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This page lists the different episodes of TV Funhouse.

SNL's TV Funhouse episodes[edit]

# Air date Episode That It Appeared In Recurring Series Episode Title Notes
1 September 28, 1996 Tom Hanks and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers episode The Ambiguously Gay Duo "It Takes Two to Tango" Ace and Gary, a pair of Superman-esque superheroes whose superpowers and friendship is too close to be considered non-sexual, foil Bighead's plan to take over Metroville.
2 October 5, 1996 Lisa Kudrow and Sheryl Crow episode Fun with Real Audio "Ross Perot & Larry King Ramble" As Bill Clinton gives his speech, Ross Perot escapes from a mental hospital on a giant rabbit (voiced by J.J. Sedelmaier).
3 October 19, 1996 Bill Pullman and New Edition episode Fun with Real Audio "Bill Clinton and Bob Dole"
5 November 2, 1996 Chris Rock and The Wallflowers episode The Ambiguously Gay Duo "Queen of Terror" Ace and Gary head to the planetoid Grassis to stop the evil scheme of Bighead and Queen Serena (voiced by Ana Gasteyer).
5 November 16, 1996 Robert Downey, Jr. and Fiona Apple episode Fun with Real Audio "O.J. Simpson Trial"
6 November 23, 1996 Phil Hartman and Bush episode The Michael Jackson Show The first of three sketches featuring Michael Jackson.
7 December 14, 1996 Rosie O'Donnell and Whitney Houston episode The Ambiguously Gay Duo "Don We Now or Never" Ace and Gary have to save Santa Claus and his reindeer.
8 January 11, 1997 Kevin Spacey and Beck episode The X-Presidents "North Korea" North Korea allies with aliens to conquer the world. Featuring the voice of Stephen Colbert as a Guard.
9 January 18, 1997 David Alan Grier and Snoop Dogg episode Short Film "Wheaty, the Wheaten Terrier" Featuring the voices of Laura Tietjen as Mom, Stephen Colbert as Dad, John Randolph Jones, Tyler Jones, Andy Newburg, and Brooks Roger.
10 February 8, 1997 Neve Campbell and David Bowie episode Fun with Real Audio "State of the Union"
11 February 22, 1997 Alec Baldwin and Tina Turner episode Fun with Real Audio Tom Snyder stalks Dolly Parton.
12 April 12, 1997 Rob Lowe and Spice Girls episode The X-Presidents "Brazilian Environmental Summit" Vice President Al Gore is kidnapped by aliens posing as trees. Facing defeat, the X-Presidents call on the re-animated Richard Nixon and Checkers the Dog to save the day. Featuring the voices of Bill Chott, Stephen Colbert, and Robert Smigel.
13 April 19, 1997 Pamela Anderson and Rollins Band episode The Ambiguously Gay Duo "Safety Tips" Ace and Gary demonstrate bicycle and home safety tips for local kids.
14 May 17, 1997 Jeff Goldblum and En Vogue episode Fun with Real Audio "Sally Jessy Raphael"
15 September 27, 1997 Sylvester Stallone and Jamiroquai episode Fun with Real Audio "Casablanca Outtakes"
16 November 8, 1997 Jon Lovitz and Jane's Addiction episode Fun with Real Audio "Clinton Press Conference"
17 November 15, 1997 Claire Danes and Mariah Carey episode The Ambiguously Gay Duo "Blow Hot, Blow Cold" Bighead and Dr. Brainio create an ice monster as part of a plot to freeze the Earth.
18 December 13, 1997 Helen Hunt and Hanson episode Fun with Real Audio Jesus tries to fix everything that's wrong with today's commercialized Christmas.
19 January 10, 1998 Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Folds Five episode "George Clooney in The Sexiest Car Alive" George Clooney fights off the paparazzi in a parody of Speed Racer. Featuring the voices of Stephen Colbert, Ana Gasteyer, Darrell Hammond, Cheri Oteri, and Robert Smigel.
