Koah HaKesef

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Koah HaKesef
כח הכסף
Leader Aliezer Levinger
Founded 2006
Split from Hahityashvut party
Election symbol

Koah HaKesef (Hebrew: כוח הכסף‎‎, lit. Power of Money), formerly known as The Party for the War against Banks (Hebrew: המפלגה למלחמה בבנקים‎‎, HaMiflaga LeMilhama BeBankim) or HaLev (Hebrew: הלב) was a minor political party in Israel. Its goal was to reduce damages that the banks are causing to the public by legislation.


The party was established as the Settlement Party (Hebrew: מפלגת ההתיישבות‎‎, Miflaget HaHityasvut) in 1996 following economic crises in many kibbutzim. However, following a deal signed in the same year between the government, the Kibbutz Movement and the banks, the party's activity ceased.

In 2006 the party was re-established again, and ran in the elections that year, claiming that the banks were causing poverty, and exploiting citizens. However, it won only 2,163 votes (0.07%), well below the electoral threshold of 2%. In the 2009 elections it again failed to pass the threshold.


  • Minimization of the damages that the banks are causing to the public by legislation.
  • Allowing the citizens to sue the banks.
  • Demanding changes in the economic policy so it will be for the good of the state and not for the good of the banks.
  • Supporting anchoring "cooling off period" law that civil servants, who dealt with financial affairs, will not be allowed to work in banks for at least ten years.

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