Linda, Tasmania

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Royal Hotel, Linda.jpg
The Royal Hotel at Linda finally closed in the 1950s
Linda is located in Tasmania
Coordinates42°03′50″S 145°36′10″E / 42.06389°S 145.60278°E / -42.06389; 145.60278Coordinates: 42°03′50″S 145°36′10″E / 42.06389°S 145.60278°E / -42.06389; 145.60278

Linda is the site of an old ghost town in the Linda Valley in the West Coast Range of Tasmania, Australia. It has also been known as Linda Valley.

North Mount Lyell[edit]

There had been a location or community high on the ridge between Mount Owen and Mount Lyell above the Linda Valley to the west known as North Mount Lyell and in Blainey's The Peaks of Lyell, the photograph has the caption "The site of North Lyell town, blasted away to form the modern open cut".[1]

When North Mount Lyell was taken over by Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Company in 1903, Linda was quickly reduced in significance. Eventually most residents moved to either Gormanston, or Queenstown the nearby Mount Lyell towns.


Linda Post Office opened on 18 December 1899 and closed in 1966.[2]

Linda railway station[edit]

Linda railway station[3] was the terminus of the Linda aerial ropeway[4] and the North Mount Lyell Railway when it was in operation.

Ore was taken from the mine to smelters at Crotty (now under the waters of Lake Burbury) then the refined metal taken to a port at Pillinger on the shores of Macquarie Harbour at Kelly Basin.

The remains of the town are now adjacent to the Lyell Highway east of Queenstown.[5]

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