20 February 7, 1998 John Goodman and Paula Cole episode The X-Presidents "X-First Ladies" When Boris Yeltsin and his nuclear-powered aliens threaten the world with their communism, the X-Presidents spring into action and eventually receive help from their X-First Ladies. Featuring the voices of Ana Gasteyer as Hillary Clinton and Betty Ford, Paula Pell as Nancy Reagan, and Robert Smigel.
21 February 14, 1998 Roma Downey and Missy Elliott episode "Ah Lin the Skater Man" Chinese speed-skater Ah Lin gets help from Ben Johnson. Featuring the voices of Barney Cheng, Robert Lin, and Ben Wang.
22 February 28, 1998 Garth Brooks episode Fun with Real Audio "Interviewing David Brenner"
23 March 14, 1998 Julianne Moore and Backstreet Boys episode "Conspiracy Theory Rock!" Schoolhouse Rock! parody about how companies allegedly control the media as sung by a crazy homeless man (voiced by Frank Simms). It only aired once and was pulled from reruns due to complaints about content, though Lorne Michaels has said that it was pulled because he didn't find it funny. It is available on Internet video sites and as a special feature on the DVD version of the Saturday Night Live best-of special, "The Best of TV Funhouse."
24 April 4, 1998 Steve Buscemi and Third Eye Blind episode "Titey" Brian Cummings announces disney's cheerful spin on Titanic. Former SNL cast member Gilbert Gottfried cameos in this sketch as the voice of Napoleon with the voices of Robert Smigel as the Captain, Molly Ringwald as Anne Frank, Jason Alexander as Titey, and Whoopi Goldberg as the iceberg.
25 May 9, 1998 Dave Duchovny, Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page episode The Ambiguously Gay Duo "A Hard One to Swallow" After defeating Bighead and Dr. Brainio's ice monster, Ace and Gary retreat to their Fortress of Privacy to consult Kijoro about why people are always looking at them funny. Meanwhile, Bighead, Dr. Brainio, Queen Serena, and some other villains debate if Ace and Gary are gay.
26 September 26, 1998 Cameron Diaz and The Smashing Pumpkins episode Fun with Real Audio "Presidential Address Outtakes" Bill Clinton does his apologies about what happened during his testimony before the Independent Council and the Grand Jury. Various mishaps occur during the filming of his apology.
27 October 17, 1998 Lucy Lawless and Elliott Smith episode Fun with Real Audio Howard Stern interrupts a Spartan Cheerleaders sketch to berate Saturday Night Live's decline in quality and Lorne Michaels keeping the show on the air to make money off it. Lorne teams up with Stern to create Saturday Howard Night Live Stern after shooting him.
28 October 24, 1998 Ben Stiller and Alanis Morissette episode "Hete-Roy" A Biblical superhero named Hete-Roy (voiced by Robert Smigel) uses the power of Christianity to turn homosexual men straight. Featuring the voices of Andrew Daly and Carey Prusa.
29 November 21, 1998 Jennifer Love Hewitt and Beastie Boys episode The Ambiguously Gay Duo "Ace and Gary's Fan Club" Ace and Gary answer fan mail that asks obvious questions about their homosexuality. Featuring the voices of Bill Chott and Robert Smigel.
30 December 12, 1998 Alec Baldwin, Luciano Pavarotti, Vanessa Williams, and Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale Lost Cartoon Flashback "Globetrotters X-Mas" The Harlem Globetrotters celebrate their first Christmas where they go back in time to the birth of Jesus. Featuring the voices of Andrew Daly as Saint Joseph, Tyrone Finch as Meadowlark Lemon, Ana Gasteyer as Mary, Tim Meadows, Tracy Morgan, and Robert Smigel.
31 February 6, 1999 Gwyneth Paltrow and Barenaked Ladies episode The X-Presidents "Constitution" The X-Presidents save the day from the Constitution when it comes to life to attack Congress. Featuring the voices of Bill Chott and Robert Smigel.
32 February 13, 1999 Brendan Fraser, Busta Rhymes, and The Roots episode Fun with Real Audio "The Poetry of Jewel" Jewel recites her poetry while the background characters and setting mock it.
