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Fyodor Bondarchuk
Fyodor Bondarchuk 2020.png
Fyodor Sergeyevich Bondarchuk

(1967-05-09) 9 May 1967 (age 55)
OccupationFilm director, actor, producer, clipmaker, TV host, creator.
Years active1986–present
Notable workThe 9th Company, Down House, The Inhabited Island, Stalingrad, Attraction

Fyodor Sergeyevich Bondarchuk (Russian: Фёдор Сергеевич Бондарчук [ˈfʲɵdər sʲɪrˈɡʲe(j)ɪvʲɪdʑ bəndɐrˈtɕuk]; born 9 May 1967) is a Russian film director, actor, TV and film producer, clipmaker, TV host, founder of production company Art Pictures Studio.[1][2][3]

Specializes in action, war, and science fiction films. Some of his most notable films include The 9th Company (2005), The Inhabited Island (2008–2009), Stalingrad (2013) and Attraction (2017).

As an actor, Bondarchuk is best known for starring in 8 ½ $ (1999), Down House (2001), Two Days (2011), The PyraMMMid (2011) and Ghost (2015).

Is a winner of TEFI award in 2003 in nomination “The best host of the entertainment TV-show”.[2] He is a two-time winner of the Golden Eagle Award: as a Best Actor in a movie Two Days by Avdotya Smirnova (2011) and as a Best Actor in the comedy Ghost produced by Alexander Voitinsky (2015).[4][5]

On 15 October 2012 he was appointed as Chairman of Lenfilm's Board of directors.[6][7]

Early life[edit]

In his childhood
Filming of Stalingrad by Yuri Ozerov, 1987

Fyodor was born on 9 May 1967 in Moscow, his mother actress Irina Skobtseva and his father director Sergei Bondarchuk.[8]

In 1992 he graduated as a film director from the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, in the class of Yuri Ozerov.[8]


Fyodor Bondarchuk during the filming of Heat

His acting debut was with his father in 1986 in the film Boris Godunov (1986). Sergei Bondarchuk was also the director of the movie.

In 1990 started his career as the first Russian producer of music videos. In 1993 he won the Ovation award as the best producer of musical video.

Bondarchuk's breakthrough as an actor came with his dual role in the 1999 cult film 8 ½ $ by Grigori Konstantinopolsky, where he played both Fyodor and Stepan.[9] In 2001 Fyodor played the role of Count Myshkin in Down House, loosely based on Dostoyevsky's novel The Idiot.

Fyodor Bondarchuk started his career as a film producer in 2002, beginning with the film In Motion (2002). Since that he has produced over twenty film projects that were great box-office successes. Bondarchuk won the 2003 TEFI Award for "the Best Host of the Entertainment TV-Show".[2] In 2005 he directed his debut film The 9th Company, which was based on real events which happened during the Afghan war (1979–1989).[10] The filming process took place in the Crimea, and lasted 5 months. The 9th Company eventually won 7 awards and was nominated eight times. It also broke the former box office record. The 9th Company became the first Russian film earning $25 million.[11] In 2006 The 9th Company was submitted for Best Foreign Film on Academy Award, but it was ultimately not nominated.

“This film is about my generation, about the war and friendship. About men's love, feat, treason and loyalty” – Bondarchuk said, – “Probably the truth I was trying to show there will not be pleasant to our generals. But Afghan soldiers who were excited after viewing our film is the best proof for me. That is really important”.[12]

Also Fyodor created The Inhabited Island (2008). In 2006 Boris Strugatskiy gave him the rights to adapt the fantasy novel Prisoners of Power. The overall time of the shooting took 222 days. Production and distribution of Inhabited Island was realized by Fyodor Bondarchuk's film company Art Pictures Studio. The film earned $30 million and took the third place of the box office of CIS area in 2009. In 2012 Bondarchuk received the Golden Eagle Award for the Best Actor in the film Two Days (2011) by Avdotya Smirnova.[13] At the same year, Fyodor and film producer Alexander Rodnyansky officially announced the beginning of the cooperation with IMAX Filmed Entertainment (also known as IMAX Corporation).

Greg Foster, the president of the company, said:

“Fyodor and Alexander showed me a 15 minute fragment of Stalingrad. And I'm very glad that we did a right choice in choosing a partners”.[14]

As a result, their project Stalingrad was the first Russian film[15] shown in IMAX format. It was released in October 2013.[16]

In 2017 Fedor Bondarchuk directed the science fiction film Attraction. It was a box office success and earned $18 million.[17] Over 4 million viewers watched Attraction in cinema, and it was the leader of online streaming after the digital release. The follow-up of this story, the film Invasion, came out in theaters in January 2020 and grossed over $11.5 millions in cinemas (with more than 2 million audience). Fedor Bondarchuk’s most recent project is his first TV-series Psycho — a dramatic story about a modern psychotherapist with Konstantin Bogomolov and Elena Lyadova in leading roles. Psycho was released on more.tv streaming service on the 5th of November. Russian NMG Studio and Renta Videostudio are producing.[18]

Other roles[edit]

Bondarchuk is chair of the board of trustees of the Kinotavr Film Festival, a member of the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Science (responsible for the Nika Awards) and a member of the National Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences of Russia (responsible for the Golden Eagle Awards.[8]


Art Pictures Studio[edit]

Fyodor is a founder of Art Pictures Studio production company, which he founded in 1991 together with his friends Juhan Saul Gross and Stepan Mikhalkov and reorganized it into the Art Pictures Studio in 2006 with his partner Dmitry Rudovskiy. The main area of the company is film and video production and distribution. The company is working with a variety of projects, ranging from music and advertising videos to feature films.

