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Huntik: Secrets & Seekers
Created by Iginio Straffi
Developed by Big Bocca Productions and Rainbow S.r.l.
Directed by Michael Sinterniklaas (voice direction)
Voices of Yuri Lowenthal
Drew Aaron
Rebecca Soler
Marc Thompson
Karen Strassman
Mike Pollock
Maddie Blaustein
Kirk Thornton
Richard Epcar
Marc Diraison
Opening theme "Huntik Go" (US) (Italy)
"Te Pertenezco" by Fey (MX)
Ending theme "Viveme" by Laura Pausini (MX) "L'ultimo bacio" by Carmen Consoli (Italy)
Country of origin Mexico
United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 [1] (list of episodes)
Production company(s) Rainbow S.p.A.
Original channel Televisa
Rai Due
Rai Gulp
Rai Tre
The CW4Kids
Original release January 3, 2009 (2009-01-03) – May 30, 2012
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Huntik: Secrets & Seekers is an Italian animated television series. Development of the series began in 2007 and it was created and directed by Iginio Straffi (creator of the Winx Club). It was a co-production between Big Bocca Productions (a company headquartered in Sligo, Ireland and owned by Richard McWilliam, CEO and owner of Upper Deck) and Rainbow S.p.A. It acts like one of the spin-offs to the Winx Club series.

All of the show's designs, animation and visual style were created in Italy, while the scriptwriting and original voice recording were done in the United States.[2]

It aired on The CW4Kids at 11:30am Eastern Standard Time on Saturdays. In Europe, the series used to air on Disney XD (UK and Ireland) (previously Jetix), and on CITV. In India, the series' first season aired on Disney XD (India) in 2010.

The series premiered on January 3, 2009, with one episode in the US and the first four episodes in Europe, making Jetix (UK) the home for premieres beyond the first episode. It was revealed in a magazine with the new season of the Winx Club, that the second season of Huntik would air in fall 2012 in the US. However, the second season began airing in the spring of 2012 in UK on CITV and Australia on channel eleven. The first season was released on DVD by Anime Works in 2010.

A tie-in Huntik trading card game was released in February 2009. Starter decks and booster packs are available.[3] A line of 5 inch action figures has also been released.[4]

In the United States, starting on August 6, 2012, repeats of the first season (with a shortened title sequence) began airing on Nicktoons cable network. They started to air new episodes from season two on April 21, 2013, but abruptly halted its airing after June 30, 2013.


Season One[edit]

A normal high school boy, Lok Lambert, is thrown into a new life of Titans and battles when he discovers his father's Amulet along with his journal; these are proof that he may still be alive. He meets Seekers Sophie Casterwill, Dante Vale and Zhalia Moon, who help him learn to be a Seeker and to try and find his father, Eathon. But there are those who plot in the shadows: the evil Organization with their tough leaders; DeFoe, Rassimov, Klaus and Grier. With danger and betrayal lurking around the corner, the shattered team must try to pull themselves together for the worst is yet to come. The young team of Seekers must take down enemy number one, the Professor, who is one of the most powerful Seekers to have ever graced the face of the earth. Who is coming closer and closer to taking over the world if he is not stopped before time runs out and gains the most dangerous power and Amulets, and Titans. After an awesome battle of Seekers and Titans, the Professor is ultimately defeated in the end. Dante and the rest of the Seekers celebrate the defeat of the Professor and talk and wonder of the future yet to come and their further involvement with the Foundation. Lok becomes a skilled and talented young Seeker thanks to the teaching of Dante Vale and his newfound experiences on the previous adventures.

Season Two[edit]

With the Professor defeated, a new evil rises: the Blood Spirals, with old enemy Rassimov at its head. This will have ramifications for everyone, with the Blood Spirals being linked to the destruction of Sophie's ancient family, and new hero Den's own brother joins them. Each team member must play to their own strength to keep the world from falling apart, since the grand goal of the Spirals is very different from the Professor's. They want to release the most ancient evil into the world (known only as the Nullifiers) to raze the world to the ground. Friends and foes together must join to defeat this threat, but will the opposing sides pull through for each other or will the world fall into chaos..?


The following is a list of characters in the series and the groups to which they are associated.

Huntik Foundation[edit]

The Huntik Foundation is a group of Seekers who use their abilities to defend the world. They are led by Metz and the Huntik Foundation Council.

