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Hong Kong Police Headquarters Compound

The Hong Kong Police Headquarters (Chinese: 香港警察總部) or HKPHQ are located at 1 Arsenal Street, Wan Chai, on Hong Kong Island. It is the headquarters of the Hong Kong Police Force.

The Headquarters complex comprises several buildings, including May House, Arsenal House (including main building, East and West Wing) and Caine House. As at December 2010, 5,202 police officers and 2,032 civilian officers are deployed in this headquarters.[1]

Building name list in English and Chinese
English Chinese
Caine House 堅偉大樓
May House 梅理大樓
Arsenal House 警政大樓


1:Caine House (Established in 1952)
2:Arsenal House (East Wing) (Established in 1990, formerly Arsenal House)
3:Arsenal House (West Wing) (Established in 1997)
4.Arsenal House (Established in 2005)

In 1864, first Hong Kong police headquarters was built at the junction with Hollywood Road and Wyndham Street. After early World War II, the headquarters moved to Oriental Emporium at Connaught Road West.

In the 1950s, the colonial government gave the new reclaimed land to the police force to construct a new headquarters, replacing the Central Police Station. After several extensions, the Caine House was completed in 1952. It was named after William Caine, the founder of Hong Kong Police Force. May House is named after the first Police Magistrate, Charlie May.

In 1987 September, the Police Married Quarters was demolished and the project "Redevelopment of Police Headquarters, Arsenal Street, Wanchai" was launched on December 1993. The Redevelopment was divided into two phases: Arsenal House opened in 1990; Arsenal House (West Wing) opened in 1997.

On 23 April 1997, ten years after the redevelopment, due to ageing facilities within May House, the Hong Kong Police Force submitted the advice of police headquarters alteration, at a cost of 230 million Hong Kong dollars, to the Provisional Legislative Council Public Works Subcommittee. The members thought it is not economic benefit and they requested a long-term redevelopment plan for the police headquarters. After several discussions, the police force and the Legislative Council agreed to demolish May House and redevelop the old car park site. The two Arsenal House building remain unchanged. This plan was estimated to save 34 million dollars rent every year for the police force. After the redevelopment, the Caine House and Wan Chai Police Station had been replanned.[2]

The new complex (main building) project launched in 2002 and completed in 2004. It cost two billion dollars. On 12 March 2005, the opening ceremony was held by the Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang, Security Bureau Ambrose Lee Siu-kwong and Commissioner of police Lee Ming-kwai.[3] This new complex is named as "Arsenal House". The former building with the same name are convert from Arsenal House to Arsenal House (East Wing).[4]

Arsenal House (Main Building)
General information
Status Operating
Type Office
Location 1 Arsenal Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Construction started 2002
Completed 2004
Opening 2004
Owner The Facade Group
Roof 206 m (676 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 47
Floor area 135,500 m2 (1,459,000 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architect Hong Kong Architectural Services Department
Structural engineer China State Construction and Engineering Corporation
Main contractor Hip Hing Construction Co. Ltd.

Arsenal House is a skyscraper located in the Wanchai district of Hong Kong. The tower rises 47 floors and 206 metres (676 ft) in height. The building was completed in 2004.[5] It was designed by the Architectural Services Department, and was developed by The Facade Group. Arsenal House, which stands as the 43rd-tallest building in Hong Kong and is tied in rank with the Three Garden Road, Central, is composed entirely of commercial office units.[5] It has a total floor area of 135,500 square metres (1,459,000 sq ft)

Facilities include 200-seat multi-use hall, 300-seat lecture theatre and an indoor shooting range. Police Licences Office, Crime Prevention Bureau Exhibition, Media Conference Room and Police Recruitment Division Conversation Room locate at lower block of the Arsenal House. Lower block is also the office of Wan Chai Division Police Station. The East and West Wing are used as office by the other police units.[6] The Caine House are re-planned for Hong Kong Island Regional Headquarters and Hong Kong Island Emergency Unit Headquarters.

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Coordinates: 22°16′43″N 114°10′05″E / 22.27872°N 114.16818°E / 22.27872; 114.16818