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VR station
Karjaan rautatieasema.jpg
Location Alingsåsgatan 37, 10300 Karis
Owned by Finnish Transport Agency
Line(s) Y, long-distance and Hanko local trains
Platforms 3
Structure type ground station
Disabled access 2

Karis (Swedish) or Karjaa (Finnish) is a railway station in the town of Raseborg (Raasepori) in the Uusimaa region, Finland. The station is located along the track between Helsinki and Turku, and serves as a connection point between three different tracks: the main track between Helsinki and Turku, a branch track to the city of Hanko, and a former privately owned track between Karis and Hyvinkää, currently largely disused.

The Karis railway station is located 87 km west from the Helsinki Central railway station, and all passenger trains between Helsinki and Turku stop there. The station is also the westernmost terminus of Helsinki commuter rail. It also serves cargo traffic.


The Karis railway station was founded to serve a privately owned track between Hanko and Hyvinkää, and taken into use in 1873. After a few years, the privately owned track had only made a loss, and the station was transferred over to the Finnish state.

The station became a crossing point in 1899, when the track between Karis and Turku was opened. The track between Karis and Pasila was opened in 1903.

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Terminus Karis-Hanko
toward Hanko

Coordinates: 60°04′07″N 23°39′41″E / 60.06861°N 23.66139°E / 60.06861; 23.66139