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Junius Ho Kwan-yiu
JuniusHo20180425 (cropped).jpg
Member of the Legislative Council
Assumed office
1 October 2016
Preceded byAlbert Chan
ConstituencyNew Territories West
Member of the Tuen Mun District Council
Assumed office
1 January 2016
Preceded byAlbert Ho
ConstituencyLok Tsui
Personal details
Born (1962-06-04) 4 June 1962 (age 57)
Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
NationalityHong Kong Chinese
Spouse(s)Cecilia Chan
ResidenceNgau Tam Mei, New Territories
Alma materQueen's College, Hong Kong

Junius Kwan-yiu Ho (Chinese: 何君堯; born 4 June 1962) is a Hong Kong lawyer and politician. He is a former president of the Law Society of Hong Kong and chairman of the Tuen Mun Rural Committee, and has been an elected member of the Tuen Mun District Council since 2015. He is a member of the Pro-Beijing camp.

Early life[edit]

Ho came from a family of village leaders. He grew up in the old site of Leung Tin Village (Chinese: 良田村) in Tuen Mun. He is a 32nd-generation descendant of his Hakka clan, which can be traced back to the 10th century.[1]

Ho attended Queen's College Hong Kong from 1975 to 1979, after which he went to the United Kingdom, where he enrolled at Chelmer Institute of Higher Education (now Anglia Ruskin University) and obtained his bachelor of laws degree in 1984. Ho joined a post-graduate programme at the University of Hong Kong in 1984 and obtained his mandatory practising qualification, the postgraduate certificate in laws (PCLL) in 1986.[1]

Legal career[edit]

After gaining his qualifications he was admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong in 1988 and claimed to be similarly admitted in Singapore and England and Wales in 1995 and 1997.[2] His qualifications caused controversy in 2017 when it was reported that Ho is not admitted in England and Wales, where he claimed to be admitted, according to the Solicitors Regulation Authority.[3] He is the senior partner of a law firm in Hong Kong and a principal representative of a law firm in Guangzhou. His major practice field is civil litigation, specialising in shareholders' disputes and family disputes. He was appointed a China-Appointed Attesting Officer in 2003.[4]

He became the vice-president of the Law Society of Hong Kong in June 2005 and was elected president for a one-year term in May 2011, after which he has served as a council member.[5]

Honorary award at Anglia Ruskin University[edit]

In 2011, Junius Ho was bestowed with an Honorary Doctor of Laws by Anglia Ruskin University, with the university describing him as an "outstanding ambassador".[6][7] After the 2019 Yuen Long Attack, a petition was launched urging Anglia Ruskin University to reconsider the honorary award, and the university was notified after the petition reached 500 signatures on 25th July 2019.[8] On 26 October, the British life peer and former MP Lord Alton published a letter addressed to the vice-chancellor of Anglia Ruskin University, asking the university to consider removing Ho's honorary doctorate, citing examples of "misogyny", "extremism" and "racism".[9][10]

On 28 October 2019, Anglia Ruskin University withdrew Ho's honorary degree following an investigation, with a statement from the university noting, "Mr Ho's conduct since he was honoured has caused increasing concern".[8][11]

Political career[edit]

Ho first contested a Legislative Council election in 2008, running against Civic Party's Margaret Ng in the Legal functional constituency. He was defeated, receiving 1,286 votes, about 34 percent of the vote.[12]

Ho was elected as Chairman of Tuen Mun Rural Committee in 2011, ousting the long-time chairman and most powerful rural leader Lau Wong-fat, chairman of the Heung Yee Kuk. In that capacity, he became an ex officio member of the Tuen Mun District Council. He served as the rural committee chairman until 2015.[citation needed] He was a candidate in the Legislative Council election in New Territories West in September 2012, where he received 10,805 votes, about two per cent of total vote share and was not elected.[13]

Ho was appointed to Lingnan University council by Chief Executive of Hong Kong Leung Chun-ying in October 2015.[14] Students staged a protest against the appointment over fears of political interference in university governance.[15]

In the 2015 District Council elections, Junius Ho defeated Albert Ho of the Democratic Party in the latter's long-held Lok Tsui seat in a six-way contest by a narrow margin of 277 votes, as the pro-democracy votes were split between Albert Ho and Cheng Chung-tai of Civic Passion.[16] Ho ran again in the 2016 Legislative Council election, in New Territories West, where he was reportedly backed by the Central People's Government's Liaison Office in Hong Kong. During the election, Ho and his supporters were allegedly involved in the withdrawal of candidacy of Liberal Party candidate Ken Chow Wing-kan. Chow claimed he had been intimidated.[17] Ho was elected with 35,657 votes, winning the last of nine seats in the constituency.