33 March 20, 1999 Drew Barrymore and Garbage episode Fun with Real Audio "Oscar Highlights"
34 May 8, 1999 Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ricky Martin episode The Ambiguously Gay Duo "AmbiguoBoys" A spin-off of "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" showing Ace and Gary in high school. Featuring the voices of Drew Barrymore as Lila and Robert Smigel as Coach
35 May 15, 1999 Sarah Michelle Gellar and Backstreet Boys episode Unsold Cartoon Pilot Shack "The Ginsburg Gang" The Ginsburg Gang investigates a haunted house. Featuring the voices of Beth Cahill, Stephen Colbert, Ana Gasteyer, Brian Reich, Molly Shannon, and Robert Smigel.
36 September 26, 1999 ??? "25th Anniversary Special – Lorne Michaels" Lorne Michaels relishes being in control of the Saturday Night Live franchise.
37 October 23, 1999 Norm Macdonald, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Eminem episode Fun with Real Audio "House Judiciary Committee"
38 December 4, 1999 Christina Ricci and Beck episode Millennium Fun with Real Audio "Friends Apocalypse"
39 December 11, 1999 Danny DeVito and R.E.M. episode Fun with Real Audio "1999: The Year in Journalism"
40 February 19, 2000 Ben Affleck and Fiona Apple episode The All-New Adventures of Mr. T "A Doll's House" Mr. T tries to find work in a theatrical play called "A Doll's House." Featuring the voices of Andrew Daly and Ana Gasteyer as Actress.
41 April 15, 2000 Tobey Maguire and Sisqó Fun with Real Audio "Up Close with Geppetto" Geppetto (voiced by Robert Smigel) interviews Sharon Stone while a horny Pinocchio ogles.
42 May 6, 2000 John Goodman and Neil Young episode "The Life of a Catch Phrase" Lorne Michaels (voiced by Robert Smigel) answers viewer mail and shows how Jon Lovitz's "Yeah, that's the ticket" catchphrase became popular and fell out of favor in exchange for Dana Carvey's "Well, isn't that special?"
43 May 13, 2000 Britney Spears episode The Ambiguously Gay Duo "Trouble Coming Twice" Ace and Gary work to foil Bighead's plot to attack the NBA Championship. Featuring the voices of Darrell Hammond as Bob Costas and Tracy Morgan as Shaquille O'Neal.
44 May 20, 2000 Jackie Chan and Kid Rock episode Fun with Some Real Audio "Madonna" Madonna films the video for her version of "American Pie." Featuring the voices of Ana Gasteyer as Madonna and Woman and Robert Smigel as Don McLean and Fan
45 October 14, 2000 Kate Hudson and Radiohead episode The X-Presidents "Independents" The X-Presidents team up to prevent third-party candidates Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan from affecting the presidential election. To make sure they succeed, Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan are using Jimmy Carter's daughter Amy, Ronald Reagan's son Ronald Reagan Jr. (voiced by Chris Parnell), and Gerald Ford's dog Liberty as decoys.
46 November 4, 2000 Charlize Theron and Paul Simon episode The All New Adventures of Mr. T "Actors Strike" Mr. T continues his search for an acting gig and lands one for a tampon commercial in the midst of an actor's strike. Featuring the voices of Andrew Daly, Ana Gasteyer, and Robert Smigel as Michael Gross.
47 November 18, 2000 Tom Green and David Gray Fun with Real Audio "Sex and the Country" An episode of the HBO women's comedy Sex and the City showing men having sex with farm animals. Was originally supposed to air on the episode hosted by Charlize Theron, but was almost banned due to indecent content. The sketch has since been removed from most reruns.
48 January 20, 2001 Mena Suvari and Lenny Kravitz episode The X-Presidents "Clinton Joins The Group" After leaving office, Bill Clinton attempts to join the group despite not having superpowers. Featuring the voice of Robert Smigel as Al Gore.
49 February 10, 2001 Jennifer Lopez episode "Ray of Light" Ray Lewis sings in many Disney films and he runs away in a limo whenever a Disney character is killed. Brian Cummings provides the trailer narration with the voices of Tyrone Finch and Robert Smigel.
