Kolob Canyons

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Kolob Canyons
View in the Kolob Canyons

Kolob Canyons is the northwest section of Zion National Park of Utah, United States. The Kolob Canyons are part of the Colorado Plateau region of the park and are noted for their colorful beauty and diverse landscape. This part of Zion National Park is accessed by a park road about 20 miles south of Cedar City, Utah off Interstate 15.

In 1847, Mormon farmers from the Salt Lake area became the first people of European descent to settle the Virgin River region.[1] In 1851, the Parowan and Cedar City, Utah areas were settled by Mormons who used the Kolob Canyons area for timber, and for grazing cattle, sheep, and horses.[2] They prospected for mineral deposits, and diverted Kolob water to irrigate crops in the valley below. Mormon settlers named the area Kolob—in Mormon scripture, the nearest star to the planet where God resides.[3][4]

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