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Fertin Pharma is a company that specializes in developing and producing medicated chewing gum. The company is based in Vejle, Denmark, and currently employs approximately 600 people.[1][citation needed] Fertin Pharma is wholly owned by the Bagger-Sorensen Group, who also owns the affiliated company Gumlink, formerly known as Dandy.


The history of Fertin Pharma begins with the history of the affiliated company Gumlink. In 1915 Holger Sorensen founded Vejle Caramel- og Tabletfabrik, and the company’s first chewing gum was introduced to the market in 1927. In 1939 the brand name Dandy appeared for the first time.

In 1978 the Bagger-Sorensen Group bought the Swedish company Fertin, known for their V6 chewing gum sold in Switzerland and Sweden. Fertin was set up as a Dandy Group subsidiary to undertake research and development into chewing gum as a drug delivery system, on the basis of Dandy's existing expertise.

In the early nineties Fertin started producing nicotine gum, which quickly became the company’s most important product. In 2001 Fertin was completely detached from Gumlink as Fertin Pharma became an independent company.

In 2011 Fertin Pharma opened a Research & Development centre in Mumbai, India, to aid in the development of new chewing gum technologies.


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