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The Gaorangers: (from left) Gao Black, Gao Yellow, Gao Red, Gao Silver, Gao Blue and Gao White

The Gaorangers (ガオレンジャー Gaorenjā?) are the fictional protagonists of the Japanese Super Sentai Series Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger. They were chosen by Tetomu and the Power Animals to protect the Earth from the polluting forces of Ogre Tribe Org. Throughout the series, the Gaorangers refer to each other by their designated color rather than name. It's not until the final episode where they finally fully introduce themselves. This carried over to Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger where the Gaorangers refer to each other by their true names. Their surnames bear the kanji of their respective animals.

Each of the Gaorangers' surnames either contain the kanji for their Power Animal ("lion" (獅子 shishi?), "eagle" ( washi?), "shark" ( same?), "ox" ( ushi?), "Oogami" (大神 Ōgami?) from "wolf" ( ōkami?))) or resemble the name of their Power Animal ("Taiga" (大河?) from "tiger" (タイガー taigā?)).

Kakeru Shishi[edit]

The warrior chosen by Gao Lion, Blazing Lion~Gao Red!"

Kakeru Shishi/Blazing Lion Gao Red (獅子 走/灼熱の獅子ガオレッド Shishi Kakeru/Shakunetsu no Shishi Gao Reddo?): The protagonist, he is a 24-year-old veterinarian. Friendly, warm, and good-natured, he was chosen by Gao Lion to become the leader and he was the fifth member to join. He wants to protect all life on earth and he loves animals, especially his Golden Retriever "Choco". When he closes his eyes, Kakeru has the empathic ability to understand animals and communicate with them. He thought he could do the same with Orgs, but discovered he couldn't since they don't have souls. Two of his common sayings are "I am a veterinarian" and "I'm full of motivation!" He is in charge of forming the upper body in the Gaorangers' mecha formations. After the final battle, he returned to his former job at the Sakura Animal Hospital and to his Golden Retriever, Choco. Aside from his appearance in Hurricaneger VS Gaoranger, Gao Red also appears in the PlayStation game, Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger as a bonus character.

Kakeru Shishi is portrayed by Noboru Kaneko (金子 昇 Kaneko Noboru?).

Gaku Washio[edit]

"The warrior chosen by Gao Eagle, Noble Eagle~Gao Yellow!"

Gaku Washio/Noble Eagle Gao Yellow (鷲尾 岳/孤高の荒鷲ガオイエロー Washio Gaku/Kokō no Arawashi Gao Ierō?); 23-year-old former Self Defense Force pilot. He was the first Gaoranger to be chosen who worked a year alone with only Tetom. Tetom recruited him during a flight mission, and he became missing in action. Because of this, he bleached his hair to become less recognizable. As a pilot, he is good at skydiving and speaking in English. His hobby is playing the ukulele. At first, Gaku was very serious and humorless; he was upset that Kakeru has been chosen as leader instead of him and he was demoted to second-in-command. As time went on, Gaku opened up, and became especially close to Kakeru, often teasing him good naturedly. Gaku is the one who insisted that the Gaorangers refer to each other by color and not use their personal names. As his Power Animal is a bird, Gaku refuses to eat poultry (he seems to be the only one to have this tendency; neither Sotaro nor Kai have shown any problem eating beef or fish, respectively). He is in charge of forming any leftover parts for the Gaorangers' mecha formations. After the final battle, he returned to the Air Force and his natural hair color.

Gaku Washio is portrayed by Kei Horie (堀江 慶 Horie Kei?).

Kai Samezu[edit]

"The warrior chosen by Gao Shark, Surging Shark~Gao Blue!"

Kai Samezu/Surging Shark Gao Blue (鮫津 海/怒涛の鮫ガオブルー Samezu Kai/Dotō no Same Gao Burū?): 19-year-old freeter, whose previous jobs included pizza delivery and working as a clerk in a bowling alley. He was chosen as a Gaoranger around the same time as Sae. He is a very energetic and playful guy, but he hates being treated as a child. He is skilled at bowling and studied under a professional bowler, Don Katayama. His motto is "Never give up!" which he frequently uses to encourage Sotaro. He is in charge of forming the right arm for the Gaorangers' mecha formations. After the final battle, he became a clerk in a surf shop although he and Sotaro initially planned to run a Chanko shop together to "dominate the world." He also seems to be interested in Sae.

  • Attacks: Iron Twister (アイアンツイスター Aian Tsuisutā?, With Gao Black), Milk Tornado Drop (牛乳竜巻落とし Gyūnyū Tatsumaki Otoshi?), Tornado Spin (トルネードスピン Torunēdo Supin?)

Kai Samezu is portrayed by Takeru Shibaki (柴木 丈瑠 Shibaki Takeru?).

