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Flinders University Hall
Flinders University Hall looking to the main entrance, seen from the visitors car park
Flinders Uni Hall Sharks logo
University Flinders University of South Australia
Location Bedford Park
Coordinates 35°01′16″S 138°34′21″E / 35.02103°S 138.57255°E / -35.02103; 138.57255
Established 1971
Named for Matthew Flinders
Gender Co-residential
President Michael McGuirk
Residents approx. 240
Website Uni Hall homepage

Flinders University Hall (more commonly known as Uni Hall) is a students' residence situated on the grounds of Flinders University in Adelaide. Established in 1971,[1] it provides on-campus accommodation and meals for around 240 university students (known as Hallies). All of the residents are enrolled at Flinder University.

As of 2012, the current Dean of Flinders University Hall is Helen Fletcher, and the Associate Dean is Dr Paul Tosch. A team of residential tutors provide pastoral and academic support,[2] while a resident-elected House Committee run social and sporting events for the residents.[3]


Each room contains a bed, wardrobe, desk, shelves, electric fan, heater, a telephone, and a cable Internet port. Larger rooms and self-contained flats are available to senior undergraduate or postgraduate students, and to those who actively undertake community involvement or assist with House Committee or Residential Tutor events.


Communal kitchens and bathrooms are available to students, as well as several "common rooms", with access to television sets, pool tables, daily newspapers, and vending machines. There are also several facilities, including a music room, a computer lab, a library, and a basketball/tennis court. The hall provides fifteen meals per week (breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Monday to Friday); residents provide their own meals on weekends. A division of the catering company Compass Group called "Scolarest" is contracted to supply the food during the week.[4]


University Hall was established in 1971. It has subsequently been significantly upgraded and has many student break out rooms - music room, two common rooms, a reading room, library and computer lab.

In 1985, a number of townhouses were built to facilitate the growing demand for on-campus student accommodation. Additional townhouses have been built in subsequent years.

In 2003, an additional 200-bed, self-catering complex was built - the Deirdre Jordan Village. The complex has a community centre, a music room and three attractive barbecue areas. Combined with the established townhouses, the new complex created Deirdre Jordan Village, which was officially opened in 2004.[5]


Flinder University Hall competes in the SAAUCC competition against other colleges in Adelaide. Some of these sports include:


The Hall produces a quarterly newsletter for residents known as the Hall Herald which covers Hall events, Flinder University events, advertisements and miscellaneous information. The annual Theatre Restaurant dinner provides opportunity for residents to demonstrate talents in dance, music, comedy, spoken word and plays. In addition, the students write, choreograph and perform an annual musical.

Other major events include Orientation week (O'Week), SAAUCC events (such as Boat races, Battle of the Bands and Pub Night), four themed Formal Dinners per year, a Pub Crawl each semester, and an annual Hall Ball.

House Committee[edit]

The House Committee consists of elected Hall residents with the Dean and Associate Dean as an Affiliate Member of the committee. The House Committee’s responsibility is to manage all affairs of the Flinder University Hall Residents Club Inc. All Members of the Hall are members of the club. Flinder Living Staff, University Hall Tutors and the Flinder Advisory Board members are all affiliate members of the Club. The House Committee has a full Constitution which is available for all Members to read.

Elections for House Committee Members are held late in second semester for the following year’s Committee and all residents are entitled to nominate for positions and to vote. A second election is held in March/April of the new year to elect two first year Representatives. The President and 14 members make the entire Committee.

The Committee devotes much of its time to the organisation of social, cultural and sporting activities on behalf of the Hall residents and with the Colleges affiliated with University of Adelaide and University of South Australia. Through these activities participants are provided with opportunities to extend their interests and friendships. The House Committee is also a means of representing resident’s opinions on current Hall issues. The President of the House Committee meets weekly with the Residential Tutor team and is the students representative on the Flinder Living Advisory Board.

The House Committee is also responsible for organising the University Hall Orientation Programme (O'week) at the commencement of the year and for arranging a team of continuing students to act as guides throughout this week.

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