In May 2017, pro-democracy lawyer Kevin Yam published an article urging solicitors not to vote for Junius Ho in the election for the governing council of the Law Society of Hong Kong. Ho sued for defamation but failed to be re-elected, securing only 572 of 8,148 votes, coming last.[18]

Tuen Mun knife attack[edit]

On November 6 2019, in preparation for the 2019 Hong Kong local elections, Junius Ho ran a campaign event in Tuen Mun. He was approached by a man posing as a supporter, who then attacked him with a knife-like object that left him bleeding in the chest. The attacker was shortly subdued. Ho was hospitalized thereafter.[19][20][21]


Same-sex marriage[edit]

Ho has made several controversial statements regarding issues related to homosexuality. In late April 2017, following a lawsuit on government benefits for civil workers who are in a same-sex relationship, Ho said that legalisation of same-sex marriage in Hong Kong would lead to acceptance of bestiality and incest.[22]

Fellow LegCo member Raymond Chan Chi-chuen, who is openly gay, condemned Ho's comments, and said those who sincerely hold such thoughts should seek professional help.[22] Holden Chow, also a member of LegCo, also criticised Ho's remarks, stating that he did not need to be so extreme in his comments.[22] Prominent lawyer, Kevin Yam, criticised Ho's linking of bestiality with homosexuality as "a vile form of homophobia", while Ho riposted that his remarks were taken out of context and that criticism was a personal attack on him because of his political views.[23][24]

In May 2017, Ho said that a ruling granting marriage benefits to a gay civil servant could lead to "chaos in society" and co-signed a petition asking the government to appeal the decision.[25]

In April 2018, Ho became the only legislator to vote against the appointments of foreign judges Brenda Hale and Beverley McLachlin to the Court of Final Appeal over their support of same-sex rights, claiming the two opposed traditional "family values".[26]

Tiananmen square protests memorialization motion[edit]

On June 2017, Junius Ho became the only pro-Bejing lawmaker to vote in favour of a motion to memorialize the June 4, 1989 massacre of Tiananmen Square protestors at the Legislative Council. He expressed sympathy for the Chinese students before the People’s Liberation Army crackdown.[27]

However, Ho also criticized pro-democracy legislators for describing the government of mainland China as 'cold-blooded'. Eddie Chu criticized Ho's position as unclear and absurd, and compared him to Yuan Mu, a Chinese politician who in an interview with Tom Brokaw in 1989 claimed that there were no casualties during the crackdown in Tiananmen Square.[28]

Opposition to Occupy Central with Love and Peace[edit]

Ho was a leading critic of legal scholar Benny Tai's Occupy Central with Love and Peace which suggested a full-scale occupation protest in the form of civil disobedience to press the Beijing government to make concessions on electoral reform. He set up an anti-Occupy group called "Protect Central" which he said would resist the Occupy campaign.[29]

In August 2017, Ho called for the removal of Tai, who was then facing charges of inciting others to incite public nuisance, from working at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). Vice-Chancellor Peter Mathieson and council chairman Arthur Li rejected the call. Ho submitted a petition, appearing to have the support of over 80,000, urging the university to investigate Tai and organised a rally on 17 September calling for his removal.[30][31] [32] Ho acknowledged that the number of people digitally signing the petition was unverifiable. [33] As to the legality of the rally, Ronny Tong Ka-wah pointed out that the Public Order Ordinance may have been violated.[34]

Comments on Hong Kong independence supporters[edit]