Sotaro Ushigome[edit]

The warrior chosen by Gao Bison, Iron Bison~Gao Black!"

Sotaro Ushigome/Iron Bison Gao Black (牛込 草太郎/鋼の猛牛ガオブラック Ushigome Sōtarō/Hagane no Mōgyū Gao Burakku?): 22-year-old retired sumo wrestler. He was chosen as a Gaoranger about a month before Kakeru. He aspired to become a grand champion sumo wrestler, but a knee injury forced him to retire from his wrestling career. Afterwards, he worked as an assistant at Flower Garden Casablanca with his crush, Shi-chan. Though he is the strongest out of the Gaorangers, he is a very gentle soul with a fear of heights and a weakness for women. He is in charge of forming the lower body for the Gaorangers' mecha formations. After the final battle, he and Shi-chan worked together on a ranch although he and Kai initially planned to run a Chanko shop together to "dominate the world".

  • Iron Twister (アイアンツイスター Aian Tsuisutā?, With Gao Blue)

Sotaro Ushigome is portrayed by Kazuyoshi Sakai (酒井 一圭 Sakai Kazuyoshi?).

Sae Taiga[edit]

"The warrior chosen by Gao Tiger, Belle Tiger~Gao White!"

Sae Taiga/Belle Tiger Gao White (大河 冴/麗しの白虎ガオホワイト Taiga Sae/Urawashi no Byakko Gao Howaito?): 17-year-old martial arts student. She was chosen as a Gaoranger around the same time as Kai. She is incredibly level-headed. Her father runs a dojo in Kagoshima and taught her various combat techniques. At her request, she moved to Tokyo and enrolled in a special martial arts institution to further improve her skills. She worries about the rest of the team, though she is sometimes belittled by them (except for Kakeru) since she is the only female on the team. She yearns for a prince that rides on a white horse and carries a bouquet of roses. Unlike most Super Sentai heroines, she had never changed her clothing in the blink of an eye until she met up with Miku Imamura/MegaPink. She is in charge of forming the left arm for the Gaorangers' mecha formations. After the final battle, she continued her martial arts training although she initially planned to travel across Japan with Tsukumaro/Shirogane.

Sae Taiga is portrayed by Mio Takeuchi (竹内 実生 Takeuchi Mio?).


Shirogane/Sparking Wolf Gao Silver (シロガネ/閃烈の銀狼ガオシルバー Shirogane, Silver/Senretsu no Ginrō Gao Shirubā?): 1,062 year old Gao Warrior from the Heian period, born Ōgami Tsukumaro (大神 月麿?). 1,000 years ago, Gao God was defeated by Hyakkimaru, a fusion of the Highness Dukes. In desperation, Tsukumaro took the Dark Wolf Mask, which would give him the extra power they'd need to defeat the Org. Despite the warnings of the priestess, Murasaki, that the mask would possess him, he donned it. The energy within the mask, the Thousand-Year Evil, gave him the ability to combine his three Power Animals into Gao Hunter. Shirogane lasted long enough to defeat Hyakkimaru, then the mask transformed him into Rouki. He begged the other Gao Warriors to stop him while he still had a vestige of control, so they sealed him within a tomb. Centuries later, Shirogane was released from his seal by Ura to fight against the present day Gaorangers, fully under the mask's control. Although he initially perceived himself as a full-Org, he began to show aspects of his true self, such as tending the wounds of Sae and helping an injured wolf. Once the mask was destroyed and the evil energy was released, he was returned to his human form.

By fighting with all of his strength to save the Gaorangers from Chimera Org, his Power Animals rewarded him with the G-Brace Phone that would allow Shirogane to transform into Gao Silver. Afterwards, he spent most of his time trying to make up for his past sins against the Gaorangers. Shirogane was very distant towards the Gaorangers and declined Kakeru's invitation to move into Gao 's Rock with the others. Instead, he stayed in the pool hall, Billiard Jack. He was reluctant to accept help from the other Gaorangers during his battle with Rouki, but he opened up once Gao Wolf led the others to him and he realized that the others trusted him despite the things he did while he was Rouki. Eventually Shirogane finally left go of the past once his personal battle with Ura finally ended. While relaxing, he enjoys playing billiards and the flute, and he also has the ability to detect Org disturbances from the winds. After the final battle, he traveled across the world alone although he initially planned to travel with Sae. Shirogane eventually returned to aid his teammates in regaining their G-Phones, fighting by their side once more before leaving without saying goodbye. He explained to a curious Shurikenger that it's painful for him. He would later appear alongside his teammates and all of the previous and hereafter Super Sentai Heroes to stop the invading Space Empire Zangyack's first wave of attack. He is the first non-core warrior to appear in a theatrical Super Sentai movie.