  • Metz: Metz is the leader of the Huntik Foundation. He previously was a part of a team consisting of Simon Judeau, Eathon Lambert, and Dante Vale and was a mentor to Dante. During season 1, he was bedridden with a curse for attempting to bond with a Legendary Titan. After being cured, he returned to his position as the head of the Foundation. Throughout season 2, he coordinates missions and fights against the Blood Spiral.
  • Dante Vale (Marc Thompson): Dante is the Huntik Foundation's top Seeker and led a team consisting of Lok Lambert, Sophie Casterwill, and Zhalia Moon. He uses his abilities as a Seeker, a martial artist, and a detective to lead his team on a mission to find the lost father of Lok Lambert.
  • Zhalia Moon (Karen Strassman): Zhalia is a tough lone wolf who grew up as an orphan. She was taken in at a young age by Klaus, a member of the Organization. Constantly tempted with power and the need to belong, she struggled between her upbringing in the Organization and her new friends within the Huntik Foundation until falling in love with Dante. She uses her abilities for espionage and creating illusions. During season 2, she infiltrated the Blood Spiral for the Foundation and served as a bodyguard for Harrison Fears.
  • Lok Lambert (Yuri Lowenthal - Season 1; Drew Aaron - Season 2): Lok is the son of the legendary Seeker, Eathon Lambert. Though bored by his textbooks, he is excellent at solving puzzles. Lok grew up knowing nothing about being a Seeker until he discovered his father's Amulet. He aspires to be a top Seeker like his father. During season 1, Lok is a key member of the team that took down the Professor, Simon Judeau. During season 2, Lok becomes the new Champion of Casterwill to fight against the Blood Spiral.
  • Sophie Casterwill (Rebecca Soler): Sophie is a book-smart girl from the Casterwill family's House of Nobles. Her family was lost due to arson, leaving her to believe herself to be the last of the Casterwill nobility. She was raised by her bodyguard, Santiago, and her tutor/butler, LeBlanche. Due to her training, she is able to sense magical energy and to learn new spells with ease. During season 1, she had a rivalry with Zhalia Moon. During season 2, she takes the position of the head of the Casterwill family.
  • Den Fears: Den and his brother, Harrison, grew up as outcast orphans. Much like Lok, Den dislikes having to study from books. Due to having been marked by the Spiral, Den is able to sense when the Spiral is performing great evils. During season 2, they were approached by the Blood Spiral. Den sees the Spiral as evil and instead joins the Huntik Foundation. He fights against the Blood Spiral in order to save his brother from their evil influence.
  • Cherit (Marc Thompson): Cherit is an ancient, bat-like Titan who was once the friend of Lord Casterwill. He is among the only Titans who are able to speak audibly. Through unknown causes, his memory of the past and his Amulet were lost. His adventures with the Huntik Foundation help him to rediscover his past as he assists by powering up allied Titans.
  • Montehue and Tersly: Montehue is the Foundation's second-best Seeker and the rival of Dante. He uses his physical strength to wield twin axes and to fight alongside his Titans. He travels alongside his research assistant, Tersley, who prefers to hide from trouble than to fight it.
  • Eathon Lambert: Eathon Lambert is a legendary Seeker and member of the Huntik Foundation. He is the husband of Sandra Lambert and the father of Cathy and Lok Lambert. After being chased by the Professor, he has been missing for a decade while still alive in the Spirit World of Huntik. During season 1, his journal was found by Lok and Sophie Casterwill and served as a guide for the Huntik team's search.

Casterwill Family[edit]

The Casterwill family is descended from the legendary Lord Casterwill. Though their goal is to defend the world from the Blood Spiral and the evil Nullifiers, they have been hunted nearly to extinction with the remnant remaining in hiding. The family's elders are the Lady of the Lake over the House of Blade Makers, Lucas Casterwill over the House of Nobles, Teien Casterwill over the House of Strategists, Focauld Casterwill over the House of Knowledge, and the mysterious elder of the Rune Guardians.

  • Lucas Casterwill: Lucas is Sophie's long-lost brother. He travels alongside his team-mates, Dellix and Lane. Though he acts cold and distant towards Sophie, Lucas only means to protect her as his sister. During season 2, he becomes the elder of the House of Nobles and eventually accepts Sophie as the family's leader.
  • LeBlanche: LeBlanche is Sophie Casterwill's guardian, tutor, and butler. After the death of Sophie's parents in a fire in their Paris mansion, LeBlanche, along with Santiago, raised Sophie and trained her as a member of the Casterwill family. LeBlanche continued her education and acted as a father figure for her.
  • Santiago: Santiago is Sophie Casterwill's bodyguard. He is eight years older than Sophie, and saved her life when her house in Paris was set on fire. His family is from Madrid, Spain.

