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Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite.png
Box art featuring the protagonist Master Chief
Developer(s)343 Industries[a]
Publisher(s)Xbox Game Studios
Artist(s)Nicolas Bouvier
Writer(s)Paul Crocker
ReleaseDecember 8, 2021
Genre(s)First-person shooter
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Halo Infinite is an upcoming first-person shooter game developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S. The sixth main entry of the Halo series and the sixteenth Halo game overall, it continues the story of the Master Chief, following Halo 5: Guardians (2015). Unlike previous installments in the series, the multiplayer portion of the game will be free-to-play.

Infinite was planned to be released as a launch title with the Xbox Series X/S on November 10, 2020, but was delayed in August 2020. It is now planned for release on December 8, 2021.


According to Microsoft, Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite, the third chapter of the "Reclaimer Saga",[1][2][3][4] with "his greatest adventure yet to save humanity".[2][5][6] The storyline of Halo Infinite will be "much more human", with the Master Chief playing a more central role than in Halo 5: Guardians.[7][8]

The E3 2018 trailer indicated that the story will be set on a Halo ring that has mysteriously suffered damage, and also showcased the design of Master Chief's MJOLNIR armor, which returns to a design similar to that seen in Halo 2 and Halo 3. 343 Industries later confirmed this Halo ring to be Installation 07 (also known as Zeta Halo).[9] The Banished, a violent Brute-led mercenary organization first seen in Halo Wars 2, appear as enemies.


Halo Infinite is being developed by 343 Industries with assistance from SkyBox Labs, Sperasoft, The Coalition, Certain Affinity and Atomhawk.[10][11][12][13][14] It will utilize the new Slipspace Engine. The story entered planning stages in 2015 and was referred to as Halo 6 at the time.[15][16] The game is being written by Paul Crocker.[17] Nicolas Bouvier is the artist.[18]

Development director Frank O'Connor stated in August 2019 that Halo Infinite was being built "so it plays and looks fantastic" on Xbox One, but would have enhancements when played on Xbox Series X/S.[19]

On August 27, 2020, 343 Industries announced that Joseph Staten, the former lead writer and cinematic director of the Halo series at Bungie, had joined as Campaign Project Lead for Halo Infinite.[20] 343 Industries later announced that Staten's role had changed to Head of Creative for Halo Infinite.[21] On October 28, 2020, Bloomberg News reported that (now former) Studio Head Chris Lee had departed the project.[22]

On April 17, 2021, it was confirmed that series regular Jeff Steitzer would be back to voice the multiplayer mode announcer once again.[23]

Halo Infinite will see the return of split-screen, in response to the backlash of its removal in the previous game.[24] The game will support both cross-platform play and cross-platform save progression between Xbox and Microsoft Windows versions.[25]


Infinite's music is a collaboration between Gareth Coker, Curtis Schweitzer, and Joel Corelitz, overseen by 343 Industries Music Supervisor Joel Yarger.[26][27][28][29]


Halo Infinite was announced in a trailer at E3 2018 with its release confirmed, at the time, for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.[30][31][32][33] The developer said that all of the scenes in the trailer were running in-engine.[34][35][36] During E3 2018 it was confirmed that Infinite was planned to have a beta prior to its release, described as an insider flight program.[18]

At E3 2019 the following year, Halo Infinite was confirmed that it would be a launch title for the next-generation Xbox consoles.[37][38] In January 2020, Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty confirmed that the studio had no immediate plans for Xbox Series X exclusives at launch, preferring to phase out compatibility with older hardware over a longer period, similar to PCs.[39] Development was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing developers to work from home.[40] After the Xbox Games Showcase on July 23, 2020, 343 Studio Head Chris Lee stated that a public beta was unlikely due to the impact of the ongoing pandemic,[41][42] despite Microsoft stating at E3 2018 that there would be a public beta ahead of launch.[43] 343 Industries said that the game would receive a free ray tracing update post-launch.[44] On July 31, 2020, it was announced that the game's multiplayer portion would be released as a free-to-play game.[45]

