Lake Beatrice

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Lake Beatrice
Location West Coast, Tasmania
Coordinates 42°00′S 145°32′E / 42.000°S 145.533°E / -42.000; 145.533Coordinates: 42°00′S 145°32′E / 42.000°S 145.533°E / -42.000; 145.533
Type Natural Lake
Basin countries Australia

Lake Beatrice (42°00′S 145°32′E / 42.000°S 145.533°E / -42.000; 145.533) is a natural lake on the lower eastern side of Mount Sedgwick in the West Coast Range of Western Tasmania.

Being higher in altitude, is not visible from the level that Lake Burbury is at, but can be seen either from the air, or the higher slopes of the eastern part of Mount Lyell

It was a reference point for the never built Great Western Railway that was considered at the end of the nineteenth century [1]

The name of the lake and adjacent ground is tied into exploration leases held in the area [2]

The Lake Beatrice Conservation area starts in the location of Lake Beatrice and continues north to Lake Huntley and lake Rolleston, it is bordered on either side by the Tyndall Regional Reserve [3][4]

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