Late-November 2005 tornado outbreak

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Late-November 2005 Tornado Outbreak
Morrilton Arkansas Tornado Damage.jpg
Tornado damage near Plumerville, AR from November 27, 2005
Type Tornado outbreak
Duration November 27 – 28, 2005
Tornadoes confirmed 55
Max rating1 F3 tornado
Duration of tornado outbreak2 29 hours, 42 minutes
Damage $7.2 million [1]

1Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale

2Time from first tornado to last tornado

On November 27 and 28, 2005, a substantial outbreak of tornadoes occurred in the Central United States. It was the fourth and final major outbreak of the unusually active month; the other three occurring on the November 6th, 12th and 15th. In addition, the same system produced a major blizzard in the northern and western Great Plains. Overall, the outbreak resulted in two fatalities, one in Missouri and the other in Arkansas.

Confirmed tornadoes[edit]

Confirmed tornadoes by Fujita rating
F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 Total
26 21 6 2 0 0 55

November 27 event[edit]

F# Location County Time (UTC) Path length Damage
F0 N of Marion (1st tornado) Marion unknown unknown Landspout tornado. Remained over open country with no damage.[2]
F0 N of Marion (2nd tornado) Marion unknown unknown Brief tornado with no damage.[3]
F0 N of Marion (3rd tornado) Marion unknown unknown Landspout tornado damaged outbuildings.[4]
F0 NE of Lincolnville Marion unknown unknown Brief tornado with no damage.[5]
F1 SW of Delavan to NW of Olson Morris, Geary unknown unknown Damage occurred on several farmsteads, where several outbuildings were damaged or destroyed. Roofing material from one building was stuck in a fence a mile away to the north.[6]
F0 W of Wilsey Morris unknown unknown Brief tornado with no damage.[7]
F0 S of Chapman Dicksinson unknown unknown Brief tornado with no damage.[8]
F0 SW of Hartford Lyon unknown unknown Caused minor damage to outbuildings on three farms.[9]
F0 NE of Cherryvale Montgomery unknown unknown Brief touchdown with no damage.[10]
F0 N of Parkerville Morris unknown unknown Brief touchdown with no damage.[11]
F1 Fort Riley to W of Ogden Geary, Riley unknown unknown At Fort Riley, 32 homes sustained minor damage at the housing area. Trees, cars, and a cemetery were damaged as well.[12][13]
F0 SE of Junction City Geary unknown unknown Brief touchdown with no damage.[14]
F0 ESE of Junction City Geary unknown unknown Caused minor damage to a hay barn, and also destroyed an indoor horse riding barn. Pieces of the barn landed a half mile away.[15]
F0 Keats Riley unknown unknown Tornado briefly touched down in town, causing minor tree damage.[16]
F0 E of Riley Riley unknown unknown Tornado damaged a barn.[17]
F0 N of Randolph Riley unknown unknown Minor tree damage occurred.[18]
F1 NE of Erie Neosho unknown unknown Tornado damaged homes, outbuildings, and trees.[19]
F0 SE of Elsmore Allen unknown unknown Brief tornado with no damage.
F0 N of Dudenville Jasper unknown unknown Brief tornado with no damage.[20]
F1 SW of Excelsior Springs to N of Lawson Clay, Ray unknown unknown On the west side of Excelsior Springs, a manufacturing plant suffered wall damage and there was a partial roof collapse. The plant's conveyor line was also damaged. Windows were blown out at a car dealership and trees were damaged as well.[21]
F2 S of Gatewood to W of Briar Ripley unknown unknown 1 death - A two-story house was destroyed, resulting in a fatality and two injuries. Two mobile homes were unroofed and many trees were snapped and uprooted.[22]
F0 Maplewood area St. Louis unknown unknown Tornado downed a utility pole, damaged the roof of a restaurant, and tore an air conditioning unit off of another restaurant. Cars were moved and a tractor-trailer was flipped. Windows were blown out at a Walmart as well.[23]
F1 SE of Pottersville Howell unknown unknown A frame house and a mobile home were heavily damaged. Two people were injured.[24]
F1 S of Bluffton to SW of Briggsville Yell unknown unknown Trees were snapped and uprooted, and power lines were downed.[25]
F0 SW of Danville Yell unknown unknown Tornado downed trees and power lines, and tore tin roofing from a chicken house.[26]
F1 SW of Kirby to E of Glenwood Pike unknown unknown Tornado removed the roof of a barn, and damaged or destroyed several chicken houses. A roof was also partially removed from a mobile home. Numerous trees were downed as well.[27]
F1 SW of Welsh Montgomery unknown unknown Damage was limited to trees.[28]
F1 NE of Welsh to SW of Crystal Springs Montgomery, Garland unknown unknown Tornado downed trees and power lines. A hay barn was destroyed as well.[29]
F1 N of Bear Garland unknown unknown Tornado snapped trees, and damaged docks and boats at Lake Ouachita.[30]
F2 SE of Bonnerdale to SE of Mountain Pine Hot Spring, Garland unknown unknown Tornado rolled a mobile home into a tree near Pearcy, injuring one person. In the same area, several homes had mainly roof damage. The tornado then hit areas on the west side of Lake Hamilton, with structural damage to several homes and docks destroyed. Along the way, numerous trees were uprooted or snapped, with power lines downed.[31]