50 February 24, 2001 Katie Holmes and Dave Matthews Band episode "Backstreet Boys" Boy band superheroes who fail at everything to save the day. Featuring the voices of Doug Dale, T.R. Knight, Jeff McCarthy, Jason Mobbs, Sean Modica, Chris Phillips, Robert Smigel, Lark Speis, Jason Yudolph, and Gary Yudman.
51 March 10, 2001 Conan O'Brien and Don Henley episode Short Film "Find the Black People at the Knick Game" A live-action video version of Where's Waldo?
52 April 14, 2001 Renée Zellweger, Eve, and Gwen Stefani episode Fun with Real Audio "Bryant Gumbel Interviews Survivor Cast" Feeling that his career has hit a new low, Gumbel makes several attempts to commit suicide during the interview, but aides quickly rescue/revive him; thus Gumbel never misses a beat.
53 May 19, 2001 Christopher Walken and Weezer episode The Anatominals "Kogi Bear" While watching "Kogi Bear", Lorne Michaels (voiced by Robert Smigel) worries about SNL's quality declining and begs the Devil to get out of being executive producer of the show. The Devil puts Lorne in a position of a Peace Corps until he gets bored and returns to SNL. Featuring the voice of Doug Dale.
54 October 13, 2001 Drew Barrymore and Macy Gray episode Fun with Real Audio "NBC Fall Retooling Preview" Emeril Lagasse's sitcom is retooled for better ratings.
55 November 10, 2001 Gwyneth Paltrow and Ryan Adams episode The Michael Jackson Show Michael Jackson tries to prove to his weird entourage that he's not a pedophile anymore (seen on the east coast and when it premiered).
56 November 10, 2001 Gwyneth Paltrow and Ryan Adams episode "The 700 Club" Pat Robertson introduces a cartoon called "Harry the Embryonic Cell," which turns into a cartoon about pop singer Britney Spears. Featuring the voices of Robert Smigel, Doug Dale, Kevin Dorff, Maya Rudolph, and Samantha Scharff (only seen on West Coast airings and in the 90-minute NBC reruns).
57 December 15, 2001 Ellen DeGeneres and No Doubt episode "The Narrator Who Ruined Christmas" Sam the Snowman from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer gives up on Christmas due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the anthrax scares. Featuring the voices of Erik Bergmann, Doug Dale, Chris Parnell as Tom Brokaw, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and Robert Smigel.
58 January 12, 2002 Josh Hartnett and Pink episode The X-Presidents "Hunt for Osama" The Ambiguously Gay Duo make a cameo appearance in this cartoon aiding the X-Presidents in their search for Osama bin Laden. Featuring the voices of Wael Haggiagi and Robert Smigel.
59 March 9, 2002 Jon Stewart and India.Arie episode Fun with Real Audio "Colin Powell on MTV"; Colin Powell is interviewed by teenagers on an MTV roundtable show and starts suffering from hallucinations. Mike Judge provides the voices for Beavis and Butt-head while Kurt Loder voices himself.
60 March 16, 2002 Ian McKellen and Kylie Minogue episode Fun with Real Audio "Oscars' Greatest Moments" Björk's swan dress comes alive and attacks everyone at the ceremony while Winona Ryder steals Julia Roberts' Best Actress Oscar.
61 April 20, 2002 Alec Baldwin and P.O.D. episode The Anatominals Kogi Bear's Picnic Lorne Michaels (voiced by Robert Smigel) tries to keep senators Hillary Clinton (voiced by Ana Gasteyer) and Daniel Patrick Moynihan visiting Studio 8-H from watching the latest installment of The Anatominals where Kogi Bear and his friends go on a picnic. Featuring the voices of Doug Dale and Carol Lee Shahid.
62 May 11, 2002 Kirsten Dunst and Eminem episode Bambi 2002 Bambi's mother turns up alive as Bambi fights terrorists. Featuring the voice of Samantha Scarff as Bambi, David Spade as Thumper, Jared Fogle as Himself, Jack Handey as Himself, Amy Poehler, and Robert Smigel. Brian Cummings provides the trailer narration.
