Line S1, BCR

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Line S1, BCR
Beijing Subway icon.svg
Type Commuter Maglev
System BCR
Status Under Construction
Termini Shimenying
Operator(s) Beijing Railway Bureau
Line length 18.869 kilometres (11.725 mi)
Operating speed 110 km/h (68 mph)

Line S1 (Chinese: S1线; pinyin: S Yī Xiàn) or Mentougou Line (Chinese: 门头沟线; pinyin: Méntóugōu Xiàn) formerly known as Datai Line (Chinese: 大台线; pinyin: Dàtái Xiàn), or Beijing Maglev Trains (Chinese: 北京低速磁悬浮; pinyin: Běijīng Dīsù Cíxuánfú) is a magnetic levitation train currently under construction. It will be operated by the Beijing Suburban Railway. Line S1 of BCR will start from the Dinghuiqiao North Number Five Road on the West Fourth Ring Road, and will go west towards Mentougou.[1] Reports in July 2014 say the line will commence operation in November or December 2015.[2] Once completed, it will be China's 2nd commercial maglev train in operation.[3]

Trains will use the low and middle speed magnetic levitation technology which can give a top speed of 105 kilometers per hour.[4][5]

A report in February 2013 said all preparatory work was complete and construction would commence "once the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) grants its approval."[6]

The line is part of Beijing's attempts to tackle environmental problems caused by heavy car use, coal burning and fast urbanisation. Another reason is that many cities are reportedly upgrading their urban rail systems and introducing green technologies. The maglev train produces zero emissions unlike conventional trains that run on diesel or coal.[3][dubious ]

Six coach maglev trains will be built by the China CNR Corporation, making it the first domestically built Chinese maglev train. [3]


Station Name
Station Name
Shimenying 石门营 Mentougou
Xiaoyuan 小园
Beijing Municipal Bureau of Mine 矿务局
Shang'ancun 上岸村
Shilonglu 石龙路
Sidaoqiao 四道桥
Shougang 首钢 Shijingshan
Pingguoyuan 苹果园      Line 1


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