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Janda Baik is a small village in Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia. Geographically located in the state of Pahang, Malaysia(coord : 3°45′N 102°30′E). About 30 km from Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia. A simple Malay kampong or village with a population of approximately 1000 people. Cool breezing tropical climate of 21 °C(night)to 28 °C(day). A peaceful village surrounded with untouched natural tropical rain forest at altitude of 400–600m above sea level. Idealistic for retreat from the hectic city life of Kuala Lumpur where temperature reaches 34 °C at its peak in daytime.

Janda Baik was explored in the 1960s where plots of land were given to retiring Special Constable(SC) as part of their retirement benefit. In those days, Janda Baik had a very humble start (no supply of electric-water). Life was very simple but full of tranquillity. Most early residents earned their living by agricultural activities- small rubber plantations and paddy(oryza sativa)cultivation mainly because Janda Baik is so blessed with rich natural network of rivers.

Janda Baik started gained its popularity after the late Tan Sri Muhammad Ghazali Shafie (former Foreign Affairs Minister of Malaysia) survived the Cessna 206 air crash on 10 January 1982 in Janda Baik. The greatest fear of the Malaysian government at that moment was that a Federal Government's Minister could be captured by communist guerillas. His bodyguard-police officer ASP Charon Daam died of serious head and neck injuries with internal bleeding while Co Pilot-Vergis Chacko died of broken neck.

The Janda Baik has now grown into a popular highland tourism retreat spot where dozens of operators offer homestays and chalets in Malay kampong/village style capitalising its breeze and cool highland climate that is clean and fresh. Janda Baik is also popular due to its close distance to Karak Highway (20 minutes from Genting Sempah) or 40 minutes to drive from Kuala Lumpur.

Janda Baik is connected by road through Karak Highway and old road named Jalan Lama Bentong Kuala Lumpur. This old road is part of the original Federal road. Till to date it is still well maintained by Federal Malaysian government. This old road exist even before the 18th century as the main on-land passage connecting West and East Coast of Peninsular Malaya (Semenanjung Tanah Melayu)-out stretching to Raub-Fraser Hill-Kuala Kubu-Tg Malim/Rawang.

Janda Baik is a tranquil place for weekends and affordable holidays. A nice village breakfast generally could be enjoyed at approximately USD1.50 per person while lunch and dinner would be around USD2.50 per person each. It is a safe place for both domestic and international tourists where many local residents are able to communicate in English. Both cellular phone and internet lines have good coverage. Janda Baik continues to gain popularity among bird watchers, joggers, cyclists etc.

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Coordinates: 3°19′13″N 101°51′51″E / 3.320224°N 101.864082°E / 3.320224; 101.864082