FIS Nordic Combined World Cup

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For the current season, see 2016–17 FIS Nordic Combined World Cup.
FIS Nordic Combined World Cup
Genre Nordic combined
Location(s) Europe, Japan, Canada (rare),
United States (rare)
Inaugurated 17 Dec 1983 (17 Dec 1983) (Men)
16 Mar 2000 (16 Mar 2000) (Team)
Organised by International Ski Federation
People Norway Lasse Ottesen

The FIS Nordic Combined World Cup is a Nordic combined competition organized yearly by FIS, representing the highest level in international competition for this sport. It was first arranged for the 1983–84 season. Team event was first time held in 1999–00 season. The FIS race director is a Norwegian ex ski jumper and ex world record holder Lasse Ottesen.

As of 2016, only a men's event exists. FIS plans to start a women's continental cup from the 2017-2018 season.[1][2]


The table below shows the three highest ranked skiers for each world cup season.[3]



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