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For the fruit juice, see Boost Juice.
The Original (250ml) can of Boost Stimulation Energy Drink.

Boost Drinks was established in 2001 by Simon Gray.[1] The company is now the UK’s 2nd largest energy drinks brand with nearly 20 different products.

Gray was a drinker of energy drinks and realised there was no branded, value alternative, so spotted an opportunity to launch one to the market.

Recent additions to its range include Boost Sport in Tropical Berry flavour and Boost Citrus Energy.

Boost’s marketing campaign message is ‘It’s a no brainer’, which refers to the fact that Boost offers great tasting products at a great price.

In 2011, Boost sold five million cases of its products.[citation needed] As well as being sold across Ireland and the UK, Boost also exports to 16 countries around the world including Sweden, Spain, Brazil, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

Boost headquarters is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire.


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