Shirogane is portrayed by Tetsuji Tamayama (玉山 鉄二 Tamayama Tetsuji?).



Gao Priestess Tetom (テトム Tetomu?) is the 1,022-year-old Gao Shaman of the Animarium who serves as mentor to the current Gaoranger team, succeeding the role from her great-grandmother, Murasaki. She lives in Gao's Rock and lies dormant within the holy spring when there is no mission. She has an abnormal ability to power electronics with only her touch. Her singing calms the Power Animals, and she regularly performs Murasaki's song with Shirogane for Gao Deers. She is also a talented cook, which caused Rasetsu to gain an interest in her and order the Duke Orgs to capture her.

Tetom is portrayed by Takemi (岳美?).


Kaito (魁人 Kaito?) is the leader of the resistance held against the Orgs on the volcanic island. He held half of the ruby needed to form Gao Kong's jewel. He died while protecting Princess Iriya from Zeus Org.


Princess Iriya (皇女伊莉耶 Ōjo Iriya?) is the princess of the volcanic island who was held captive by the Orgs. Her half of the ruby was taken by the three Org brothers and was given to Tetom during a drinking contest with Poseidon Org.


Gao Priestess Murasaki (ムラサキ Murasaki?) was Tetom's great-grandmother who served as the Gao Shaman and mentor to the original Gaoranger team. She used to sing with Shirogane but was forced to stop when they were attacked by Orgettes and her throat was injured.

Charcoal-Grill Org[edit]

Charcoal-Grill Org (炭火焼オルグ Sumibiyaki Orugu?, 34): A Org born fifty years ago, he caused great damage with his powers. However he found no pleasure in his work until he found something worth grilling and took on human form to be a traveling chef. The Gaorangers find Charcoal-Grill Org when he was teaching two punks a lesson, for insulting his food though he evaded both them and the Dukes, who Rasetsu sent to get for him. The Gaorangers find him, unaware that he was an Org as they enjoyed his food. By the next time they meet, Soutaro realizes the truth and attempts help Charcoal-Grill Org with Gaku's help. But the Dukes managed to enrage Charcoal-Grill Org, terrorizing an industrial site. Gao Black & Gao Yellow attempt to snap Charcoal-Grill Org out of it, reminding him of his dream. Though he calmed down, Rasetsu kills the tratior. Tsuetsue then revives Charcoal-Grill Org, purging him of his humanity. Though seemingly killed by Gao Icarus, Charcoal-Grill Org was revealed to be alive and back to normal, cooking for Futaro.


