Sub-Central line

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Sub-Central line
CRH6A-0438@BJX (20180106191940).jpg
Train of the Sub-Central Line after arrival at Beijing West Railway Station
Other name(s) S1 (planned name)
Line S1
Fuzhongxin Line
Type Commuter rail
System BCR
Status Operational
Termini Beijing West
Stations 4
Opened 31 December 2017
Owner Beijing Suburban Railway
Operator(s) Beijing Suburban Railway
Rolling stock CRH6
Line length 29.6 km (18.4 mi)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

Sub-Central Line (Chinese: 城市副中心线; pinyin: Chéngshì Fù Zhōngxīn Xiàn) is a line of Beijing Suburban Railway (BCR). It runs from Beijing West station in Fengtai to Tongzhou station in Tongzhou. It provides faster, more frequent and convenient service to reach Beijing's sub-administrative center in Tongzhou from central Beijing. The line is currently 29.6 km (18.4 mi) in length with four stations and one additional station is planned to reach Yamenkou.[1]It is opened on 31 December 2017.


Station Name Connections Distance
Location Section
English Chinese
Yamenkou 衙门口 -9.2 -9.2 Shijingshan Jingguang railway
BXP Beijing West
北京西 Beijing Subway  7   9  0.00 0.00 Fengtai Beijing underground railway
BJP Beijing 北京 Beijing Subway  2  9.15 9.15 Dongcheng
BOP Beijing East
北京东 5.06 14.21 Chaoyang Jingha railway
TOP Tongzhou 通州 15.39 29.60 Tongzhou


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