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Ho Man Tin
MTR rapid transit station
Entrance and exit B2 of Ho Man Tin Station.jpg
Exit B2 of Ho Man Tin Station
Chinese name
Cantonese Yale Hòmàntìn
Hanyu Pinyin Héwéntián
General information
Location Intersection between Chung Hau Street, Chatham Road North and Wuhu Street, Ho Man Tin
Kowloon City District, Hong Kong
Coordinates 22°18′33″N 114°10′58″E / 22.3093°N 114.1829°E / 22.3093; 114.1829Coordinates: 22°18′33″N 114°10′58″E / 22.3093°N 114.1829°E / 22.3093; 114.1829
Owned by MTR Corporation (Kwun Tong Line); KCR Corporation (East West Corridor)
Operated by MTR Corporation
Platforms 2 (2 side platforms)
Tracks 4
Structure type Underground
Other information
Station code HOM
  • 23 October 2016 (2016-10-23) (Kwun Tong Line)[1]
Opening Mid-2019 (East West Corridor)
Preceding station   MTR logo.svg MTR   Following station
Kwun Tong Line
towards Tiu Keng Leng
  Future services  
towards Wu Kai Sha
East West Corridor
towards Tuen Mun
Hong Kong MTR system map
Hong Kong MTR system map
Ho Man Tin
Location within the MTR system

Ho Man Tin (Chinese: 何文田; Cantonese Yale: Hòmàntìn) is an underground MTR rapid transit station on the Kwun Tong Line. Located beneath Valley Road in Ho Man Tin, it will become an interchange station for the East West Corridor as part of the Sha Tin to Central Link project, which is under construction.[2] The station's lower platforms (serving Kwun Tong Line trains) opened on 23 October 2016 along with Whampoa Station as part of the Kwun Tong Line Extension, but the upper platforms will remain closed and boarded up until the completion of the East West Corridor.

The station is located at the extreme south of Ho Man Tin. Walking to the central part of Ho Man Tin from this station would take approximately 15–20 minutes. Some citizens thought that the MTR has used the wrong name. They thought that Lo Lung Hang should be used. However, the MTR remained using Ho Man Tin as the station name because not many people know where Lo Lung Hang is located. [3]

Station layout[edit]

Track layout
to Yau Ma Tei
Reversing siding
Bidirectional track
to Whampoa
L1–U3 Exits
Concourse Customer service
L3 Passageway between concourse and platforms
Future Shatin to Central Link Platforms
Platform 4      East West Corridor (planned) towards Wu Kai Sha (Ma Tau Wai)
Island platform, under construction
Platform 3      East West Corridor (planned) towards Tuen Mun (Hung Hom)
L6 Transfer passageway between      East West Corridor and      Kwun Tong Line
Kwun Tong Line Platforms
Side platform, doors will open on the right
Platform 1      Kwun Tong Line towards Tiu Keng Leng (Yau Ma Tei)
Platform 2      Kwun Tong Line towards Whampoa (Terminus)
     Kwun Tong Line termination platform (some peak-hour trains) →
Side platform, doors will open on the right

The station is located between Chung Hau Street and Chatham Road North. While the East West Corridor platforms are boarded up, they are used as a passageway between the concourse and the Kwun Tong Line platforms.[4]

During peak hours, some westbound Kwun Tong Line trains terminate at platform 2 and proceed eastbound past the scissors crossover to a reversing siding. The remaining trains continue to Whampoa Station, the next station westbound as well as the line's western terminus. This arrangement exists due to the limited capacity of the single terminating track at Whampoa, which cannot turn all of the Kwun Tong Line's trains during rush hours.

Panorama of a Kwun Tong Line platform