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LocationPorto, Portugal
Founded byMário Dorminsky, Beatriz Pacheco Pereira and José Manuel Pereira[1]

Fantasporto, also known as Fantas, is an international film festival, annually organized since 1981 in Porto, Portugal. Giving screen space to fantasy/science fiction/horror-oriented commercial feature films, auteur films and experimental projects from all over the world, Fantasporto has created enthusiastic audiences, ranging from cinephiles to more popular spectators, with an annual average of 110,000 attendees. It was rated in Variety as one of the 25 leading festivals of the world.[1] In its 27th edition in February 2006 the festival reached 104,000 people and 5,000 media references, both domestic and international, with a record of 187 hours of TV time. Present in Porto were about 100 members of the foreign press and about 250 Portuguese journalists and media representatives.

In spite of being organized by a private entity, the event is mostly state funded, with the Ministry of Culture of Portugal leading and the President of the Republic as head of the Honour Committee, along with several private sponsors.


  • Secção Oficial Cinema Fantástico
    • Grande Prémio FantasportoBest Film Award
    • Prémio Especial do JuriJury’s Special Award
    • Melhor RealizaçãoBest Direction
    • Melhor ActorBest Actor
    • Melhor ActrizBest Actress
    • Melhor ArgumentoBest Screenplay
    • Melhores Efeitos EspeciaisBest Special Effects
    • Melhor Curta-MetragemBest Short Film
    • Menção do Juri InternacionalSpecial Mention of the Jury
  • Semana dos Realizadores
    • Prémio Melhor Filme Semana dos Realizadores:Directors Week Best Film Award
    • Prémio Especial do JuriDirectors Week Jury’s Special Award
    • Melhor RealizaçãoDirectors Week Best Director Award
    • Melhor ActorDirectors Week Best Actor Award
    • Melhor ActrizDirectors Week Best Actress Award
    • Melhor ArgumentoDirectors Week Best Screenplay Award
    • Menção EspecialSpecial Mention of the Directors Week Jury
  • Prémio do Cinema Português
    • Melhor FilmeBest Portuguese Picture
    • Melhor EscolaBest Portuguese Cinema School
  • Non official awards
    • International Fantasy Film Special Jury Award
    • Prémio da CríticaCritic’s Award
    • Prémio do PúblicoAudience Award
  • Prémios Carreira

Grande Prémio Fantasporto[edit]

The Grande Prémio Fantasporto is the highest prize awarded at the Fantasporto Film Festival and is presented to the director of the best feature film of the official competition.

Award winners[edit]

Year Film Director Nationality of Director
(at time of film's release)
1982 The Redeemer Krsto Papić * Yugoslavia
1983 Scanners David Cronenberg * Canada
1984 The Last Battle Luc Besson * France
1985 The Company of Wolves Neil Jordan * United Kingdom
1986 Eternal Fire José Ángel Rebolledo * Spain
1987 Defense of the Realm David Drury  United Kingdom
1988 A Chinese Ghost Story Ching Siu-tung * Hong Kong
1989 Monkey Shines George A. Romero  United States
1990 Black Rainbow Mike Hodges  United Kingdom
1991 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer John McNaughton  United States
1992 Toto the Hero Jaco van Dormael * Belgium
1993 Braindead Peter Jackson * New Zealand
1994 Cronos Guillermo del Toro * Mexico
1995 Shallow Grave Danny Boyle  United Kingdom
1996 Seven David Fincher  United States
1997 Bound The Wachowskis[a]  United States
1998 Retroactive Louis Morneau  United States
1999 Cube Vincenzo Natali * Canada
2000 Siam Sunset John Polson * Australia
2001 Amores perros Alejandro González Iñárritu  Mexico
2002 Fausto 5.0 La Fura dels Baus  Spain
2003 Intacto Juan Carlos Fresnadillo  Spain
2004 A Tale of Two Sisters Kim Jee-woon * South Korea
2005 Nothing Vincenzo Natali  Canada
2006 Frostbiten Anders Banke * Sweden
2007 Pan's Labyrinth Guillermo del Toro  Mexico
2008 REC Jaume Balagueró & Paco Plaza  Spain
2009 Idiots and Angels Bill Plympton  United States
2010 Heartless Philip Ridley  United Kingdom
2011 Two Eyes Staring Elbert van Strien * Netherlands
2012 Hell Tim Fehlbaum * Germany
2013 Mama Andy Muschietti  Spain /  Canada
2014 Miss Zombie Sabu * Japan
2015 Liza, the Fox-Fairy Károly Ujj Mészáros * Hungary
2016 The Lure Agnieszka Smoczynska * Poland
2017 Realive Mateo Gil  Spain
2018 Ravenous Robin Aubert  Canada
2019 Last Sunrise Wen Ren  China
2020 Ghost Master Paul Young  Japan
2021 Suicide Forest Village Takashi Shimizu  Japan
2022 Follow Her Sylvia Caminer  United States

* denotes first win

Multiple award winners[edit]

Melhor Actor[edit]

The Best Actor Award (Portuguese: Melhor Actor) is an award presented at Fantasporto. It is chosen by the jury from the 'official section' of movies at the festival. It was first awarded in 1982.

