Tin Hau, Hong Kong

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View of Tin Hau from Victoria Harbour.
Tin Hau Temple, from which the area derives its name.
Buildings in Tin Hau.
Tin Hau section of Electric Road.

Tin Hau (Chinese: 天后) is an area in Wan Chai District, on the north side of Hong Kong Island, in Hong Kong.

Tin Hau is not a formalised district in Hong Kong, but rather the colloquial name given to an area that lies on the border of Causeway Bay and North Point. The name refers to the area immediately surrounding Tin Hau Station of the MTR, so named due to its proximity to the Causeway Bay Tin Hau Temple.

The term "Tin Hau" is also used to describe the location of places like Queen's College (beside Tin Hau MTR Station) and the Central Library and the Causeway Bay Sports Ground which is located in the Wan Chai District. Several government offices and facilities such as Causeway Bay Market are located there.

Places in Causeway Bay (Tin Hau)[edit]


Public facilities[edit]


  • L'hotel Causeway Bay Harbour View
  • Causeway Bay Metro Park Hotel
  • TUVE


  • Queen's College (The first boys school in Hong Kong)
  • Belilios Public School (The first girls school in Hong Kong. This school is still in Eastern District, as it was excluded from a constituency boundaries change from Eastern District to Wan Chai District in 2016.)


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