In September 2017, Ho said supporters of Hong Kong independence ought to be "killed mercilessly". He made the comment at a rally which he organised to demand that the University of Hong Kong fire Benny Tai. He stated that it was "not a big deal to kill pigs or dogs", and also appeared on a Commercial Radio programme, where he said of pro-independence activists, "Why shouldn’t these people be killed?" In response to backlash over these remarks, Ho said "If we’re talking about Hong Kong independence, that means war. What’s wrong with killing enemies in a war?"[35] Ho's remarks were condemned by figures on all sides of the political spectrum. Senior Counsel Ronny Tong said that Ho's comments may have violated the Public Order Ordinance. Chief executive Carrie Lam alluded to Ho's comments when she stated on 19 September that "unacceptably cruel, insulting and intimidating comments" had no place in a civilised society.[36] Executive Council member Regina Ip called Ho's remarks "stupid", and continued, "It will do our country no good to have stupid 'patriots', including possibly quite a few hired to become 'patriots'."[37] The 22 lawmakers from the pro-democracy camp issued a joint statement condemning Ho’s remarks, which read in part: "Ho, as a legislator and lawyer, expressed hate speech involving murder at a public event, crossing the bottom lines of free speech and morality and severely breaching professional conduct."[38]

Ho maintained that he was expressing his contempt at the pro-independence movement, and said that the journalists should not take his words out of context.[35]

Lawyer qualification dispute[edit]

In September 2017 during the controversy caused by Ho's "killed mercilessly" comment, there was controversy concerning his legal qualifications in England and Wales, and Singapore, as a letter responding to a complainant regarding to Ho's controversial remarks as a solicitor by the Solicitors Regulation Authority writes that Ho's name does not exist in the authority's record. “According to our records, Mr. Ho is not a solicitor and is not admitted in England and Wales." Ho stated in his election pamphlet for the Legislative Council election in 2016 that he was a "solicitor in Singapore, and England and Wales".

Ho responded to that by explaining that he had obtained the right to practise, but did not practise in the UK.[3]. However, the U.K's Solicitors Regulation Authority is the only authority in the U.K. who admit solicitors, and Ho does not appear in their records. [39]

Candidate Harassment in 2016 LegCo Election[edit]

On August 25, 2016, during the 2016 Hong Kong Legislative Council elections, Ken Chow Wing-kan [zh], a Liberal Party candidate that ran in New Territories West, the same constituency as Junius, announced the suspension of his campaign. He stated "I do not want the important people around me to get into even greater trouble, or pay a price". Chow revealed that he had received recordings that suggested threats against him from Ho's party, who was competing in the same district for the Legislative Council seat. The media later obtained and broadcast two recordings. In the clips, a man's voice states that "We will amass twenty to thirty people at the event to target Chow Wing-kan until he loses all focus in the election forum. After the pursuit, we will put back on Ho's vest and support Ho on the scene."[40][41][42]

On the following day, Junius called a press conference and admitted the man heard in the audio clips was a member working for Junius' election campaign, but emphasized that the 'pursuit' was not executed.[43]

2018 Fanling farmland conflict of interest[edit]

On April 25, 2018, HK01 reported that Ho's family business holds the ownership of 120,000 square feet of farmland southwest of Fanling Golf Course. The occupant of the farmland claimed that the farmland is owned by Junius. Ho had voted against a motion to request the government to seize the golf course for housing redevelopment, but did not report his interests in the farmland. Ho responded that "it is not strange to forget to report", and also claimed that as the motion did not impact his family business, reporting his interests was not required.[44]

The report says that Junius Ho is the director of Po Tung Loan and Land Investment Limited. An offshore company, Profit Trade, owns 99.99% of this company, with its shareholders unknown. Profit Trade also holds ownership of Ho's current residence - a mansion in The Vineyard [zh], Yuen Long. Junius admitted to the ownership of Po Tung Loan and Land Investment, as well as ownership of the farmland. As to why he had never filed a disclosure of conflict of interest, he claimed it needed further review.[45][46]

2018 Sham Shui Po apartment conflict of interest[edit]

On May 2, 2018, HK01 reported a second case of Ho's failure to disclose conflict of interest as an official elected member of the Legislative Council. The report claimed that Ho's offshore company, Profit Trade, and a company co-owned by Ho and his wife Cecilia Chan, Lucky Leader Company Limited, jointly held the ownership to an old apartment unit in Sham Shui Po. Henderson Land Development initially registered for Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment, of the apartment but later changed to purchase the unit for $19,620,000 HKD, which was up to four times the appraised price. Lucky Leader profited by 12 times the original purchase price. The two parties closed the deal on September 2016, after Ho assumed the role as a Legislative Council member. Democratic Party legislator Andrew Wan filed a complaint against Ho based on the Sham Shui Po and Fanling controversies, claiming that Ho had possibly violated the Legislative Council's Rules of Procedure regarding conflict of interests.[47]