63 October 5, 2002 Matt Damon and Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band "The Smurfette Show" E! Entertainment channel features a new cartoon with Smurfette as an overweight, ditzy, fading Playboy model and celebrity trainwreck (much like Anna Nicole Smith). Featuring the voices of Amy Poehler as Smurfette, Jim Cummings as Gargamel, Doug Dale, Seth Meyers, and Robert Smigel.
64 October 19, 2002 John McCain and The White Stripes episode The Ambiguously Gay Duo "The Third Leg of Justice"
65 November 16, 2002 Brittany Murphy and Nelly episode "The Religetables" A VeggieTales parody showing the atrocities, violence, and scandals committed by religious figures or in the name of religion, including witch trials, child molestation scandals, and The Crusades. Featuring the voices of Doug Dale, Maya Rudolph, and Robert Smigel.
66 December 14, 2002 Al Gore and Phish episode Charlie Brown Christmas The Peanuts gang discover that they can change reality by waving their arms around after fixing Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. Featuring the voices of Maya Rudolph as Charlie Brown, Amy Poehler as Linus van Pelt, and Chris Parnell as Tom Brokaw.
67 March 8, 2003 Queen Latifah and Ms. Dynamite episode The X-Presidents "Iraq 2003" The X-Presidents make a film about Iraq after reviewing the pro-war videos featuring Bugs Bunny (based on a real life World War II cartoon called Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips) and Grape Ape. Featuring the voices of Tom Kenny as SpongeBob SquarePants, Jeff Bergman as Bugs Bunny, Amy Poehler as Blossom (from The Powerpuff Girls), and Robert Smigel.
68 March 15, 2003 Salma Hayek and Christina Aguilera episode "Are You Hot?" Lorenzo Lamas (voiced by himself) rates cartoon characters ranging from Betty Boop, Popeye, Cinderella, Olive Oyl, Strawberry Shortcake, Droopy, Marvin the Martian, Dagwood Bumstead, Optimus Prime, and Yosemite Sam on their sex appeal. When he criticizes Barney Rubble, he ends up attacked by Bamm-Bamm Rubble. Was used as the cold opening for Saturday Night Live: The Best of TV Funhouse with new footage of Barney Rubble opening the show with "Live from New York, It's Saturday Night!" Featuring the voices of Doug Dale, Chris Parnell, and Robert Smigel.
69 May 10, 2003 Adrien Brody, Sean Paul, and Wayne Wonder episode "Saddam and Osama" An '80s G.I. Joe-style cartoon about Iraqi dictator and war criminal Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden tricking American troops. Also includes live action commercial for rocks and an anti-Semitic Arabic dub of the 1960s Batman cartoon. Featuring the voices of Wael Haggiagi, Nasry Malik, Saudaa Robinson, and Robert Smigel.
70 May 17, 2003 Dan Aykroyd and Beyoncé "Cokee, the Most Expensive Dog in the World" Ben Affleck buys a Robert Duvall look-a-like dog for Jennifer Lopez. Then Ben has trouble making the dog speak like Duvall. Featuring the voice of Robert Smigel.
71 October 4, 2003 Jack Black and John Mayer "Yankee Super-Heroes" A cartoon about the Yankees having a double life as superheroes where they defend Earth from some aliens. Featuring the voices of Chris Parnell and Robert Smigel.
72 December 13, 2003 Elijah Wood and Jet episode Fun With Real Audio "George W. Bush"
73 February 21, 2004 Christina Aguilera and Maroon 5 episode Fun with Real Audio "Access Hollywood"
74 March 6, 2004 Colin Firth and Norah Jones episode "Cartoons and Your Government" Michael Powell shows clips of classic cartoons (from Disney, Warner Bros., and Hanna-Barbera) that have been censored under new FCC regulations like the changes to Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, Tweety, The Adventures of Batman, Josie and the Pussycats, and Bambi. The cartoon ends like the famous Warner Bros. cartoon Duck Amuck where Howard Stern is the mischievous cartoonist who messes with Powell (giving him a naked body with no explicit genitals shown), snickering and saying Bugs Bunny's catch phrase "Ain't I a stinker?" Featuring the voices of Robert Smigel and Elon Gold.
