Fox's U-bet chocolate syrup

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Fox's U-Bet in plastic squeeze bottle.

Fox's U-bet chocolate syrup is a commercial chocolate syrup made by H. Fox & Company in Brooklyn, New York, since 1895. The product is most associated with the egg cream fountain beverage.

Fox's was and is the preferred syrup used in both fountain and home made egg creams in the New York area.[1] When made at home, it was traditional to use factory-bottled seltzer spigots which were home-delivered. The thick syrup was often dispensed with a hand-pump that replaced the lid of the syrup jar, a product discontinued when the company switched to plastic squeeze bottles in 2002. Both U-Bet and Bosco, another brand with NY/NJ roots, use real cocoa. However, U-bet contains dry milk.

Egg cream purists and fans of the original early 20th-century formulation of U-Bet sometimes seek out the Kosher For Passover version of the syrup. To maintain its kosher certification from Kay Kosher Supervision during the Passover holiday, U-Bet is made before Passover with sugar instead of the corn syrup sweetener base used the rest of the year.[citation needed]


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