List of Coronation Street characters (1982)

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Caroline Clegg[edit]

Caroline Clegg
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Elaine Donnelly (1982)
Sarah Thurstan (1995, 2002)
Duration 1982, 1995, 2002
First appearance 11 January 1982
Last appearance 10 June 2002
Introduced by Bill Podmore (1982)
Jane MacNaught (2002)
Classification Former; guest
Home Wimbledon

Caroline Clegg (née Wilson) is the wife of Gordon Clegg. Caroline and Gordon had met in 1982, and got engaged. Gordon introduced Caroline to his mother Betty Turpin. Betty took a shine to Caroline, although felt Gordon was rushing into things. Nevertherless, they got married later on, although it was a quick registry office affair and Betty was not told about it until after it happened. In 1985, their son Peter was born. In 1995, Caroline attended Betty's wedding to Billy Williams alongside Gordon and Peter. Seven years later in 2002, they attended the retirement party for Betty at the Rovers Return where she had been an employee since 1969. Caroline was not pleased when Gordon offered for Betty to come and stay with them in London. Betty moved in with them but soon felt isolated and unwanted. She left to return to her home in Weatherfield. When Betty died in 2012, Caroline did not attend the funeral with Gordon for unknown reasons.

Sharon Bentley[edit]

Sharon Bentley
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Tracie Bennett
Duration 1982–1984, 1999
First appearance 1 March 1982
Last appearance 24 November 1999
Classification Former; regular
Home Bolton

Sharon Bentley (née Gaskell) is a fictional character in the UK television ITV soap opera, Coronation Street. Portrayed by actor Tracie Bennett, the character first appeared onscreen during the episode airing on 1 March 1982 and remained until her departure on 4 January 1984, only to make a brief comeback in November 1999.


Sharon Gaskell was born on 22 March 1965. In March 1982, Sharon was in foster care and was due to go to long-term foster parents, the Boltons in May. In the meantime, she was fostered by Len and Rita Fairclough in Weatherfield. She enjoyed her stay initially, coming to see Len and Rita as parents, but she fell out with Len when they argued at her 17th birthday party. Len caught Sharon's boyfriend, Steve Dunthorne, trying to lead her upstairs and her brother, Wayne, showed up and caused trouble as the pair had a difficult relationship. Len forbade Sharon and Steve from sleeping together. Sharon liked the Faircloughs and, on meeting the Boltons, decided that they were too posh and returned to Coronation Street, wanting to stay with Len and Rita until she was eighteen. Donald Worthington from the agency was against this but bowed to Sharon's wishes as Len and Rita were equally keen for Sharon to stay with them. While staying with the Faircloughs, Sharon lent Len a hand at the Builder's Yard, surprising him with her carpentry skills. She helped him rebuild No.7, which he intended to sell but Sharon and Rita persuaded him to sell No. 9 instead and moved into the newer house.

In September, Sharon fell for Brian Tilsley and started pursuing him, despite the fact he was married. Brian noticed her interest but was faithful to Gail and although, he did not encourage Sharon, he did not put her straight either, enjoying the attention. When Sharon heard Brian was looking for a babysitter for Nicky, she used the opportunity to get close to him and Gail agreed. On Brian's birthday, Sharon gave him a keyring, making Brian finally set her straight but she ignored him and stole a photograph. Gail saw them fighting over this but dismissed Sharon's feelings as a silly teenage crush and asked Rita to have a word with her. Sharon, however, claimed that she and Brian were in love and that Brian had initiated it. They nearly fell out when Rita slapped Sharon after Sharon called her a hypocrite as she'd lived with Harry Bates. Sharon refused to believe that Brian did not love her until he told him himself and it was agreed that Sharon should not see Brian any more. Later that year, Social Services found Sharon a job as kennel maid in Sheffield, living with the Stringers. Len offered her an apprenticeship at the yard so she could stay in Weatherfield but Sharon refused, feeling she needed a new start.

Sharon returned to the Street in December 1983 after hearing about Len's death in a road accident. There, she caught Curly Watts's eye. She was embarrassed when Curly read out a poem about his feelings for her but agreed to go out with him. On their date, they ran into Terry Duckworth (who Sharon fancied) and Sharon ditched Curly to go to a UB40 concert with Terry. Sharon returned to Sheffield the next day.

