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After gaining its independence from the USSR in 1992, Moldova became a member of FIFA in 1994. Football is the most popular sport in Moldova.[1]

In the qualification for the EURO 2004, Moldova beat Austria 1-0 and Belarus 2-1, but lost to the Netherlands 1-2.

In the qualification for the FIFA World Cup in 2006, the best results were winning against Belarus 2-0 and two home draws against Scotland and Norway. They drew 2-2 against Bosnia and Herzegovina at home but surprisingly won 1-0 in the away game in the qualification for the EURO 2008. In the same qualification, they beat Hungary 3-0 and also made a 1-1 draw against Turkey. In the qualification for the 2014 World Cup, Moldova beat Montenegro on the latter's home ground by 5-2; a game that is regarded by many Moldovan supporters as the greatest football game played by the Moldovan national team.

League system[edit]




Moldovan National Division 12 clubs


Moldovan "A" Division
9 clubs + 4 Reserve teams


Moldovan "B" Division North
10 clubs

Moldovan "B" Division Center
9 clubs + 1 Reserve team

Moldovan "B" Division South
7 clubs + 2 Reserve teams


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