Musical and advertising videos made by Art Pictures received a lot of Russian and international awards. The company worked with Heinz, Philips, Sony, Zikr (Colgate total), Pepsi etc. In 2002 Art Pictures moved into film production.[2]

In 2012 Fyodor Bondarchuk produced the screen adaption of Sergey Minaev's book of the same name, Dukhless. Released in October 2012, it became the most successful Russian fiction film that year.[19] The sequel, Dukhless 2, was released in 2015.

In 2018 he produced another Minaev adaptation, Selfie, and the box-office hit musical film Ice which grossed $22 million against the budget of $2 million.

Among the most famous Art Picture Studio’s film projects are the dilogy Soulles (2012) and Soulles 2 (2015) (both features were based on Sergey Minaev's books of the same name). The first picture of this series became the most successful Russian fiction film in 2012. The sequel Soulles 2 grossed more than $8 million. In 2018 Fedor Bondarchuk produced another Minaev’s adaptation Selfie (grossed more than $4 million). In 2018 APS also released a musical film Ice that became a box-office hit and grossed more than $22 million against the budget of $2 million. Its sequel Ice 2 (2020) was released in February and grossed more than $21 million.[20]

One of the latest Studio’s projects, sci-fi thriller Sputnik (2020). In Russia the picture was digitally released in April and was viewed more than 1 million times after just one month of streaming.[21] After its release in the USA Sputnik also became Number 1 in American iTunes (the "Horror" category) and made it to the service’s top-5 in general.[22] Sputnik's Rotten Tomatoes score is almost 90%, the first Russian project to be rated this highly. APS is also developing its first documentary focusing on a figure of Academy-Award winning director Sergei Bondarchuk. Helming the project are journalists Denis Kataev and Anton Jelnov with Ilya Belov as a director.

Art Pictures Studio also has a subdivision Art Pictures Vision that specializes in TV production. This company’s portfolio includes such hits as The Year of Culture (TNT channel), 90's. Funny and loud!, Psychologirls (STS channel). In 2019 other Vision’s projects were digitally released on Amazon Prime streaming service: sports drama Junior League (STS), spy thriller Sleepers (TV 1st channel) and a horror story The day after.[23] Among current popular Art Pictures Vision projects are a road-movie type of comedy Let's go!(STS) and sports comedy Lanky Girls (STS). Among new releases are — a detective period piece An Hour before the Dawn (post-production) and story about a Russian moto sport team Kamaz MasterTruck Racer (post-production).


In 2008 Fyodor Bondarchuk together with Konstantin Ernst (Director General of the Russian Channel One) and Ilya Bachurin founded the large-scale project Glavkino.[24] The project consists of a television and television complex, a hardware complex, a production center, a script laboratory. In 2011 Glavkino and New York Art Academy founded a grant named after Sergei Bondarchuk.[25]

In 2017 Glavkino ownership was transferred from its founders, including Fyodor Bondarchuk, Konstantin Ernst, Ilya Bachurin, Vitaly Golovachev and Nikolai Tsvetkov, to the creditor VTB Bank. Each of the five founders of Glavkino received $1800 each, while VTB repaid the studio's debts, estimated at about $52 million.[26]


In 2009 Fyodor Bondarchuk with producer Sergey Selianov initiated the project Kinositi. The main mission of this company is to create network of multimedia educational cinema complexes throughout Russia. In 2012, Kinositi became the official partner of cinema chain Premier Zal.[27]

Restaurant business[edit]

Fyodor Bondarchuk is a co-owner of two restaurants in Moscow (together with his friends and partners Stepan Mikhalkov, Arkadiy Novikov and Kirill Gusev).[28]


Fyodor Bondarchuk is a popular television host in Russia. His show about the world of cinema aired weekly on the STS TV channel in Russia. His guests in the studio included Oliver Stone, Darren Aronofsky, Michael Bay, Christoph Waltz, Daniel Craig, Til Schweiger etc.[29] In 2003 he received TEFI as the best TV host of entertainment program, in March 2004 Bondarchuk became a member of Russian Television Academy's fund.[3] At the same year Fyodor started to host the reality show You are a Supermodel.

In 2013 Fyodor started his career as a TV producer with two projects on the STS channel in Russia.

