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The Golden Goggle Awards, presented by the USA Swimming Foundation, is an awards ceremony which honours swimmers' achievements over the last year. There are eight categories: Breakout Performer of the Year, Coach of the Year, Perseverance Award, Relay Performance of the Year, Male Race of the Year, Female Race of the Year, Male Athlete of the Year, and Female Athlete of the Year.[1]


Female Athlete of the Year[edit]

Male Athlete of the Year[edit]

  • 2004: Michael Phelps
  • 2005: Aaron Peirsol
  • 2006: Brendan Hansen
  • 2007: Michael Phelps
  • 2008: Michael Phelps
  • 2009: Ryan Lochte
  • 2010: Ryan Lochte
  • 2011: Ryan Lochte
  • 2012: Michael Phelps
  • 2013: Ryan Lochte
  • 2014: Michael Phelps
  • 2015: Michael Phelps
  • 2016: Michael Phelps

Breakout Performer of the Year[edit]

Coach of the Year[edit]

Perseverance Award[edit]

Relay Performance of the Year[edit]

Female Race of the Year[edit]

Male Race of the Year[edit]

Team Leadership & Inspiration Award[edit]

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