Fédération Internationale Féline

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Fédération Internationale Féline
FoundersMarguerite Ravel
Area served
41 in 39 countries
Annette Sjödin
Vice President
Veikko Saarela
Annette Sjödin, Veikko Saarela, Eric Reijers, Charles Spijker, Leo van de Haterd, Karl Preiss

The Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFé) (in English "International Feline Federation") is a federation of cat registries. There are currently forty-two member organizations in forty countries. Membership spans Europe, South America, and Asia.[1] FIFé is one of the nine members of the World Cat Congress.[2]


Founded by Marguerite Ravel, the federation was unofficially started in 1949 in Paris, France, at a meeting between the Fédération Féline Française (French Cat Federation), the Royal Cat Society of Flanders and the Società Felina Italiana (Italian Cat Society).[3] At the organisation's first general assembly, in Ghent, Belgium, the federation was officially founded. For the occasion, all participants received a cat shaped statuette, in pink sandstone, that Marguerite Ravel had commissioned from the sculptor Jean Martel.[4]

The original name was Fédération Internationale Féline d'Europe or FIFE. In 1972 the Brazilian Cat Club joined, making it necessary to change the Euro-centric name of the federation. The "d'Europe" was dropped, and the abbreviation was changed to FIFé.[4]


FIFé is organized into national sub-federations (e.g. Felis Britannica in the United Kingdom) which handle pedigree registrations, cat shows and awards in each country. FIFé's Executive Board and General Assembly are supported by five commissions:

  • Judges & Standard Commission
  • Breeding & Registration Commission
  • Show Commission
  • Health & Welfare Commission
  • Disciplinary Commission


  • Asociación Felina Argentina
     Argentina (1988)
  • Klub der Katzenfreunde
     Austria (1950)
  • Österreichischer Verband für die Zucht und Haltung von Edelkatzen,
     Austria (1979)
  • Felis Belgica vzw,
     Belgium (1949)
  • National Federation of Felinology
     Bulgaria (2006)
  • Federação Felina Brasileira
     Brazil (1972)
  • Felinolog
     Belarus (1994)
  • Fédération Féline Helvétique
     Switzerland (1949)
  • China Cat Union
     China (2018)
  • Asociación Club Felino Colombiano
     Colombia (2009)
  • Český svaz chovatelů – Sdružení chovatelů koček
     Czech Republic (1968)
  • 1. Deutscher Edelkatzenzüchter Verband e.V.
     Germany (1951)
  • Landsforeningen Felis Danica
     Denmark (1950)
  • Eesti Kassikasvatajate Liit
     Estonia (1994)
  • Asociación Felina Española
     Spain (1978)
  • Suomen Kissaliitto r.y.
     Finland (1961)
  • Fédération Féline Française
     France (1949)
  • Felis Britannica
     United Kingdom (2005)
  • Feline Federation of Greece
     Greece (1999)
  • Savez Felinoloških Društava Hrvatske
     Croatia (1994)
  • Felis Hungarica - Magyar Macskások Egyesülete
     Hungary (2008)
  • Indonesian Cat Association
     Indonesia (2007)
  • Kynjakettir Kattaræktarfélag Íslands
     Iceland (1995)
  • Associazione Nazionale Felina Italiana
     Italy (1949)
  • Verein der Katzenzüchter Liechtensteins
     Liechtenstein (1981)
  • Lithuanian Felinology Association
     Latvia (1994)
  • Cat Fanciers Clubs Association
     Latvia (1995)
  • LUX-CAT-CLUB Fédération Féline Luxembourgeoise
     Luxembourg (1983)
  • Association Feline Felis Moldova
     Moldova (2015)
  • Federacion Felina de México A.C.
     Mexico (1982)
  • Kelab Kucing Malaysia
     Malaysia (1985)
  • Felikat
     Netherlands (1949)
  • Vereniging Mundikat
     Netherlands (1979)
  • Norske Rasekattklubbers Riksforbund
     Norway (1951)
  • Polska Federacja Felinologiczna - Felis Polonia
     Poland (2007)
  • Clube Português de Felinicultura
     Portugal (1987)
  • "Felis Romania"
     Romania (2007)
  • Felis Russica
     Russia (1989)
  • Zveza Felinoloških Društev Slovenije
     Slovenia (1981)
  • Federácia Felis Slovakia
     Slovakia (1993)
  • Ukrainian Felinology Union
     Ukraine (1998)

Recognized breeds[edit]

FIFe currently recognizes 48 official breeds of cats for championship competitions. All breeds are divided into four categories and identified with a three-letter code, according to the EMS. The EMS is a system used by FIFé, and all its members, to easily identify cats by alphanumeric codes.[5]

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