d'Europe" was dropped, and the abbreviation was changed to FIFe.

FIFe is organized into national sub-federations, e.g. Felis Britannica in the United Kingdom, which handle pedigree registrations, cat shows and awards in each country.

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