Ho later admitted that Profit Trade had ownership of his family assets, but refused to declare his share of ownership and interests in the company, and never disclosed his associations to neither Profit Trade nor Lucky Leader. [48]

As part of the 2019 Hong Kong protests[edit]

Yuen Long attack[edit]

On 21 July 2019, against the backdrop of protests against the China extradition bill on Hong Kong Island, hundreds of men dressed in white t-shirts, who were allegedly members of triads, attacked railway passengers with sticks and other weapons at the MTR Yuen Long station.[49][50] On the same night, Ho was filmed reportedly supporting and congratulating the attackers, commenting that "all of you are my heroes" and giving a thumbs-up gesture.[51] Ho claimed that he was simply greeting one of his supporters, and said it was "normal". He also praised the attackers for "safeguarding" their district[52][53] who should be "pardoned for defending their homes".[54] On 22 July 2019 Ho's constituency shopfront in Tsuen Fung Centre, Tsuen Wan, was turned into a Lennon Wall before being ransacked later in the day.[55] The following day his Tuen Mun office also attracted protests.[56]

On 23 July 2019, Ho appeared on an RTHK televised forum alongside fellow New Territories West constituency representative Eddie Chu. Ho said he did not regret shaking hands with the attackers. He called the victims of the Yuen Long attacks "rioters" and claimed they had instigated the violence. He said the mobs were merely "Yuen Long residents" seeking to "protect their homeland". After Chu stated that protesters could not remain calm if the government continued to ignore their requests (e.g. to formally withdraw the extradition bill), Ho called Chu "scum" who "did not deserve to be a lawmaker" while storming offstage, ending the interview.[56][57] Later, when Ho's parents' graves were vandalized, Ho blamed Chu and his supporters for the damage and warned Chu has the option of being on "a path of being alive, one is a path of not being alive." Chu dismissed the 'death threat' and stated that Ho is "trying to mislead his supporters into believing that I am behind the damage to his parents' tomb to incite further political hatred and violence."[58][59]

Over 2,300 teachers, alumni and students from Ho's alma mater Queen's College participated in a signature campaign condemning Ho's alleged involvement in the attack. They urged LegCo members to impeach Ho, and requested Queen's College Old Boys' Association to suspend his membership.[60][56] Similarly, Lingnan University students have started a petition calling for Ho to be removed from the institution's governing council. An online petition requesting that the United States bar Ho from entering the U.S. or acquiring U.S. citizenship achieved over 100,000 signatures.[56]

"Masturbation" comment[edit]

On August 9 2019, Junius Ho made a post on social media comparing a photo of protesters and pro-democracy legislators to the Hong Kong crime film series Young and Dangerous. A female user commented that he should 'turn himself in' (自首), in reference to his alleged involvement with the 2019 Yuen Long attack; he responded that the commenter should go 'masturbate' (自慰). These comments provoked widespread criticism. Ho eventually deleted the comments but did not make an apology, stating that none will be given. [61][62][63] and the ex-singer Tommy Yuen (阮民安) responded "Puk gaai" to Ho in condemnation.[64]

Attack on Claudia Mo[edit]

During a 2019 Legislative Council meeting, Ho made a remark directed toward fellow Legislative Council member Claudia Mo, stating that she is used to "eating foreign sausage". Mo, who is married to British journalist Philip Bowring, later told the council that the comment was "blatantly sexist, racist and it amounts to sexual harassment."[65] Ho refused to apologise and was expelled from the meeting.[66]

Current positions[edit]

  • Advisory board member of Yan Oi Tong (1997 to present)[67]
  • Chairman of Product Eco-responsibility Appeal Board Panel[68]
  • Indigenous Village Representative of Leung Tin Tsuen[69]
  • Chairman of Tuen Mun Rural Committee

Personal life[edit]

Ho and his wife Cecilia Chen (陳浩明) have two sons and a daughter. [70] [71] Ho's family are New Territories landowners benefiting from the Small House Policy. He owns two horses, Alex Flyer (天祿) [72] and Hong Kong Bet (青山之寶) that race at the The Hong Kong Jockey Club. [73] The graves of Ho's parents were vandalized during the 2019 Hong Kong protests, which is believed to be due to his alleged association with the Yuen Long attacks,[74] [75] though the identity of the perpetrators remain unknown.[76]

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