Jesús de Machaca Municipality

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Jesús de Machaca Municipality
Location of the municipality within Ingavi province
Location of the municipality within Ingavi province
Jesús de Machaca Municipality is located in Bolivia
Jesús de Machaca Municipality
Jesús de Machaca Municipality
Location of the Jesús de Machaca Municipality within Bolivia
Coordinates: 16°45′0″S 68°45′0″W / 16.75000°S 68.75000°W / -16.75000; -68.75000Coordinates: 16°45′0″S 68°45′0″W / 16.75000°S 68.75000°W / -16.75000; -68.75000
CountryFlag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia
DepartmentLa Paz Department
ProvinceIngavi Province
SeatJesús de Machaca
 • MayorAdrian Aspi Cosme (2008)
 • PresidentMelicio Llanqui Mita (2008)
 • Total369 sq mi (955 km2)
 • Total13,247

Jesús de Machaca Municipality is the sixth municipal section of the Ingavi Province in the La Paz Department in Bolivia. It was created by Law No. 2351 on May 7, 2002, during the presidency of Jorge Quiroga Ramírez.[1] Its seat is Jesús de Machaca.


Jesús de Machaca lies south of Lake Titicaca. The Chilla-Kimsa Chata mountain range traverses the municipality. Some of the highest mountains of the municipality are listed below:[2][3][4]


The municipality consists of the following ten cantons:[5]

  • Aguallamaya - 1,694 inhabitants (2001)
  • Chama - 1,278 inhabitants
  • Cuipa España de Machaca - 662 inhabitants
  • Jesús de Machaca - 862 inhabitants
  • Kalla Tupac Katari - 2,669 inhabitants
  • Khonkho San Salvador - 755 inhabitants
  • Mejillones de Machaca - 845 inhabitants
  • Santa Ana de Machaca - 363 inhabitants
  • Santo Domingo de Machaca - 588 inhabitants
  • Villa Asunción de Machaca - 3,244 inhabitants

The people[edit]

The people are predominantly indigenous citizens of Aymara descent.[6]

Ethnic group %
Quechua 0.3
Aymara 94.4
Guaraní, Chiquitos, Moxos 0.1
Not indigenous 4.3
Other indigenous groups 0.9

Places of interest[edit]

Some of the tourist attractions of the municipality are:[7]

  • The archaeological site of Qhunqhu Wankani in Jesús de Machaca Canton
  • Jesús de Machaca, an indigenous community
  • Yakayuni saltflats in Jesús de Machaca Canton where salt exploitation is possible
  • Uru Iruito community in Jesús de Machaca Canton and the Urus Iruito museum in Jesús de Machaca

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