Firefly Media Server

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Firefly Media Server
Firefly logo.jpg
Firefly webinterface.png
Developer(s)Ron Pedde
Initial release0.1.0
Final release0.2.4.2 (April 19, 2008 (2008-04-19)) [±]
Preview releaseSVN/Nightly Builds (SVN) [±]
Written inC
Available inEnglish
TypeMedia Server

Firefly Media Server (formerly mt-daapd) is an open-source audio media server (or daemon) for the Roku SoundBridge and iTunes. It serves media files using Roku Server Protocol (RSP) and Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP).


Its features include:

Firefly Media Server was formerly known as mt-daapd. It was renamed when it adopted new features such as support for RSP and support for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Latest developments[edit]

Firefly Media Server is not under active development, although there have been a few attempts to resurrect it. There has been an abortive effort to continue this project as Firefly2 Media Server without any developers coming forward, however the old forums and links to many forked versions are available at the new website. Since July 2009, development continued on a Linux/FreeBSD fork named forked-daapd. forked-daapd later renamed to OwnTone Server.

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