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Leader Yisrael Twito
Founder Yisrael Twito
Election symbol

Lehem (Hebrew: לחם or לח"ם‎‎, lit. Bread but also an acronym for Lohamey Hevra Meuhadim (Hebrew: לוחמי חברה מאוחדים), lit. United Society Warriors) was a political party in Israel.

Background and ideology[edit]

Lehem was founded by former Likud member Yisrael Twito after he was forced into poverty and made homeless[citation needed].

The party seeks to expose government corruption and increase the related punishments, and proposes opening investigations into the disappearance of public funds. It also proposes cutting the wages of senior civil servants and MKs and allowing technocrats to manage the state budget. In addition, the party aims to implement stricter legislation on issues concerning debt collection, the banking sector and the immigration authorities.


The party ran in the 2006 election, but won only 1,381 votes out of 3.2 million (0.04% of the total). As a result, the party was nowhere near passing the 2% threshold required to enter the Knesset. In the 2009 election as well, Lehem failed to pass the threshold, gaining a mere 611 votes (the fewest of any party participating in the election).

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