List of protected areas of Newfoundland and Labrador

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This is a list of protected areas of Newfoundland and Labrador.

National parks[edit]

Provincial parks[edit]

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Environment and Conservation Department, Parks and Natural Areas Division maintains a number of full-use, day use and natural scenic attraction parks, as well as a set of Provincial Park Reserves in both the island and mainland portions of the province.

The T'Railway Provincial Park follows the abandoned Newfoundland Railway line from St. John's to Channel-Port aux Basques.

14 of the 22 provincial parks provide a variety of day use and camping facilities.

# WD-Item Name Established Commons category Picture Coordinates Upload
1 Q4858101 Barachois Pond Provincial Park 1961 48°28′20″N 58°15′11″W / 48.4722°N 58.2531°W / 48.4722; -58.2531 Upload a picture
2 Q885483 Blow Me Down Provincial Park 1975 Blow Me Down Provincial Park
NLW HumberArm5 tango7174.jpg
49°05′31″N 58°21′47″W / 49.092°N 58.363°W / 49.092; -58.363 Upload a picture
3 Q5002836 Butter Pot Provincial Park 47°23′05″N 53°03′39″W / 47.3847°N 53.0608°W / 47.3847; -53.0608 Upload a picture
4 Q22451491 Cataracts Provincial Park 1980 47°14′31″N 53°37′49″W / 47.241944444444°N 53.630277777778°W / 47.241944444444; -53.630277777778 Upload a picture
5 Q5070713 Chance Cove Provincial Park 46°46′34″N 53°02′10″W / 46.7761°N 53.0361°W / 46.7761; -53.0361 Upload a picture
6 Q22518752 Codroy Valley Provincial Park 1978 47°50′01″N 59°20′16″W / 47.833611111111°N 59.337777777778°W / 47.833611111111; -59.337777777778 Upload a picture
7 Q22578256 Deadman's Bay Provincial Park 1978 49°19′54″N 53°41′33″W / 49.331666666667°N 53.6925°W / 49.331666666667; -53.6925 Upload a picture
8 Q5276727 Dildo Run Provincial Park 49°32′08″N 54°43′19″W / 49.5356°N 54.7219°W / 49.5356; -54.7219 Upload a picture
9 Q3364717 Dungeon Provincial Park 1983
NLE Bonavista6 tango7174.jpg
48°40′00″N 53°05′02″W / 48.666666666667°N 53.083888888889°W / 48.666666666667; -53.083888888889 Upload a picture
10 Q17511056 Frenchman's Cove Provincial Park 1970 Frenchman's Cove Provincial Park
Grand Meadows Golf.jpg
47°12′32″N 55°24′11″W / 47.209°N 55.403°W / 47.209; -55.403 Upload a picture
11 Q22374892 Gooseberry Cove Provincial Park 1980 47°04′05″N 54°05′16″W / 47.068055555556°N 54.087777777778°W / 47.068055555556; -54.087777777778 Upload a picture
12 Q17513989 J.T. Cheeseman Provincial Park 1960 47°37′55″N 59°15′14″W / 47.632°N 59.254°W / 47.632; -59.254 Upload a picture
13 Q17515360 La Manche Provincial Park 1975 47°10′37″N 52°53′24″W / 47.177°N 52.89°W / 47.177; -52.89 Upload a picture
14 Q22576134 Lockston Path Provincial Park 1967 48°26′17″N 53°22′47″W / 48.438055555556°N 53.379722222222°W / 48.438055555556; -53.379722222222 Upload a picture
15 Q15623453 Main River Waterway Provincial Park 49°49′31″N 57°11′39″W / 49.825291°N 57.194068°W / 49.825291; -57.194068 Upload a picture
16 Q7017867 Newfoundland T'Railway 1997 48°58′02″N 55°36′58″W / 48.967222222222°N 55.616111111111°W / 48.967222222222; -55.616111111111 Upload a picture
17 Q22397355 Notre Dame Provincial Park 1960 49°06′58″N 55°05′11″W / 49.116111111111°N 55.086388888889°W / 49.116111111111; -55.086388888889 Upload a picture
18 Q22375405 Pinware River Provincial Park 1975 51°37′54″N 56°42′15″W / 51.631666666667°N 56.704166666667°W / 51.631666666667; -56.704166666667 Upload a picture
19 Q22380284 Pistolet Bay Provincial Park 1987 51°32′00″N 55°40′56″W / 51.533333333333°N 55.682222222222°W / 51.533333333333; -55.682222222222 Upload a picture
20 Q22410094 Sandbanks Provincial Park 1985 47°36′26″N 57°38′50″W / 47.607222222222°N 57.647222222222°W / 47.607222222222; -57.647222222222 Upload a picture
21 Q22630943 Sir Richard Squires Memorial Provincial Park 1954
NLW RSquires1 tango7174.jpg
49°21′09″N 57°12′10″W / 49.3525°N 57.202777777778°W / 49.3525; -57.202777777778 Upload a picture
22 Q3364740 The Arches Provincial Park 1980 The Arches Provincial Park
50°06′49″N 57°39′47″W / 50.113611111111°N 57.663055555556°W / 50.113611111111; -57.663055555556 Upload a picture

Provincial Park Reserves[edit]

The provincial park reserves protect significant natural features or landscapes, and provide no day use or camping facilities. Many of these parks are the remaining landmass of former provincial parks privatized in 1995 or 1997, excluding campground space leased or sold to private operators or closed.[1]

Wilderness and Ecological Reserves[edit]

These provincial reserves are intended to protect wilderness areas and wildlife habitat. They were created under the terms of the Wilderness and Ecological Reserves Act (WER Act) of 1980. With the exception of Burnt Cape, Cape St. Mary's, Mistaken Point, and Witless Bay, these areas contain few facilities and provide limited access to the public.[2]


Between 1995 and 1997, due to rising debt, the provincial government embarked on a program to reduce expenses in the Parks and Recreation system by privatizing a number of Provincial Parks and Natural and Scenic Attractions. This policy was controversial and was still being referenced negatively in debates in the Provincial House of Assembly as late as 2004.[3]

The privatization initiative was intended to retain the level of parks and recreational areas available to residents of and tourists in the province, while reducing the expense to the provincial government. It is unclear how successful this was, as at least of some of the privatized properties were no longer operating as of 2001.[4][5]

Parks Privatized or Closed (1997)[edit]

These parks and natural scenic attractions were privatized or closed in a second privatization initiative in 1997.[6]

Provincial Parks:

Natural and Scenic Attractions:

Parks Privatized or Closed (1995)[edit]

These 29 parks were apparently privatized or closed in an initial privatization initiative in 1995.[5]

Provincial Parks:

Natural and Scenic Attractions and Outdoor Recreation Parks:

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