The Organization[edit]

The Organization was founded by the Simon Judeau, alias the Professor, in order to research a cure for the curse of the Legendary Titans. Using mind-controlling abilities, the Organization gained influence in numerous groups and governments. The vast number of the Organization members are lowly Suits who do the bidding of their superiors.

  • The Professor/Simon Judeau (Mike Pollock): The Professor is a former member of the Huntik Foundation and the founder of the Organization. After a mission with Eathon Lambert, Lok's father, Simon, was cursed and his body mangled. The Professor is the only one who knew what happened to Eathon. Due to his time as a team with Eathon Lambert, the Professor named his dog Eathon after his old friend. During season 1, the Professor was the leader of the Organization. The Professor was defeated by the Huntik team.
  • DeFoe: DeFoe was one of the Organization's top agents until he fails on a quest. He was ordered to be disposed of by the Professor and then was replaced by Grier.
  • Grier (Richard Epcar): Grier is the rightful ruler of Sutos who believes that discipline will lead to peace. In season 1, Grier was part of the Organization in order to bring peace from civil war to the people of Sutos. In season 2, Grier fights side-by-side with Dante against the Blood Spirals and took control of the Organization from Wilder.
  • Wilder: Wilder took over the Organization following the defeat of the Professor. He tries not to get his hands dirty and leaves most of the fighting to his subordinates and his Titan, Incubane.
  • Hoffman: Hoffman is a high level member of the Organization under Wilder and was previously a high-ranking official under the Professor. During season 2, Hoffman was ordered to guard the Professor's castle following Grier's takeover.
  • Klaus: Klaus was an evil scientist who found Zhalia Moon in the slums of Amsterdam as a child and raised her to be a spy for the Organization. Though known for his twisted inventions, he has a heart for his Zhalia and loves her as a daughter.

Blood Spiral[edit]

The Blood Spiral is an evil group which opposes the Casterwill family and aims to bring back the evil Nullifiers. The group is led by Rassimov and the Blooded Circle under the orders of the Betrayer's spirit. The Blood Spiral uses their Silent Soldiers and Casterwill Hunters to do most of their work.

  • The Betrayer: The Betrayer was one of the original Seekers under Lord Casterwill who betrayed the early Casterwill family in summoning back the Nullifiers to earth. Though defeated by the children of Lord Casterwill, the Betrayer used the power of the Blood Spiral to remain alive. During season 2, he used his Legendary Titan, Demigorgan, to spy on and to trick Lok and the Huntik team by transforming into a Holotome bearing the image of Lok's father, Eathon. Leading the team based on false clues, the Betrayer actuated their breaking the seal on the Spiral Mark, restoring him to life and signaling the Nullifiers. Though defeated, the Betrayer's goal of activating the Spiral Mark to signal the Nullifiers was accomplished.
  • Rassimov (Maddie Blaustein): Rassimov was the leader of the Blood Spiral under the Betrayer. During Season 1, Rassimov infiltrated the Organization and orchestrated the fall of the Professor and planted Demigorgan as a Holotome within the Professor's . During season 2, Rassimov revealed his true allegiance.
  • Shauna and Wind: Shauna is a hot-headed Seeker who violently wishes to exterminate the Casterwill family, particularly Sophie. Her silent partner, Wind, has his mouth bound for unknown reasons and uses powerful spells and Titans without uttering a word.
  • Tantras: Tantras is one of the core members of the Blood Spiral, along with Wind and Shauna, under only Rassimov. His task is to recruit and train new members for the Blood Spiral. He both raised and trained Kiel.
  • Kiel and Murdock: Keil was one of Tantras' students and the only one to surpass Tantras' abilities. Obsessed with fire, Kiel was sent on a mission to kill Sophie's parents and was the cause of the arson. Kiel's tracker is Murdock, who uses his abilities and Titans for stealth.
  • Harrison Fears: Harrison and his brother, Den, grew up as outcast orphans where Harrison was the victim of bullying. During season 2, they were approached by the Blood Spiral. Harrison remained, becoming enraged that his brother did not. Zhalia became his bodyguard within the Blood Spiral, eventually resulting in the two reuniting.


Huntik TCG[edit]

A tie-in Huntik trading card game has been developed by Upper Deck.[5]


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