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VR station
Siuntion asema.jpg
Location Ratapihantie, 02580 Siuntio
Coordinates 60°08′27″N 24°13′21″E / 60.14083°N 24.22250°E / 60.14083; 24.22250Coordinates: 60°08′27″N 24°13′21″E / 60.14083°N 24.22250°E / 60.14083; 24.22250
Owned by Finnish Transport Agency
Line(s) Y
Platforms 2
Structure type ground station
Preceding station   VR commuter rail   Following station
Y Terminus

Siuntio railway station (Finnish: Siuntion rautatieasema, Swedish: Sjundeå järnvägsstation) is a railway station in the municipality of Siuntio, Finland, between the stations of Kirkkonummi and Ingå. Only Y trains of the Helsinki commuter rail stop at Siuntio.

The station building, nowadays retired and serving as a café and a private apartment, was built from 1898 to 1899 by a design by the architect Bruno Granholm.


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