F1 SE of Chimes to SE of Witts Spring Van Buren, Searcy unknown unknown In Van Buren County, the tornado destroyed a barn, a shop, and a storage shed. A number of power poles and power lines were blown down as well. In Searcy County, the tornado downed trees and power lines, and caused roof damage to several homes.[32]
F1 NW of Jessieville to NW of Paron Garland, Saline unknown unknown The tornado tracked through the Ouachita National Forest, snapping off and blowing down hundreds of trees.[33]
F2 SW of Morrilton to NE of Saint Vincent Conway, Pope unknown unknown Tornado downed numerous trees and power lines, caused roof damage to homes, and destroyed outbuildings. A liquor store was destroyed near Blackwell.[34]
F3 SW of Thornburg to SE of Oppello Perry, Conway unknown unknown Worst damage occurred in the Cherry Hill area. The tornado initially tracked through the Ouachita National Forest where hundreds of trees were either snapped off or blown down. Once emerging from the forest area, the tornado downed 11 large steel transmission towers. As the tornado continued tracking to the northeast, a sawmill was destroyed, along with several houses. Several dozen other houses sustained damage and several mobile homes were overturned. Numerous vehicles were damaged or destroyed, as well as a number of barns and outbuildings. Several chicken houses also sustained damage, and power lines were downed.[35]
F3 SW of Plumerville to E of Springfield Conway unknown unknown 1 death - At the beginning of the path, the tornado crossed Interstate 40 and tossed several vehicles, resulting in a fatality and several injuries. In the same area, a lumber company was badly damaged. The tornado also destroyed a large barn that contained several boats and vehicles. Homes and businesses were heavily damaged or destroyed, and a fire station, numerous barns, outbuildings, and chicken houses were damaged. Mobile homes were overturned as well. There were hundreds of trees, power lines and power poles downed along the path. 8 people were injured.[36]
F1 SE of Buford to SE of Mountain Home Baxter unknown unknown A barn roof was damaged and an outbuilding was destroyed. Trees were damaged as well.[37]
F2 NE of Springfield to NE of Bee Branch Conway, Faulkner, Van Buren unknown unknown In Conway County, the tornado tore roofs off of homes, and a couple of mobile homes were destroyed. About 3 miles northeast of Springfield, a collision repair and auto customizing shop was destroyed. A nearby mobile home was thrown into the business. Damage in Faulkner County was limited to trees and roofs. In Van Buren County, numerous barns and outbuildings either damaged or destroyed. A number of cars were damaged, and a few were overturned. Several mobile homes were damaged or destroyed as well. Numerous trees, power poles and power lines were also knocked down along the path.[38]
F1 S of Williams Junction to SW of Roland Perry, Pulaski unknown unknown An old auto service garage was badly damaged. Numerous trees and power lines were downed as well.[39]
F1 N of Vidette to SE of Caulfield, MO Fulton, Ozark (MO), Howell (MO) unknown unknown Trees, a house, and two barns were damaged.[40]
F1 SW of Shirley Van Buren unknown unknown A few trees were snapped.[41]
F1 S of Wooster to NE of Greenbrier Faulkner unknown unknown Tornado struck Greenbrier, where some outbuildings were destroyed, as was a dugout at a junior high school in Greenbrier. Many trees were blown down as well. Homes and mobile homes were damaged outside of town.[42]
F1 SW of Higden Cleburne unknown unknown Trees were downed and the roof of a mobile home was damaged.[43]
F0 NE of Greenbrier to E of Guy Faulkner unknown unknown Caused minor roof damage to a house and a barn. A couple of small outbuildings were destroyed as well.[44]
F2 SE of Bee Branch to N of Pearson Van Buren, Cleburne unknown unknown Tornado tore the roofs off of several houses and also destroyed a mobile home, a camper, a chicken house, and a few barns and outbuildings. Several other chicken houses were damaged, as well as some vehicles. Hundreds of trees, power lines, and power poles were downed. One person was injured.[45]
F0 E of Prim Cleburne unknown unknown Tornado heavily damaged a barn, tore part of the roof from a chicken house, and downed trees.[46]
F1 NE of Franklin to NE of Saddle Izard, Sharp, Fulton, unknown unknown In Izard County, the tornado overturned two mobile homes, as well as a travel trailer. Several homes sustained roof damage. A pontoon boat was overturned and another was destroyed. In Sharp County, damage was limited to trees. In Fulton County, several barns and outbuildings were damaged, and a few houses also sustained roof damage. Many trees and power lines were downed along the path.[47]
F2 W of Marcella to NE of St. James Stone unknown unknown Tornado tore the porch off of a house and damaged the roof. A roof was removed from a barn with another barn roof damaged. Several homes had roof damage, and a shed was destroyed. Hundreds of trees were downed, with one tree landing on a flatbed truck.[48]
F1 SE of Pangburn White unknown unknown Tornado destroyed a travel trailer and overturned a shed. There was also damage to the roof of a home and to a barn roof. Some trees were downed as well.[49]

