Tai Pao language

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Tai Pao
Tai Hang Tong
"Tai Pao" written in Lai Pao script
Native toVietnam
Native speakers
(ca. 13,000 cited 1995 census – 2002)[1]
Lai Pao script
Language codes
ISO 639-3tpo

Tai Pao, known in Vietnamese sources as Tai Hang Tong (Hàng Tổng), is a Tai language of Vietnam and Laos. In Laos, it is spoken in Khamkeut District, Pakkading District, and Viengthong District of Bolikhamxai Province. Two dialects of Tai Hang Tong are distinguished: Tai Pao and Tai Yo.[2]

Lai Pao script[edit]

The Tai Hang Tong in Mường Khương, Nghệ An Province preserve a unique script called Lai Pao or Lai Paw. Since 2006, the preservation of Lai Pao script was made possible by conservation works of Michel Ferlus.[3]


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