  • G-Phone (Gフォン Jī-Fon?): The transformation devices of the five main Gaoranger. The G-Phones transform into an animal and then human mode when the Gaoranger activate the change function. The transformation call is "Gao Access!", and the phrase "Summon, spirit of the earth!" is called out while the helmets are formed. Can also be used like a regular cell phone and is used by the Gaoranger to communicate with each other. Each Gaoranger has a different identification number; 1. Gao White, 2. Gao Black, 3. Gao Blue, 4. Gao Yellow, and 5. Gao Red.
  • Gao Jewels (ガオの宝珠 Gao no Hōju?): Round gems that hold a soul of a Power Animal. When a certain Gao Jewel is inserted into the hilt of a JuuOh Sword, it enables the Gaorangers to summon that specific Power Animal from Animarium. For Gao Silver, his Power Animals are contained within their Jewels, and he either uses Laser Pool or throws them into the sky to summon them. It was also shown in the finale that when a Power Animal dies its Gao Jewel would shatter apart.
  • Juu-Oh Swords (獣皇剣 Jū-Ō-ken?, Beast King Swords): Standard weapon of the five main Gaoranger. When the five JuuOh Swords are brought together with five compatible Gao Jewels, it enables the Gaorangers to combine the Power Animals. With the Gao Giraffe Jewel, Gao Blue was able to use his JuuOh Sword to use the Giraffe Typhoon (ジュラフタイフーン Jurafu Taifūn?), Giraffe Cutter (ジュラフカッター Jurafu Kattā?), Surging Thrust (サージングスラスト Sājingu Surasuto?).
  • Lion Fang (ライオンファング Raion Fangu?): Gao Red's claw based weapon. It can be separated into two parts for the Blazing Fire (ブレイジングファイヤー Bureijingu Faiyā?) attack.
  • Gao Mane Buster (ガオメインバスター Gao Mein Basutā?): Gao Red's secondary weapon, a gun transformed from the Lion Fang by the command "Lion Fang, transform!". Received in episode 3 when Gao Red refused to give up when the Gaorangers were losing to Camera Org. It has two modes: Normal Mode (ノーマルモード Nōmaru Mōdo?), which rapidly fires laser blasts like a machine gun, and Final Mode (ファイナルモード Fainaru Mōdo?), which fires a powerful energy blast from a barrel that extends from the mouth.
  • Eagle Sword (イーグルソード Īguru Sōdo?): A sword that is used by Gao Yellow. Attacks are Noble Slash (ノーブルスラッシュ Nōburu Surasshu?), Feather Cutters (フェザーカッター Fezā Kattā?) (feather themed dirks that are contained in the hilt of the Eagle Sword) and Surging Slash (サージングスラッシュ Sājingu Surasshu?, when wielded by Gao Blue).
  • Shark Cutters (シャークカッター Shāku Kattā?), A pair of tonfas that are wielded by Gao Blue. Attacks are Surging Chopper (サージングチョッパー Sājingu Choppā?) and Noble Chopper (ノーブルチョッパー Nōburu Choppā?, when wielded by Gao Yellow).
  • Bison Axe (バイソンアックス Baison Akkusu?): An axe that is used by Gao Black. Attacks with Iron Broken (アイアンブロークン Aian Burōkun?).
  • Tiger Baton (タイガーバトン Taigā Baton?), A baton that is used by Gao White. Attacks with Belle Crisis (ベルクライシス Beru Kuraishisu?), Byakko Cross Cut (白虎十文字斬り Byakko Jūmonji Giri?).
  • Evil-Crushing Hyakujuuken (破邪百獣剣 Haja Hyakujūken?, Hundred Beast Sword): Combination of the five main Gaorangers' individual weapons. It is used to destroy normal-sized Org monsters. The Gaoranger can also channel their energy into the weapon. The finishing call is Evil spirit, begone (邪鬼退散 Jaki Taisan?).
  • Gaoranger Storm (ガオレンジャーストーム Gaorenjā Sutōmu?): A ball of light created by the Gaorangers, the Dream Sentai, and the Red Warriors. Gao Red kicked it to annihilate Rakushaasa once and for all. The finishing call is Evil spirit, purify (邪鬼浄散 Jaki Jōsan?).
  • G-Brace Phone (Gブレスフォン Jī-Buresu Fon?): Gao Silver's transformation device. Has all the basic functions of the regular G-Phone and can be worn on Silver's hand as a bracelet. Gao Silver is registered as number 6 on the G-Phones.
  • Gao Hustler Rod (ガオハスラーロッド Gao Hasurā Roddo?): Gao Silver's weapon that has three modes. The first is Saber Mode (サーベルモード Sāberu Mōdo?), where it is used like a bladed weapon and attacks with Silver Wolf Full Moon Cut (狼満月斬り Ginrō Mangetsu Giri?), and the second is Sniper Mode (スナイパーモード Sunaipā Mōdo?) that is used as a rifle. The third mode is Break Mode (ブレイクモード Bureiku Mōdo?), a pool rod weapon. This mode is used for Silver's finisher attack Evil-Crushing Seijuu Orbs (破邪聖獣球 Haja Seijūkyū?, Saint Beast Orbs), where he generates a pool table, called Laser Pool (レーザープール Rēzā Pūru?), and Silver shoots his three Gao Jewels like pool balls to finish off an Org. The finishing call is Evil spirit, honorably defeated (邪鬼玉砕 Jaki Gyokusai?). Laser Pool is also used for Gao Silver to summon his Power Animals, and the Gao Hustler Rod was once used to emulate his Seijuu Orbs attack with Gao Madillo and the Ligator Blade, called the Hunter Seijuu Orb.
  • Falcon Summoner (ファルコンサモナー Farukon Samonā?), A bow weapon that is used by Gao Red that was received in Episode 31. After Highness Duke Ura killed all the Gaorangers except for Red and Silver, the others were able to complete a puzzle that allowed the weapon to emerge in Gao Red's hands. It has three modes, Gun Mode (ガンモード Gan Mōdo?), where the bow ends are closed and it is able to fire rapid energy blasts; Arrow Mode (アローモード Arō Mōdo?), where the ends are opened and a falcon shaped arrow can be shot; and Summoner Mode (サモナーモード Samonā Modō?), a combination of Red's JuuOh Sword (which is equipped with the Gao Falcon jewel) and the Falcon Summoner which summons Gao Falcon. In episode 35, the Gao Jewels for the other Power Animals that form Gao Icarus were placed into the empty slots in the Falcon Summoner. This was done because Blacksmith Org reforged the others' JuuOh Swords into silverware and were unable to summon the Power Animals.