November 28 event[edit]

F# Location County Time (UTC) Path length Damage
F0 SE of Louisiana West Carroll unknown unknown Tornado blew a section of tin roof off a shop. The tin was blown into the tops of trees where several limbs were broken off. Additionally, 1 home had shingles blown off the roof.[50]
F0 Glen Allan Washington unknown unknown Tornado blew a small piece of the roof off a church, damaged the back porch of a house, and downed a few trees.[51]
F0 N of Graysville Jefferson unknown unknown A few trees were blown down. One home received roof damage and the front porch was destroyed. Debris was scattered 200 to 300 yards away. One other building sustained minor damage. A large fifth wheel trailer weighing about 3,000 pounds was moved over 20 feet.[52]
F0 NW of Hueytown Jefferson unknown unknown Several trees and large limbs were blown down along the path. Several sheds were overturned, a satellite dish was damaged and at least 5 homes sustained roof damage.[53]
F0 NW of Selma Dallas unknown unknown Numerous large trees were snapped off and uprooted. A few homes and mobile homes sustained shingle damage. One large tree fell on a home and caused damage, and a mobile home was pushed off of its foundation. Several sheds or out-buildings sustained moderate damage as well.[54]
F0 W of Autaugaville Autauga unknown unknown Numerous large trees were snapped off and uprooted, and a garage attached to a mobile home was blown away. At another location, vinyl siding was blown off a house and a fence was blown down. One shed was totally destroyed, and some tin was peeled off of a steel building.[55]
F0 N of Wetumpka Elmore unknown unknown A few trees were snapped.[56]
F1 SW of Equality Coosa unknown unknown One home sustained roof damage and a pool shed was destroyed. Several pine trees were snapped as well.[57]

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