75 March 13, 2004 Ben Affleck and N*E*R*D episode "The Making of The Passion of the Dumpty"
76 May 8, 2004 Snoop Dogg and Avril Lavigne episode "Pothead Theater" Live-action/animated short where real-life stoners request cartoons like dogs walking people, fish fishing for people, ketchup getting people out of the bottle, the environment exploiting people, TVs watching people.
77 October 9, 2004 Queen Latifah episode The X-Presidents "Election Meddling"
78 October 30, 2004 Kate Winslet and Eminem episode Fun with Real Audio "John McCain" John McCain suffers from a war flashback while trying to praise George W. Bush during a speech.
79 November 20, 2004 Luke Wilson and U2 episode "The Homocranial Mind Mixer" George W. Bush (voiced by Jim Morris) creates a machine that swaps the minds of homosexual celebrities making them heterosexual ranging from Rosie O'Donnell, Richard Simmons, Ellen DeGeneres, and Ryan Seacrest. Featuring the voice of Meryl Pam Cooper, Ricky Roxburgh, Marge Royce, Armand Schultz, Robert Smigel, Oliver Vaquer.
80 December 18, 2004 Robert De Niro and Destiny's Child episode "Blue Christmas" Santa Claus (voiced by Robert Smigel) skips the states that re-elected George W. Bush and hangs out with liberal celebrities like Margaret Cho, Al Franken, and Moby. Featuring the voice of Erik Bergmann.
81 April 9, 2005 Cameron Diaz and Green Day episode The Michael Jackson Show A scientist (voiced by Robert Smigel) gives Michael Jackson glasses that makes his sham girlfriend Tara Reid look like Emmanuel Lewis from Webster. Featuring the voices of Richard Blonquist, Doug Dale, and Saudaa Robinson.
82 April 16, 2005 Tom Brady and Beck episode Short Film "Sexual Harassment and You" A live-action educational film showing how handsome men (like host Tom Brady) don't get in trouble for sexual harassment in the workplace while average men like Fred Armisen do get in trouble for harassment, even if they don't intentionally set out to do it.
83 May 14, 2005 Will Ferrell and Queens of the Stone Age episode "Shazzang" A parody of the forgotten Hanna-Barbera cartoon Shazzan where children summon a giant, all-powerful genie to easily defeat their enemies, but Shazzang starts to go overboard and sadistically tortures the villains. Featuring the voices of Robert Smigel, Erik Bergmann, Michelle Blakely, Brian Kennedy, Chris Phillips, and Dino Stamatopolous.
84 May 21, 2005 Lindsay Lohan and Coldplay episode "Divertor" A superhero called Divertor helps the President divert attention away from political crises by creating celebrity scandals for people to worry about. Featuring the voices of Robert Smigel, Paul Christie, Jim Conroy, Darrell Hammond, Sara Krieger, Lisa Lewis, Kerin McCue, Fred Newman, Stephen D. Newman, Amy Poehler, Kenan Thompson, Rob Webb, and Gary Yudman.
85 October 1, 2005 Steve Carell and Kanye West episode Fun with Real Audio "John Roberts" Justice Roberts avoids answering all questions even after this confirmation hearing.
86 December 10, 2005 Alec Baldwin and Shakira episode "Celebrity Mugshot Poker" A stop-motion film (in the style of Terry Gilliam's work on Monty Python) where famous mugshots play poker, presented by real life Celebrity Poker Showdown hosts Dave Foley and Phil Gordon (voiced by themselves). Featuring the voices of Robert Smigel, Roy James, and Mike Sweeney.
87 December 17, 2005 Jack Black and Neil Young episode "Christmastime for the Jews" A black-and-white stop-motion musical film sung by Darlene Love that shows Jewish people having their own brand of fun on Christmas Eve. *Darlene appears live in the studio singing with the band as SNL goes to commercial.