Power Animals[edit]

The Power Animals (パワーアニマル Pawā Animaru?) are the ancient biomechanical creatures that give the Gaorangers their powers and also form giant robots to fight Orgs. The Power Animals can combine through Hundred Beast Combinations (百獣合体 Hyakujū Gattai?). While there are one hundred of them, only twenty eight Power Animals appear in the series and related media.

  • Gao Lion (ガオライオン Gao Raion?): GaoRed's Power Animal, a red lion that normally resides on a cliff until it is summoned. Gao Lion became Kakeru's partner when he arrived at the Animarium. Gao Lion normally combines with Gao Eagle, Gao Shark, Gao Bison, and Gao Tiger while forming the core of Gao King (ガオキング Gao Kingu?) that is used to fight enlarged Baron Orgs. Known as the "Spirit King" (精霊王 Seirei-Ō?), Gao King is armed with the Fin Blade (フィンブレード Fin Burēdo?) that it can use in its Surging Flash: Surging Arrow (怒涛一閃サージングアロー Dotō Issen: Sājingu Arō?). Gao King's primary attack is firing beams from the mouths of its component Power Animals in itsNatural Roar: Animal Heart (天地轟鳴アニマルハート Tenchi Gōmei: Animaru Hāto?), the attack later enhanced by the Soul Bird into Natural Roar: Super Animal Heart (天地轟鳴スーパーアニマルハート Tenchi Gōmei: Sūpā Animaru Hāto?). Gao King can use Hundred Beast Armament to use the other Power Animals: Using Gao Elephant to become Gao King Sword & Shield (ガオキングソード&シールド, Gao Kingu Sōdo ando Shīrudo?) to use the Powerful Bisection: Evil Crusher (豪力両断イビルクラッシャー Gōriki Ryōdan: Ibiru Kurasshā?) slash, Gao Giraffe to become Gao King Spear (ガオキングスピアー Gao Kingu Supiā?) to use the impaling Demon Penetration: Neck Thrust (悪鬼貫徹ネックスラスト Akki Kantetsu: Nekku Surasuto?), Gao Bear and Gao Polar to become Gao King Double Knuckle (ガオキングダブルナックル Gao Kingu Daburu Nakkuru?) to fire blasts of heat and cold with the Ice Fang Blaze: Bear Strike (氷牙炎滅ベアーストライク Hyōga Enmetsu: Beā Sutoraiku?), Gao Rhinos and Gao Madillo to become Gao King Striker (ガオキングストライカー Gao Kingu Sutoraikā?) to use the Strong Flash: Rhino Shoot (強一閃ライノシュート Kyōshū Issen: Raino Shūto?) attack, Gao Wolf and Gao Hammerhead to become GaoKing Another Arm (ガオキングアナザーアーム GaoKingu Anazā Āmu?), and Gao Deers to become Gao King Cross Horn (ガオキングクロスホーン Gao Kingu Kurosu Hōn?) who uses Cleansing Radiance Manifestation: Bubble Capture (清輝顕現バブルキャプチャー Seiki Kengen: Baburu Kyapuchā?) to seal enemies to finish them off with Natural Reversal: Horn Crash (天地逆転ホーンクラッシュ Tenchi Gyakuten: Hōn Kurasshu?). During the battle with Dorodoro, Gao Lion is magically enlarged and combines with Gao Falcon, Gao Shark, Gao Tiger, and Gao Elephant to become the "Great Hero" (大いなる勇者 Ōinaru Yūsha?) known as Gao Kentaurus (ガオケンタウロス Gao Kentaurosu?), whose finsing attack is Ultimate Sword Technique: Dance of the Beast King (究極剣技・獣王の舞 Kyūkyoku Kengi: Jūō no Mai?).
  • Gao Eagle (ガオイーグル Gao Īguru?): GaoYellow's Power Animal, Gao Eagle forms either GaoKing's head or become a waist for the GaoMuscle/GaoKnight formations.
  • Gao Shark (ガオシャーク Gao Shāku?): Gao Blue's Power Animal, Gao Shark forms the right arm in the combinations. His formation special attack is Shark Shot (シャークショット Shāku Shotto?)
  • Gao Bison (ガオバイソン Gao Baison?): GaoBlack's totem Power Animal, Gao Bison forms the lower torso and legs in the formations of Gao King, Gao Muscle, and Gao Knight. In other formations, he adds "Another Foot" to the name. Gao Bison's formation special attacks are Bison Kick (バイソンキック Baison Kikku?) and Double Bison Kick (ダブルバイソンキック Daburu Baison Kikku?)
  • Gao Tiger (ガオタイガー Gao Taigā?): Gao White's totem Power Animal, Gao Tiger forms the left arm in the combinations. Her formation special attack is a punch called Tiger Attack (タイガーアタック Taigā Atakku?).
  • Gao Elephant (ガオエレファント Gao Erefanto?): Gao White's secondary Power Animal, Gao Elephant's Gao Jewel was embedded within a stone found with a scroll in the Liewan Shinto Temple. Gao Elephant rested within Gazou Mountain until he was awoken by Tetomu. Gao Elephant can perform a Hundred Beast Armament on Gao King, turning into the Elephant Sword (エレファントソード Erefanto Sōdo?) and Elephant Shield (エレファントシールド Erefanto Shīrudo?).
  • Gao Giraffe (ガオジュラフ Gao Jurafu?): GaoBlue's secondary Power Animal, Gao Giraffe posed as a crane while sending dreams to Kai to warn him that the “spotted spear” is needed to defeat Boat Org. When Gao Blue called out to the Power Animal, the crane he used earlier during their fight against Boat Org revealed its true form as Gao Giraffe. Gao Giraffe can transform into the Giraffe Spear (ジュラフスピアー Jurafu Supiā?), a right arm with its head covered by a pointed helmet.