Political activism[edit]

In March 2014, he signed a letter in support of the position of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on Russia's military intervention in Ukraine.[30]


Fyodor Bondarchuk on the set of the film Inhabited Island
Fyodor Bondarchuk and Sergei Garmash, the shooting of the film Inhabited Island
Fyodor Bondarchuk and Konstantin Kryukov, the shooting of the film Company 9


Year Title Role
1986 Boris Godunov Feodor II of Russia
1988 Solnechnyi bereg (original title) young soldier
1989 Stalingrad Ivan
1989 A Midsummer Night's Dream Fedor
1992 Arbitrator Roman
1992 Demons Fedka Katorzhnyi
1993 Angels of the Death sniper Ivan
1994 Shooting Angels Ivan
1997 Midlife Crisis Vlad
1998 Stop (original title "Ostanovka")
1999 8 ½ $ Fedor/Stepan
2000 Showcase Store manager
2000 Formula of Happiness
2001 Down House count Myshkin
2001 Men's Work (TV) Rebrov
2002 In Motion Gazizov
2002 Cinema about Cimena Nikolay Zhiltsov, film producer
2002 Men's Work 2 (TV) Rebrov
2004 Our Own the chief of Police
2004 My Fair Nanny (TV) cameo
2004 B-day of the Best Friend
2005 The 9th Company Khokhol
2005 From 180 and Higher Savik Galkin
2005 The State Counsellor Burchinskiy
2005 Dacha for sale Vladimir
2005 Mama, ne goryui 2 (original title) Leva
2005 The Fall of the Empire (TV) General Anton Denikin
2005 Happypeople
2006 9 Months (TV) Kostya
2006 Tri polugratsii (original title, TV) Kurbatov
2006 Open Season (animated film) Boog (Russian dubbing)
2006 Heat film director
2007 Gloss
2007 Sem kabinok (original title) drug dealer
2007 I’m Staying instructor
2007 Kilometer Zero cameo
2007 Artistka (original title) film director
2007 Tiski (original title) Igor Verner
2007 18-14 graf Tolstoi
2008 Admiral Sergei Bondarchuk (pseudo cameo)
2008 The Inhabited Island Umnik
2008 Sunshine Barry & the Disco Worms (animated film) Tonny Dennis (Russian dubbing)
2008 Open Season 2 (animated film) Boog (Russian dubbing)
2009 The Best Movie 2 Fedor Bondarchuk (cameo)
2009 The Inhabited Island: Skirmish Umnik
2010 Moscow, I Love You! suicide
2010 Pro lyubоff (original title) Vladimir Victorovich
2010 Pseudonym for Hero Director
2011 The PyraMMMid Belyavskyi
2011 Lecturer (TV) Vladimir
2011 Svadba po obmenu (original title) Ruslan
2011 Two Days Petr Drozdov
2011 Bezrazlichie (original title) Petya Selyutin
2011 The White Guard (TV) Shpolyanskiy
2012 The Spy Alexey Oktyabrsky
2012 Gold
2012 7 dní hříchů Major Uvarov
2012 Tri bogatyrya na dalnikh beregakh (original title, animated film) Kolyvan (dubbing)
2012 After School (TV) cameo
2013 Molodezhka (original title, TV) Oleg Ivanovich Kalinin
2013 Odnoklassniki.ru: NaCLICKai udachu (original title) Fedor
2014 Chudotvorets (original, TV) Viktor Stavitsky
2014 Gena Beton (original title)
2015 Ghost (Призрак) Yury Gordeyev
2015 The Warrior Andrey Rodin
2015 A Warrior's Tail Elza (voice)
2016 Santa Claus. Battle of the Magi Miran Morozov, the Father Frost (Santa Claus)
2017 About Love. For Adults Only
2018 Selfie
2020 Sputnik Colonel Semiradov
2021 Saving Pushkin Bespalov
Heart of Parma Grand Duke of Moscow Ivan III


Year Title More
1989 Dream in a Summer Morning short film
1993 Lyublyu (original title) special project
2005 The 9th Company
2006 And Quiet Flows the Don (TV) final editing of a film directed in 1992 by his father
2008 The Inhabited Island
2009 The Inhabited Island: Skirmish
2012 Nowhere to Hurry
2013 Stalingrad
2017 Attraction
2019 Attraction 2


Year Title
2002 In Motion
2003 Gololyod (original title)
2003 Kamikadze's Diary
2005 The 9th Company
2006 Heat
2008 The Inhabited Island
2009 The Inhabited island: Skirmish
2010 The Phobos
2011 Two Days
2011 New Year SMS (TV)
2012 August Eighth
2012 Soulless
2013 Odnoklassniki.ru (original title)
2013 The Best Girl of Caucasus
2013 Yes and Yes
2013 White Lily
2013 Evgeny Onegin
2014 Baba Yaga
2015 Soulless 2
2015 Warrior
2016 The Queen of Spades
2016 The Good Boy
2018 Selfie
2018 Ice

Awards and nominations[edit]



Personal life[edit]

Fyodor was married for more than 20 years to Svetlana Bondarchuk (née Rudskaya), main editor of HELLO! magazine (Russia). They have 2 children: son Sergey and daughter Varvara.[31] After divorcing from Svetlana, Fedor became romantically involved with actress Paulina Andreeva.[32]


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