88 January 14, 2006 Scarlett Johansson and Death Cab for Cutie episode "Darwin" A cartoon sponsored by a religious network that stars Charles Darwin (voiced by Robert Smigel). Is the first (and, so far, only) time that an episode of Saturday Night Live has opened with an animated sketch.
89 March 4, 2006 Natalie Portman and Fall Out Boy episode "Belated Black History Moments" Dennis Haysbert appears LIVE in front of the studio audience and shows three failed cartoon series featuring black characters: Token Power (which features Winston Zeddemore, Franklin from the Peanuts comic strip, and Valerie from Josie and the Pussycats as detectives), The Hoke and Daisy Show (featuring the stars of Driving Miss Daisy going on various adventures), and Ladysmith Black Mambazo in Outer Space (which entails the singing group dashing around and deeply intoning "Oh, no" as they are chased by robots and aliens). Featuring the voices of Robert Smigel, Paul Christie, Chad Everett, Kalif Jenkins, and Tracy Morgan.
90 April 15, 2006 Lindsay Lohan and Pearl Jam episode "Journey to the Disney Vault" Two children (voiced by Megan Gallagher and Thomas Sharkey) see that Bambi II will be going into the Disney Vault with Cinderella II: Dreams Come True, Bambi 2002, Sleeping Beauty III: Lil' Sleepy Meets Aladdin, Hunchback 6: Air Dog Quasi, Mulan VIII: The Prozoids Fight Back, Jungle Book 3.0: Jungle Blog, and the non-affiliated film 101 Fellations. They get their wish to visit the Disney Vault when Mickey Mouse (voiced by Michael Ziegfeld) appears as the trailer for "Journey to the Disney Vault" is shown. While exploring the vault, the two children discover the dark side of The Walt Disney Company including:
  • Walt Disney's cryogenically frozen head.
  • Vivien Leigh's cryogenically frozen head where Mickey comments that Walt wanted to marry her in the future.
  • A HUAC booklet where The Walt Disney Company ratted out some animators for being communists. Mickey commented that they were union rousers and had to go while sadly commenting about the rumors that Walt was anti-semantic.
  • The "very original" version of Song of the South that "[Walt] only played at parties" where Uncle Remus bashes his own race to the tune of "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah."
  • Blueprints for "Disney's America Civil War Land" theme park.
  • Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog bound and gagged in a chair where Mickey Mouse breaks down quoting "He wouldn't sell! He wouldn't sell!" (a reference to a broken deal between The Jim Henson Company and The Walt Disney Company circa 1990).

Also, Scar (voiced by Chris Parnell) from The Lion King appears as the Disney Lawyer who condemns the children to the Disney Vault for knowing too much. Though he does allow them to see "The Lion King 5 2/3: Simba Sits in for Meredith." Jeff Bottoms provided the trailer narration.

91 May 20, 2006 Kevin Spacey and Nelly Furtado episode Fun with Real Audio "Presidential Outtakes" Features various famous moments in George W. Bush's Presidency and everyone from people to animals to levees spitting out food and water in reaction to the ridiculous claims.
92 October 28, 2006 Hugh Laurie and Beck episode "Republican Attack Ads" George W. Bush (voiced by Jim Morris) unveils new attack ads against Democrats: one depicts Ted Kennedy as Count Dracula claiming that he wants to "cut and run", then French kisses Osama bin Laden. Barack Obama comes in dressed as The Count from Sesame Street counting "one gay marriage, two gay marriages...". The other depicts a pregnant woman giving candy to trick-or-treaters until Hillary Clinton (dressed as a witch) pops out of the pregnant woman's stomach and offers the kids condoms and abortion pills, then French kisses the pregnant woman. Featuring the voices of Robert Smigel.
93 November 11, 2006 Alec Baldwin and Christina Aguilera episode "Kobayashi" An anime featuring hot dog eating champion Takeru Kobayashi. Featuring the voices of Yoshi Amao, Ken Kasai, Sakura Sugihai, and Kimmy Suzuki.
94 December 9, 2006 Annette Bening, Gwen Stefani, and Akon episode "Diddy Kiddies" A group of kids (Blaze Berdahl, Kate Simses) must solve the mystery of what Sean "Diddy" Combs (voiced by Frank Harts) does for a living. Maya Rudolph also provides voice work in this sketch.