  • Gao Bear and Gao Polar (ガオベアー&ガオポーラー Gao Beā to Gao Pōrā?): Gao Yellow's secondary Power Animals, Gao Bear and Gao Polar originally appeared as mysterious boys in black and white respectively. After GaoYellow retrieved flowers for GaoBear and GaoPolar, they gave him two seeds that turned into their Gao Jewels. Gao Bear uses the power of fire while Gao Polar uses the power of ice, using the Whirling Frenzy (巴大車輪 Tomoe Daisharin?). They usually form the arms of a Power Animal combination together, though they originally put a strain on Gaolion until the Soul Bird is gained.
  • Gao Gorilla (ガオゴリラ GaoGorira?): GaoRed's secondary Power Animal, Gao Gorilla appeared during the Gaorangers' journey to find the shining mushroom by pulling them back in time to a period where a forest was still untouched by construction. Once awakened by a woman that the Gaorangers befriend, Gao Gorilla travels back to the present with them. Gao Gorilla's special attack is Banana Bomb (バナナボム Banana Bomu?), where he throws explosive bananas from a manifested banana tree at the enemy. Gao Gorilla also forms the core of Gao Muscle (ガオマッスル GaoMassuru?), who is referred to as the "Muscular Warrior" (筋肉の戦士 Kinniku no Senshi?). Armed with the Muscle Anchor (マッスルアンカー Massuru Ankā?) and shoulder mounted Muscle Crackers (マッスルクラッカー Massuru Kurakkā?), Gao Muscle's finishing move is Unmatched Strength: Muscle Lariat (剛力無双マッスルラリアット Gōriki Musō: Massuru Rariatto?). Gao Muscle can use Hundred Beast Armament to use the other Power Animals: Using Gao Rhinos and Gao Madillo to become GaoMuscle Striker (ガオマッスルストライカー GaoMassuru Sutoraikā?) to use the Strong Kick Blast: Rhino Shoot (強蹴爆砕ライノシュート Kyōshū Bakusai: Raino Shūto?) attack.
  • Gao Wolf (ガオウルフ GaoUrufu?): GaoSilver's Power Animal, it forms the left arm of Power Animal combinations with the suffix Another Arm (アナザーアーム Anazā Āmu?). Gao Wolf's formation special attack is Wolf Attack (ウルフアタック Urufu Atakku?), whereas it is known as Blue Wolf Attack (ブルーウルフアタック Burū Urufu Atakku?) in Blue Moon Mode. GaoWolf can also transform into GaoSilver's Wolf Roader (ウルフローダー Urufu Rōdā?) motorcycle. Gao Wolf normally forms the left arm of Gao Hunter (ガオハンター GaoHantā?), who is armed with the Crescent Boomerang (クレセントブーメラン Kuresento Būmeran?) and Ligator Blade (リゲーターブレード Rigētā Burēdo?). A millennia prior, Gao Hunter was formed by Shirogane using the power of the Thousand-Year Evil during his battle with Hyakkimaru. However, due to the energy's influence, Gao Hunter assumed an Org-like form called Gao Hunter Evil (ガオハンターイビル GaoHantā Ibiru?) whose signature move is the Evil Sixteenth Night Cut (魔性十六夜斬り Mashō Jūrokuya Giri?). While as Gao Hunter Evil, it can combine with Gao Giraffe to become GaoHunter Spear and use Spirit Penetration: Neck Thrust (精霊貫徹ネックスラスト Seirei Kantetsu: Nekku Surasuto?) or Gao Bear and Gao Polar to become GaoHunter Double Knuckle and use Spirit Blaze: Bear Strike (精霊炎滅ベアーストライク Seirei Enmetsu: Beā Sutoraiku?). It only once Shirogane revived his Power Animals after the evil is purged from them that Gao Hunter assumed its true form: The "Hunter of Justice" (正義の狩人 Seigi no Kariudo?) known as Gao Hunter Justice (ガオハンタージャスティス GaoHantā Jasutisu?). Gao Hunter's attack is the Animal Heart-like Natural Quake: Beast Hurricane (天地震撼ビーストハリケーン Tenchi Shinkan: Bīsuto Harikēn?) and uses its Ligator Blade for its Demon Rush: Revolver Phantom (悪鬼突貫リボルバーファントム Akki Tokkan: Riborubā Fantomu?). During the battle against Tinplate Org, Gao Hunter is temporarily powered up into GaoHunter Blue Moon (ガオハンターブルームーン GaoHantā Burū Mūn?) with its finishing attacks being Ligator Blade Crescent Moon Cut (リゲーターブレード三日月斬り Rigētā Burēdo Mikazuki Giri?) and Roaring Moonlight: Blue Moon Heart (月下咆哮ブルームーンハート Gekka Hōkō: Burū Mūn Hāto?). But the stress of the power up forced Gao Hunters' components to rest for weeks to regain their full strength.
  • Gao Hammerhead (ガオハンマーヘッド GaoHanmāheddo?): One of GaoSilver's additional Power Animals, it normally forms the right arm of GaoHunter. Gao Hamer's formation special attacks are Hammer Shot (ハンマーショット, Hanmā Shotto), whereas it is known as Blue Hammer Shot (ブルーハンマーショット, Burū Hanmā Shotto) in Blue Moon Mode.
