Last Train to Whiskeyville

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Last Train To Whiskeyville
Studio album by Bob & Tom
Released 1988
Genre Comedy
Label Big Mouth Creative Services, Inc.
Producer Tom Griswold
Bob & Tom chronology
A Day at the Race
Last Train To Whiskeyville
It's a New Track Record!

Last Train To Whiskeyville is a comedy album by The Bob & Tom Show, which was first released in December 1988. It is a single CD/cassette which represents original material recorded during their daily radio show (long before syndication) and other studio numbers which had not been previously presented on air.

Track Listings[edit]

Side One
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Cheeks Whiskey" Arnie Whiskey, Frontier Golfer  
2. "Fly's Eyes" Heywood Banks  
3. "Tom's Auntie Gerk Gets Cremated" T.C.  
4. "Lovely Linda" Hyestan Blojovian  
5. "Ice Fishing" Tom Whiskey, Frontier Doctor  
6. "Stranger In My Shorts" Frankie and the Deanos  
7. "The Mystery Phone Call" The Northside Travel Club  
8. "She Got Knocked Up" ELV-EX and The Little Kings  
9. "Elvis: Canadians" Dave Wilson  
10. "At the Zoo and The Gambler" John Fox  
11. "The Dino Song" The Deanos  
12. "America's Bottom Forty" Kasey Kissem  
13. "My Birthday Wish" Tex Blojovian and the Mad Armenians  
14. "Warren's Christmas Carol" Warren Piece  
15. "If Santa Was A Hoosier" The Ricky Rydell Review  
16. "The Real Twelve Days of Christmas" Randy Lubas  
17. "Yes, Virginia, There Is a Tom Griswold" Chick McGee  
Side Two
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "For You Phone Answering Machine" The Northside Travel Club  
2. "The Polar Bear Hunt" Arnie Whiskey, Frontier Golfer  
3. "Ghost Chickens In the Sky" Sean Morey  
4. "Panties" Kristi Lee  
5. "Exit 69" The Love Brothers  
6. "The Snatchdoctor" The Deanos  
7. "Little Bobby Irsay" Duke Tumatoe  
8. "Halloween Four (Touchdown for #29)" The Four Hung-Like Horsemen  
9. "The Celebrity Song" The Mad Armenians  
10. "The Doughboy" Tim Allen  
11. "The Jerry Lewis Blues" Duke and the Nutty Professor  
12. "What's What" Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis, Frontier Idiot  
13. "Tom Griswold was a Ham" Ricky and the Rangers  
14. "Bob Kevoian's Greatest Hits" Nick Aragua  
15. "Busty Belle's Built with Two (A Tribute to those Fabulous Fifties)" Hadji  
16. "Rhandi Ghandi" Randy Montgomery  
17. "The Commercial of the Future" Dan Chopin  
18. "Newstime" Kristi Lee and Chiiiiiick  
19. "Dirty Knees" Deanos and Crofts  
20. "The King Lives (Briefly)" Dave Wilson  
21. "Bob's Shirt" Bob, Tom and Mark Patrick  
22. "Warren's Problem" Warren Piece  
23. "How to Spot an Armenian" Tom Whiskey, Frontier Doctor  
24. "Saddle Up (We're Goin to Whiskeyville)" The Ricky Rydell Review, Featuring The Rump Rangers