Firefly Media Server

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Firefly Media Server
Firefly logo.jpg
Firefly webinterface.png
Developer(s) Ron Pedde
Initial release 0.1.0
Stable release (April 19, 2008 (2008-04-19)) [±]
Preview release SVN/Nightly Builds (SVN) [±]
Written in C
Available in English
Type Media Server
License GNU GPL

Firefly Media Server (formerly mt-daapd) is an open-source audio media server (or daemon) for the Roku SoundBridge and iTunes. It serves media files using Roku Server Protocol (RSP) and Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP).


Its features include:

Firefly Media Server was formerly known as mt-daapd. It was renamed when it adopted new features such as support for RSP and support for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Latest developments[edit]

Firefly Media Server is not under active development. There has been an abortive effort to continue this project as Firefly2 Media Server. Since July 2009, development continues on a Linux/FreeBSD fork named forked-daapd. The latest version of forked-daapd is v23.1.

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