Hodge-Podge (comics)

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Bloom County character
Created by Berkeley Breathed
Species Rabbit
Gender Male
Nationality American

Hodge-Podge is a fictional character from Berke Breathed's comic strip Bloom County. His best friends are Portnoy and Cutter John.

Hodge is extremely politically conservative and fanatical about most things, though often ignorant and naive about just what those things are. When he found out that Portnoy was a Groundhog, Hodge stopped speaking with him because he did not associate with "pigs". The two eventually made up. Hodge was also part of Steve Dallas's short lived Heavy Metal Band originally called Deathtöngue. Hodge played the drums.

Hodge later has an affair with Rosebud the Basselope, resulting in Rosebud's pregnancy and the birth of 64 jackabasselopes, who mature and leave in seven days.