Hershey's Miniatures

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Candy bar assortment

Hershey’s Miniatures are packaged assortments of miniature-sized candy bars sold by The Hershey Company.


Hershey’s Miniatures were originally packaged as an assortment in 1939, and featured the most popular Hershey chocolate bars of that time. The product currently contains traditional Hershey bars, Mr. Goodbars, Hershey's Special Dark, and Krackel bars.

Each Miniature weighs roughly 8.6g and contains 42 calories. [1]

A line extension called Hershey’s Miniatures Nut Lovers featuring four kinds of chocolate paired with four varieties of nuts was introduced in 2004 along with La Dulceria Thalia Hershey’s Miniatures, a cookie and candy assortment.