Fox's U-bet chocolate syrup

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Fox's U-Bet in plastic squeeze bottle.

Fox's U-bet chocolate syrup is a commercial chocolate syrup originally made by H. Fox & Company in Brooklyn, New York starting in 1900[1]. The product is most associated with the egg cream fountain beverage. H. Fox & Company was acquired by US Westminster Foods in 2016[2].

Fox's was and is the preferred syrup used in both fountain and homemade egg creams in the New York area.[3] The thick syrup was often dispensed with a hand-pump that replaced the lid of the syrup jar. When the company switched to plastic squeeze bottles in 2002 the pump was discontinued. Both U-Bet and Bosco, another brand with NY/NJ roots, use real cocoa. However, U-bet contains dry milk.

Egg cream purists and fans of the original early 20th-century formulation of U-Bet sometimes seek out the kosher-for-Passover version of the syrup, which is made with cane sugar instead of the corn syrup sweetener base used the rest of the year.[citation needed]

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