On August 11, 2020, it was announced that the game had been delayed to an undefined date in 2021,[46][47][48] due to a range of factors impacting development, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.[49] Microsoft initially planned to split the game into several parts but ultimately decided against it. It was reported that 343 Industries was heavily outsourcing the game to external developers, resulting in development troubles, and was a contributing factor to the delay.[50] Speaking to IGN, a spokesperson for 343 Industries denied that the Halo TV show was having an impact on Halo Infinite's development, but IGN stated that "the spokesperson did not speak to the report's claim that 'a significant portion of the game is being outsourced to third-party contractors.'"[51]

On December 5, 2020, Bruce Thomas, the mocap actor for Master Chief in Halo Infinite, stated in an interview that "it [Halo Infinite] is in the can, and ready to go for next spring."[52][53] Soon after, on December 8, 343 Industries disclosed in a blog post that Halo Infinite will be released in late 2021.[54][55][56]

A technical test for the multiplayer portion of the game ran from July 29 – August 2, 2021, where select members of the Halo Insider Program could compete in teams across three maps against bots in 4v4 Slayer mode.[57] On August 20, 2021, it was announced that the game would be launching without campaign co-op, a longtime feature of the series. It was also announced that Forge, a creative environment where players could design their own maps and gametypes, would not be available at launch.[58] On August 25, 2021, Infinite was announced to be releasing on December 8, 2021.[59]


As the industry exposition E3 2020 was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic,[60] Microsoft revealed the first gameplay footage of Halo Infinite via livestream. On June 24, 2020, the official Halo YouTube channel premiered a teaser titled "SIGNAL DETECTED. TAG DESIGNATION: FOE",[61] which featured an audio clip of an anonymous character who represents the Banished, a faction introduced in Halo Wars 2.[62]

Among the merchandising tie-ins for the game is a partnership with Monster Energy Drink. Participants can earn a variety of in-game weapon skins, player nameplates and weapon emblems. There are also several augmented reality experiences through Snapchat as part of the promotion.[63] Coinciding with Infinite's gameplay reveal was a trailer, "Step Inside", produced by 215 McCann. The spot, showing Master Chief's armor being made, was the kickoff to a wider campaign, "Become."[64]

In March 2021, Pringles introduced an exclusive Walmart chip purporting to taste like a creature from Halo: Reach as a marketing tie-in.[65]

On August 25, 2021 a CGI trailer for the first season of Infinite's multiplayer mode was released, focusing on the backstory of the new character Commander Agryna in an occupied London.[66]



Following the campaign gameplay reveal for Halo Infinite on July 23, 2020, publications and audiences expressed disappointment over the graphics and performance.[67] Eurogamer wrote that "Halo Infinite looks like the fake plastic trees version of Halo, like a video game designed with Mega Bloks in mind. It pops in all the wrong places. [...] It doesn't feel grounded. It doesn't feel like it has depth. It feels, well, surface level, smooth and uninteresting."[68] Aaron Greenberg, general manager of Xbox marketing, responded in an interview with Inside Gaming: "Listen, we're in the middle of a global pandemic. It's July, we're far from [launch in] Holiday, you're seeing a work-in-progress game." He said that the final game would be a "visual showcase".[69][70] Narrative experience director Dan Chosich tweeted: "I want you to know your voice matters + is heard [...] I always want to live up to the legacy that Bungie pioneered. I personally care a lot about honoring that."[71] A screenshot of the gameplay showing a Brute with a deadpan expression, given the moniker "Craig" by internet commenters, became an internet meme embraced by 343 Industries' community director John Junyszek.[72]

In October 2020, 343 Industries announced changes to the player color system in Infinite, replacing the system of primary and secondary colors in past Halo games with "coatings" based on layers of patterns and markings designed to enable "greater player expression". 343 plans to make coatings available through microtransactions as well as rewards for purchasing tie-in products such as Monster Energy drinks, Mondelez-branded snacks, and other items.[73] The plan was received negatively, with fans and critics expressing concern about the impact of microtransactions.[74][75] Junyszek defended the system, stating that it enabled "greater detail and variation" and that other methods of obtaining coatings would be made available as "special rewards" in addition to paid purchases.[76]

In contrast to the game's initial gameplay reveal, Halo Infinite's multiplayer beta release in August 2021 received widespread praise, particularly for its gameplay improvements.[77][78][79]


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