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A Hershey's Milk Chocolate Symphony bar (with red lettering)
A Hershey's Almond Toffee Symphony bar (with blue lettering)

Symphony is a variety of two chocolate bars made by The Hershey Company under the Hershey brand name. The milk chocolate contains the identical ingredients used in the regular chocolate bars made by Hershey's, but have varying amounts of some ingredients (specifically cocoa butter, chocolate and lactose) in order to give a creamier flavor. It marked the first departure from Hershey's original milk chocolate recipe in 1984 designed by Milton Hershey.[1]

The name "Symphony" is given to the bars because it is supposed to be a treat to the mouth in the same way music is to the ears.


Symphony was developed after research begun in 1984. Prior to its release to the general public, it was first testmarketed in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.[1][2] It was targeted to a more mature audience including the middle- and upper-class consumers.[3]

It was found to be the most preferred of nine products test-marketed by Hershey's in China.[4]

Symphony was introduced in 1989 in two varieties: Milk Chocolate (sometimes called the "plain" version) and Almond Toffee (which contains almonds and toffee chips).[5]


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