Award winners[edit]

Year Actor Film
1982 Spain Eusebio Poncela Arrebato
1983 Croatia Fabijan Šovagović Ritam zločina
1984 United States Vincent Price For their contributions to the fantastic film genre.
United Kingdom Peter Cushing
United Kingdom Christopher Lee
United States John Carradine
1985 United Kingdom John Hurt Nineteen Eighty-Four
France Eddy Mitchell Frankenstein 90
1986 United Kingdom Ian Holm Dreamchild
1987 Republic of Ireland Gabriel Byrne Gothic
Defence of the Realm
1988 Netherlands Jim van der Woude De Wisselwachter
1989 United Kingdom Jeremy Irons Dead Ringers
1990 France Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu Spoorloos
1991 United States Michael Rooker Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
1992 United States Jeff Daniels Timescape
1993 United States Harvey Keitel Bad Lieutenant
1994 Argentina Federico Luppi Cronos
1995 Spain Karra Elejalde La Madre Muerta
1996 United Kingdom Rupert Everett Cemetery Man
1997 Spain Juan Inciarte Sólo se muere dos veces
1998 Spain Nancho Novo Dame algo
1999 United Kingdom Kevin McKidd The Acid House
United Kingdom Gary McCormack
2000 United Kingdom Tom Fisher The Nine Lives of Tomas Katz
Ukraine Konstantin Prochorowski Holgi
2001 United States Willem Dafoe Shadow of the Vampire
2002 Spain Eduard Fernández Fausto 5.0
Argentina Miguel Ángel Solá
2003 United Kingdom Jeremy Northam Cypher
2004 Argentina Darío Grandinetti Palabras encadenadas
2005 United States Bruce Campbell Bubba Ho-Tep
2006 Spain Jaume García Arija Zulo
2007 Spain Sergi López Pan's Labyrinth
2008 United States Mark Borkowski The Ungodly
2009 United Kingdom Jack O'Connell Eden Lake
2010 United Kingdom Jim Sturgess Heartless
2011 Germany Axel Wedekind Iron Doors
2012 Spain Alexis Diaz de Villegas Juan of the Dead
2013 United Kingdom Toby Jones Berberian Sound Studio
2014 Israel Duval’e Glickman Big Bad Wolves
2015 United Kingdom Rupert Evans The Canal
2016 Japan Kenichi Matsuyama Chasuke's Journey
2017 United States Frederick Koehler The Evil Within
2018 Philippines Ian Veneracion Ilawod
2019 Norway Christopher Rygh The Head Hunter
2020 Sweden Leif Edlund Koko-di Koko-da
2021 United Kingdom James D'Arcy LX 2048
2022 Hungary László Attila Horváth SoulPark

Melhor Atriz[edit]

The Best Actress Award (Portuguese: Melhor Atriz) is an award presented at Fantasporto. It is chosen by the jury from the 'official section' of movies at the festival. It was first awarded in 1982.

Award winners[edit]

Year Actress Film
1982 United Kingdom Julie Christie Memoirs of a Survivor
1983 France Isabelle Adjani Possession
1984 France Anny Duperey Le Démon dans l'île
1985 Colombia Adriana Herrán Carne de tu carne
1986 Italy Domiziana Giordano Zina
1987 Spain Julieta Serrano Matador
1988 United Kingdom Charlotte Rampling Mascara
1989 United Kingdom Charlotte Burke Paperhouse
1990 United States Rosanna Arquette Black Rainbow
1991 United States Tracy Arnold Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
United Kingdom Billie Whitelaw The Krays
1992 United Kingdom Juliet Stevenson Truly, Madly, Deeply
1993 Mexico Evangelina Sosa Ángel de Fuego
1994 New Zealand Sarah Smuts-Kennedy Jack Be Nimble
1995 New Zealand Rena Owen Once Were Warriors
1996 United Kingdom Helena Bonham Carter Margaret's Museum
1997 United States Jennifer Tilly Bound
1998 New Zealand Rebecca Hobbs The Ugly
1999 Denmark Sofie Gråbøl Credo
2000 New Zealand Danielle Cormack Siam Sunset
2001 South Korea Suh Jung The Isle
2002 South Korea Jang Jin-young Sorum
2003 Japan Asuka Kurosawa Rokugatsu no hebi
2004 South Korea Im Soo-jung A Tale of Two Sisters
2005 United States Karen Black Firecracker
2006 Hungary Orsolya Tóth Johanna
2007 Spain Ariadna Gil Ausentes
2008 Spain Belén Rueda El orfanato
2009 India Mamatha Bhukya Vanaja
2010 United Kingdom Neve McIntosh Salvage
2011 South Korea Seo Young-hee Bedevilled
2012 Germany Hannah Herzsprung Hell
2013 United States Jessica Chastain Mama
2014 United Kingdom Anna Walton Soulmate
2015 United Kingdom Georgia Bradley Hungerford
2016 Philippines Barbie Forteza Laut
2017 Republic of Ireland Catherine Walker A Dark Song
2018 Canada Jessica McLeod The Hollow Child
2019 Australia Georgia Chara Living Space
2020 Philippines Cristine Reyes UnTrue
2021 Netherlands Thekla Reuten Marionette

Melhor Argumento[edit]

The Best Screenplay Award (Portuguese: Melhor Argumento) is an award presented at Fantasporto. It is chosen by the jury from the 'official section' of movies at the festival.

Award winners[edit]

Year Writer Film
2012 Alejandro Brugués Spain Juan of the Dead
2013 Alex Schmidt [de] Germany Forgotten [de]
2014 Yeon Sang-ho South Korea The Fake
2015 Jong-ho Lee South Korea Mourning Grave
2016 Sabu Japan Chasuke's Journey
2017 Mateo Gil Spain Realive
2018 Shin Su-won South Korea Glass Garden
2019 Rodrigo Aragão Brazil A Mata Negra
2020 Chris Bavota & Lee Paula Springer Canada Dead Dicks
2021 Gábor Hellebrandt & Péter Bergendy Hungary Post Mortem
2022 Rick Ostermann & Patrick Brunken & Dirk Kurbjuweit Germany Das Haus

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