95 January 20, 2007 Jeremy Piven and AFI episode Fun With Real Audio & Stuff "Frontline: 2007 Year in Review" New, bizarre ways to liven up TV news programs are exhibited, such as "chipmunknification" and farting in a shallow pool.
96 March 24, 2007 Peyton Manning and Carrie Underwood episode "Maraka" Features Maraka and her cat Mittens (both voiced by Becca Lish) on an adventure to Penguin Island. As the two travel, Maraka starts speaking in various tongues, curses at the audience, and asks non-sequitur questions regarding, among others, Robert Blake's innocence, whether or not the audience can make change out of a $50 bill, the abandonment of her father, and the nature of free will.
97 April 21, 2007 Scarlett Johansson and Björk episode "Torboto" A parody of Gigantor. Because of the Geneva Convention's stance on torturing prisoners, Dick Cheney and George W. Bush build a robot that tortures prisoners at Guantánamo Bay, but soon feels sorry for his actions.
98 May 12, 2007 Molly Shannon and Linkin Park episode "Tales From The Greatest Generation" The genius of Albert Einstein (voiced by Robert Smigel) is overshadowed by his ample breasts. He teams up with Winston Churchill (voiced by Brian Stack) and Lassie (who also have big breasts) and rob banks.
99 May 19, 2007 Zach Braff and Maroon 5 episode "Decision '08: Spring Cleaning '07" Oprah Winfrey (voiced by Maya Rudolph) interviews the candidates for United States President in 2008, where they reveal many strange secrets. Featuring the voices of Robert Smigel as Rudy Giuliani and John McCain, Jason Culp, Jorma Taccone as Rufus the Dog, Hasani Issa, Sara Krieger, Jim Morris, and Marc Thompson.
100 September 29, 2007 LeBron James and Kanye West episode The Ambiguously Gay Duo "First Served, First Come" Bighead enlists Police Sergeant Karznia of the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport's Undercover Police to out Ace and Gary at his BBQ where Bighead has Dr. Brainio, Orbitrox, Flame Eye (voiced by Bill Hader), Lizardo, Half-Scary, and Flatside (voiced by Bill Hader). Bighead's attempts to get Ace and Gary to do gay-related activities in the double outhouse backfires when Sergeant Karznia ends up doing it with Lizardo.
101 March 1, 2008 Ellen Page and Wilco episode "The Obama Files" Barack Obama (voiced by Hisani Issa) sends Jesse Jackson (voiced by Darrell Hammond) and Al Sharpton (voiced by Robert Smigel) on wild goose hunts (to nonexistent countries such as Bophuthatswana, East Paraguay, and Lower Zambuta) to keep them from helping him.
102 May 14, 2011 Ed Helms and Paul Simon episode The Ambiguously Gay Duo "The Dark, Clenched Hole of Evil" Bighead and Dr. Brainio devise a way so that nobody would be safe from their carnivorous Cyber-Eel. When Ace and Gary arrive upon Bighead, Dr. Brainio, Half-Scary (voiced by Robert Smigel) and Lizardo (voiced by Robert Smigel) hacking into their credit card accounts, Half-Scary blast Ace and Gary with a flesh ray, transforming them from animated characters to live-action ones, respectively as a way so that the gun malfunctions and "unanimates" everyone where the Cyber-Eel is a puppet. The live-action cast features Jon Hamm as Ace, Jimmy Fallon as Gary, Ed Helms playing Half-Scary, Fred Armisen as Lizardo, Stephen Colbert as Dr. Brainio, and Steve Carell as Bighead.

Comedy Central's TV Funhouse episodes[edit]


NBC special Air date Description
1 April 29, 2006 NBC aired a "Best Of" special for TV Funhouse. The special lasted a full-length 90-minute SNL episode and was hosted by The Ambiguously Gay Duo (voiced by Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert). The duo interacts with the current SNL cast along with Lorne Michaels and Don Pardo. Also features a cameo by Jimmy Fallon.