Tiwanaku Municipality

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Tiwanaku Municipality
"The Ponce Stela", Tiwanaku,
"The Ponce Stela", Tiwanaku,
Location of the municipality within the Ingavi Province
Location of the municipality within the Ingavi Province
Tiwanaku Municipality is located in Bolivia
Tiwanaku Municipality
Tiwanaku Municipality
Location of the Tiwanaku Municipality within Bolivia
Coordinates: 16°35′0″S 68°40′0″W / 16.58333°S 68.66667°W / -16.58333; -68.66667Coordinates: 16°35′0″S 68°40′0″W / 16.58333°S 68.66667°W / -16.58333; -68.66667
CountryFlag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia
DepartmentLa Paz Department
ProvinceIngavi Province
FoundationNovember 22, 1947
SeatTiwanaku (village)
 • MayorEulogia Quispe Cabrera (2008)
 • PresidentLaureano Coronel Quispe (2008)
 • Total134 sq mi (347 km2)
12,800 ft (3,900 m)
 • Total11,309

Tiwanaku Municipality is the third municipal section of the Ingavi Province in the La Paz Department, Bolivia. Its seat is the village of Tiwanaku located near the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tiwanaku.


The municipality is divided into three cantons. They are (their seats in parentheses):

  • Huacullani - (Huacullani)
  • Pillapi San Agustín - (Pillapi San Agustín)
  • Tiwanaku - (Tiwanaku village)

The people[edit]

The people are predominantly indigenous citizens of Aymara descent.[1]

Ethnic group %
Quechua 0.4
Aymara 96.1
Guaraní, Chiquitos, Moxos 0.1
Not indigenous 3.3
Other indigenous groups 0.0

Some data:

Census 1992 2001
Inhabitants 9,477 11,309
Rural 9,477 11,309
Urban 0 0
Total fertility rate 6.8 4.7
Infant mortality 77.1 72.2
Net migration rate n -12.6


The languages spoken in the Tiwanaku Municipality are mainly Aymara and Spanish.

Language Inhabitants
Quechua 76
Aymara 10,154
Guaraní 4
Another native 41
Spanish 6,899
Foreign 28
Only native 3,913
Native and Spanish 6,261
Only Spanish 640

Tourist attractions[edit]

Some of the tourist attractions of the municipality are:[2]

  • the archaeological site of Tiwanaku in the Tiwanaku Canton
  • Saint Peter church in Tiwanaku
  • Willkakuti, the Andean-Amazonic New Year, celebrated on June 21 of every year in the viewpoint of Kimsa Chata mountain in the Tiwanaku Canton
  • Tiwanaku festivity (Señor de la Exaltación) celebrated in the Tiwanaku Canton in September

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