Fifteen years later Sharon returned to Weatherfield to invite Rita to her wedding. She was engaged to Ian Bentley, a sales representative, and Rita persuaded Sharon to get married in Weatherfield. Sharon made friends with Sally Webster who; like Sharon, had a close relationship with Rita. Unfortunately, Ian began an affair with the recently widowed Natalie Barnes, despite her reputation as a homewrecker following an affair with Kevin Webster. Sharon found out about the affair but intended to marry Ian regardless, dismissing the affair as one last fling. However, during the service, Sharon called Ian a liar and jilted him. Happy that Sharon decided to stay, Rita offered her a job at the Kabin and Alec Gilroy's old flat, No.12. Sharon happily accepted, despite clashing with Rita's assistant, Leanne Battersby. Much to Leanne's horror, and that of few of Rita's other friends, Rita gave the Kabin to Sharon for her birthday. Rita admitted to Sharon that she was lonely, that was why she offered Sharon the Kabin. Her gesture was a living legacy as she saw Sharon as the daughter she never had. Rita was happy to pass on her experience knowing that the Kabin would be well looked after in years to come.

Soon afterwards, Sharon began dating Danny Hargreaves, but it ended when Danny realised that he was in love with Sally. A depressed Sharon attempted suicide but could not go through with it. After her suicide bid, she got in touch with Ian again and rekindled their relationship as they realisd they still loved each other. Rita was furious when Sharon announced her plan to marry Ian and sell the Kabin so she could buy a house in Bolton. Rita bought the Kabin from Sharon and told her not to expect anything else from her. Sharon married Ian and left the area for good.

Raymond Attwood[edit]

Raymond Attwood
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Joe Searby
First appearance 28 April 1982
Episode 2199
Last appearance 10 May 1982
Episode 2202
Classification Former, Guest

Raymond Attwood is a teenager whose spending attracts the suspicions of Deirdre Barlow who informs her husband Ken but he refuses to contact the police. The following week, The police arrest Raymond for Betty Turpin's mugging.

Ted Farrell[edit]

Ted Farrell
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Gerald Sim
First appearance 21 June 1982
Episode 2214
Last appearance 23 June 1982
Episode 2215
Classification Former; guest
Home Portsmouth

Ted Farrell is Betty Turpin's wartime sweetheart who fathered her son Gordon Clegg. Ted reads about Betty's recent mugging in the local paper and visits her in hospital. It transpires that Ted has settled in Portsmouth, married and fathered a daughter. Betty decides not to tell him the truth about Gordon, not wanting to drag up the past. Ted leaves after he and Betty agree to remember each other as just sweethearts.

Phyllis Pearce[edit]

Phyllis Pearce
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Jill Summers
Duration 1982–1996
First appearance 20 September 1982
Episode 2240
Last appearance 15 May 1996
Episode 4007
Introduced by Bill Podmore (1982)
Mervyn Watson (1984)
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Waitress

Phyllis Pearce (née Grimes) was a fictional character in the British soap opera Coronation Street, played by Jill Summers, Phyllis arrived in 1982, originally touted as a new Ena Sharples, she was seen interfering in the life of grandson Craig who lived with his grandad Chalkie Whiteley at number 9. In 1983 Phyllis' home in Omdurman Street was due for demolition, and she hoped to move to Coronation Street and be with Chalkie & Craig, but after a win on the horses they went to Australia. After they moved out, Phyllis switched her attentions to old soldier Percy Sugden who she hoped to snare as a husband. She pursued him for years, even playing him off against another suitor, Sam Tindall. Despite her age, Phyllis found regular employment in the café working alongside Alma Sedgewick, Gail Tilsley and Martin Platt she also cleaned for Des Barnes.In 1993 she won the poetry competition in the Rovers Return, her poem was called 'ode to Percy'! Phyllis moved to the retirement complex, Mayfield Court. She was last seen in 1996 and has not been mentioned since. Jill Summers herself died in 1997, and it is to be assumed the character of Phyllis died with her on 20 October 1997.