  • Gao Ligator (ガオリゲーター Gaorigātā?): One of GaoSilver's additional Power Animals, Gao Ligator forms GaoHunter’s main body and weapon.
  • GaoMadillo (ガオマジロ GaoMajiro?): One of GaoBlack's secondary Power Animals, chanting "Madi" (マジ Maji?). He, along with GaoRhinos, was summoned by GaoBison to help against Duke Org Loki after GaoBison was badly injured by Lawnmower Org. GaoMadillo originally appeared in a miniaturized form in the guise of soccer ball when it gave their jewels to GaoBlack. When used in combination with GaoRhinos, GaoMadillo goes into GaoRhinos's right foot. GaoMadillo was once used by GaoKing Another Arm as a bowling ball for the Super-Fast Rotation Tornado GaoMadillo Spin (超速回転トルネードガオマジロスピン Chōsoku Kaiten Torunēdo GaoMajiro Supin?) technique in order to counter Bowling Org's bowling ball.
  • Gao Rhinos (ガオライノス GaoRainosu?): One of GaoBlack's secondary Power Animals, Gao Rhino forms the lower torso and legs in Power Animal combinations. He arrived after GaoMadillo gave their two Gao Jewels to GaoBlack. The two often replace GaoBison and GaoEagle as legs for GaoKing and GaoMuscle, adding the word Striker (ストライカー Sutoraikā?). GaoRhinos’ formation special moves are Rhino Shoot (ライノシュート Raino Shūto?), Rhinos Kick (ライノスキック Rainosu Kikku?) and Striker Bomber (ストライカーボンバー Sutoraikā Bonbā?), where GaoMuscle Striker rapidly spins and delivers punches to the enemy.
  • Gao Kong (ガオコング GaoKongu?): A red version of Gao Gorilla that is the guardian of the island the Gaorangers were whisked to in the movie. Its Gao Jewel was formed when the two pieces of the ruby were joined on an alter during three simultaneous eclipses, and it was then awakened from the volcano. He attacks with flaming palm trees. Gao Kong forms the core of Gao Knight.
  • Gao Deers (ガオディアス GaoDiasu?): One of GaoWhite's Additional Power Animals, Gao Deers transforms into a left arm in power Animal combinations where its antlers are used as a weapon, called the Deers Scissors (ディアスシザース Diasu Shizāsu?) with which he can heal injured Power Animals with its Deers Healing (ディアスヒーリング Diasu Hīringu?), which can also immobilize Orgs via the Capture Ring (キャプチャーリング Kyapuchā Ringu?). In the past, Shirogane and Murasaki used to play music for him. But after Murasaki's throat was injured by some Orgettes, it became angry at Shirogane for failing to protect Murasaki and left. With some help from Tetomu, GaoSilver was able to play for GaoDeers once again and him gave Tetomu its Gao Jewel. Afterwards, Tetomu gave his jewel to GaoWhite.
  • Gao Falcon (ガオファルコン GaoFarukon?): Known as the Ultimate Power Animal (究極のパワーアニマル Kyūkyoku no Pawā Animaru?) or "Fiery Wings" (炎の翼 Honō no Tsubasa?) Gao Falcon appears to the Gaorangers' aid when most of them were killed by Ura, able to be revived by solving a puzzle that enables GaoRed to obtain the Falcon Summoner. Gao Falcon combines with Gao Giraffe, Gao Rhinos, Gao Madillo, and Gao Deers while forming the core of the Heavenly Spirit King (天空の精霊王 Tenkū no Serei Ō?) known as Gao Icarus, who can use GaoFalcon's wings to fly or protect itself in Defense Mode (ディフェンスモード Difensu Mōdo?). Using the eye designs on its wings to freeze an Org with Icarus Bind (イカロスバインド Ikarosu Baindo?), Gao Icarus can destroy an opponent with Ultimate Heavenly Technique: Icarus Dynamite (究極天技イカロスダイナマイト Kyūkyoku Tengi: Ikarosu Dainamaito?) using a midair flip kick to propel Gao Madillo toward the Org in a death from above move after Strong Flash Kick Rhino Shoot (強蹴一閃ライノシュート Kyōshū Issen Raino Shūto?). Gao Icarus can also exchange its limbs for Gao Bison, Gao Wolf, and Gao Hammerhead to become GaoIcarus Another Foot and Arm (ガオイカロスアナザーフット&アーム GaoIkarosu Anazā Futto ando Āmu?) who uses the Ligator Blade for its Demon Destruction Icarus Breaker (悪鬼撃滅イカロスブレイカー Akki Gekimetsu Ikarosu Bureikā?) or form the upper body of Gao Kentarus.
  • Gao Panda (ガオパンダ GaoPanda?): A Powers that appeared in the Gao Access CD, Gao Panda aided the Gaorangers before leaving them. It uses the Bamboo Hurricane (バンブーハリケーン Banbū Harikēn?) attack.
  • Gao Peacock (ガオピーコック GaoPīkokku?): A Peacock Power Animal that appear in the series finale.
  • Gao Stingray (ガオスティングレイ GaoSutingurei?): A Stingray Power Animal that appear in the series finale.
  • Gao Horse (ガオホース GaoHōsu?): A Horse Power Animal that appear in the series finale.
  • Gao Mouse (ガオマウス GaoMausu?): A Mouse Power Animal that appear in the series finale.

