Indian Rugby Football Union

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Indian Rugby Football Union
Indian Rugby Logo.jpg
Sport Rugby union
Founded 1968
WR affiliation 1999
President India Pramod Khanna

Indian Rugby Football Union (Hindi: भारतीय रग्बी फुटबॉल संघ) is the governing body for rugby union in India. It was founded in 1968 and became affiliated to the International Rugby Board now World Rugby in 1999.

IRFU administers all India national teams: senior men's and women's teams, sevens teams for both men and women, and under-20 national teams for both sexes.


Currently South African Norman Laker is the coach of the India national rugby union team.


Rugby Union in India dates back to a scratch match or two played in Kolkata and Madras during the visit of MS Galatea in 1871. The first recorded match was played on Christmas Day 1872, at CFC in Kolkata, it was played between England and a combined team of Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

In 1968 the India Rugby Football Union was founded and in 1999 the IFRU gained association from the International Rugby Board.

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