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One of the most popular sports in Liechtenstein is football.

National football team[edit]

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In the qualification for the World Cup in Germany in 2006, they achieved two victories and two draws (2–2 against Portugal and 0–0 Slovakia). In the qualification for the EURO 2008 they gained seven points in a tough group with Spain, Sweden, Northern Ireland, Denmark, Latvia and Iceland.

Domestic football[edit]

Due to lack of active football teams, Liechtenstein is the only UEFA member nation not to have their own league and hence does not have any spots in the UEFA Champions League.[1] Club sides play in the Swiss leagues, with FC Vaduz currently playing in the highest Swiss division. Between 1934 and 1937, beside the Swiss Football Association, Liechtenstein's clubs were affiliates of St. Gallen Cantonal Football Association, where they had a tournament of Liechtenstein's clubs only, that determined the Liechtenstein's Champion. FC Triesen won the competition in 1934, 1935 and 1937.[2] Since 1945, the tiny principality has had its own cup competition, the winners of which are guaranteed entry into the Europa League qualification.

FC Vaduz have become the dominant force within the Liechtenstein Football Cup, winning 15 of the last 16 competitions.

Mario Frick holds the record for most appearances and goals scored for Liechtenstein, and also played in football leagues around Europe.


Location of the seven football clubs in Liechtenstein

There are seven football teams in Liechtenstein:

Club Stadium Capacity
FC Balzers Sportplatz Rheinau 2,000
USV Eschen/Mauren Sportpark Eschen-Mauren 2,000
FC Ruggell Freizeitpark Widau 500
FC Schaan Sportanlage Rheinwiese 1,500
FC Triesen Sportanlage Blumenau 2,100
FC Triesenberg Sportanlage Leitawies 800
FC Vaduz Rheinpark Stadion 7,584


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