Gao God[edit]

Gao God (ガオゴッド Gao Goddo?) is the "God of the Power Animals" (パワーアニマルの神 Pawā Animaru no Kami?), composed of the five God Power Animals (ゴッドパワーアニマル Goddo Pawā Animaru?) from whom the five main Gaorangers' Power Animals descended: Gao Leon (ガオレオン Gao Reon?), Gao Condor (ガオコンドル Gao Kondoru?), Gao Sawshark (ガオソーシャーク Gao Sōshāku?), Gao Buffalo (ガオバッファロー Gao Baffarō?), and Gao Jaguar (ガオジャガー Gao Jagā?). His attacks are Beast God: Wild God Sword (神獣荒神剣 Shinjū: Aragamiken?) and Heaven's Punishment: Power Arrow (天誅パワーアロー Tenchū: Pawā Arō?), where he shoots his sword like an arrow.

In the past, Gao God was used by the ancient Gaorangers before he was killed by Hyakkimaru in the battle that Shirogane to use the Thousand-Year Evil. In the present day, Gao God appeared in spirit form to help the Gaorangers restore Shirogane to normal, including temporarily eclipsing the full moon which caused Duke Org Rouki to temporarily revert to Shirogane. Sometime during the Gaorangers' final battle with Ura, Gao God helps the deceased members return to the land of the living while being revived as a human boy named Futaro (風太郎 Fūtarō?). As Futaro, Gao God was unaware of his true form at first, but slowly began to remember after meeting his old friend, Shirogane, and listening to Tetomu perform Murasaki's song. But after seeing how the humans had polluted Earth, Gao God takes the Power Animals from the Gaorangers on the grounds that humanity does not deserve being saved. But after the Gaorangers showed their will to protect the Earth and its creatures, he revealed that he had been actually testing them as he aided GaoHunter Blue Moon. He returned the Power Animals and left the duty to protect the Earth in the hands of the Gaorangers.

He later returned to notify the Gaorangers of the final Org prophecy, helping Tetomu in sealing the Matrix and in the fight against Ultimate Org Senki, where he was killed again, but was revived with the others and the God Power Animals helped destroy Senki. As Futaro he was last seen attending a picnic with his friends in the credits of the final episode.

Gao God is voiced by Hiroshi Masuoka (増岡 弘 Masuoka Hiroshi?), who also voices the narrator and Futaro is played by Daiki Arioka.

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