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The following is a partial list of chapters of the Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity. The list of active Tau Epsilon Phi chapters is followed by a list of dormant chapters. Chapters are listed in order of their founding. Except as otherwise noted, the schools are listed under their current names, not the names they had at the time of the chapter founding (i.e. Auburn University instead of Alabama Polytechnic Institute).[1][2][3]

Chapter Name Institution Notes
Nu University of Georgia Founded November 17, 1919. Oldest active chapter. First chapter in the South.
Xi Massachusetts Institute of Technology Founded December 6, 1919.
Rho University of Pennsylvania Founded April 15, 1921.
Epsilon Theta Queens College, City University of New York Founded June 10, 1956.
Epsilon Iota Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Founded December 8, 1957. Reactivated June 1, 2011.
Sigma Epsilon Rutgers University-Camden Founded December 12, 1966.
Lambda Phi Epsilon Clarkson University Founded February 24, 1968. Reactivated June 1, 2011.
Sigma Alpha Sigma Hofstra University Founded April 4, 1969.
Phi Chi City College of New York Founded 1991. Reactivated June 1, 2011.
Omega Alpha Johnson & Wales University Founded in 1995.
Alpha Tau Rowan University Founded in 2013.
Alpha Phi Colony Rutgers University–New Brunswick Founded 1988. Reactivated in 2014.
Tau Beta Colony University of Maryland Founded May 31, 1925. Reactivated in 2015.
Phi Upsilon Colony State University of New York at Buffalo Founded May 9, 1968. Reactivated in 2016.
Epsilon Phi Colony Pennsylvania State University Founded 1963. Reactivated in 2017.
Tau Omega Colony University of Rhode Island Founded April 11, 1948. Reactivated in 2018.
Gamma Tau Colony Indiana University Bloomington Founded in 2018.
Zeta Tau Colony University of North Carolina at Wilmington Founded in 2018.
Chapter Name Institution Notes
Alpha Columbia University Founded October 19, 1910.
Beta New York College of Dentistry Founded June 1, 1913. Merged with NYU in 1925 to become New York University College of Dentistry.
Gamma New York University Founded October 20, 1912.
Delta Cornell University Founded November 12, 1913. Closed in 2013.
Epsilon Fordham University Founded June 30, 1914.
Zeta Bellevue Medical Center Founded February 18, 1915. Since 1968, Bellevue is part of NYU School of Medicine.
Eta Tufts University Founded January 21, 1917.
Theta Boston University Founded March 31, 1914.
Iota Yale University Founded May 19, 1918.
Kappa University of Vermont Founded May 15, 1919.
Lambda Harvard University Founded January 17, 1919.
Mu Emory University Founded November 17, 1919.
Omicron McGill University Founded May 1, 1920. First international chapter.
Pi Georgetown University Founded April 16, 1921.
Sigma Syracuse University Founded January 28, 1922. Closed in the late 1990s.
Tau Dickenson College Founded February 18, 1922.
Upsilon College of Charleston Founded February 25, 1922.
Phi Georgia Institute of Technology Founded May 1, 1922. Closed in 1961.
Chi University of Michigan Founded January 13, 1923.
Psi University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Founded May 31, 1924. Closed in 2006.
Omega University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Founded May 30, 1924.
Tau Alpha University of Florida Founded February 22, 1925. Reopened as Tau Alpha Spring 2010, reactivated into Tau Epsilon Phi on June 1, 2011. Suspended by the University of Florida from December 2017 until December of 2021.
Tau Gamma University of Southern California Founded November 25, 1926. Closed in 1990.
Tau Delta The Ohio State University Founded May 27, 1927. Closed in 2002.
Tau Epsilon West Virginia University Founded May 29, 1927.
Tau Zeta University of Maine Founded May 29, 1929. Closed in 1990.
Tau Eta University of Denver Founded February 21, 1931. Closed in 1973.
Tau Theta George Washington University Founded February 22, 1932.
Tau Iota Dalhousie University Founded April 9, 1932.
Tau Kappa University of Arkansas Founded April 30, 1932.
Tau Lambda Purdue University Founded May 15, 1932.
Tau Mu University of Connecticut Founded May 21, 1932. Closed in the late 1990s.
Tau Nu University of Virginia Founded April 4, 1936.
Tau Xi University of Miami Founded March 28, 1937.
Tau Omicron Auburn University Founded May 15, 1937.
Tau Pi University of Massachusetts Amherst Founded May 12, 1938. Closed in the late 1970s.
Tau Rho Florida Southern College Founded February 1, 1947.
Tau Sigma University of Wyoming Founded May 3, 1947.
Tau Upsilon University of California, Los Angeles Founded May 27, 1947. Closed in the 1990s.
Tau Phi Marshall University Founded June 1, 1947.
Tau Chi University of Louisville Founded October 12, 1947.
Tau Psi New Jersey Institute of Technology Founded September 25, 1947.
Rho Delta Rho Illinois Institute of Technology Founded December 20, 1947. Closed in 1993.
Epsilon Alpha University of California, Santa Barbara Founded May 1, 1949.
Epsilon Beta Georgia State University Founded March 27, 1949.
Epsilon Gamma New York University University Heights Campus Founded June 9, 1949. NYU closed the campus in 1972, and merged it with New York University College of Arts and Science.
Epsilon Delta Dartmouth College Founded May 20, 1950.
Zeta Lambda Phi Temple University Founded November 11, 1951.
Delta Upsilon Duke University Founded April 26, 1952. Closed in 1981.
Epsilon Deuteron Florida State University Founded May 8, 1954. Closed in 2009.
Epsilon Eta Drexel University Founded June 4, 1955.
Epsilon Rho Brooklyn College Founded June 10, 1956. Closed in mid-1980s.
Phi Lambda Long Island University Founded June 10, 1956.
Epsilon Zeta University of California at Berkeley Founded May 17, 1958.
Epsilon Nu Rochester Institute of Technology Founded January 18, 1959. Closed in 2000. Reopened in 2002 and closed again in 2009.
Epsilon Kappa Tulane University Founded May 12, 1959.
Phi Gamma Wayne State University Founded June 5, 1959.
Alpha Omega Baruch College Founded June 19, 1959.
Phi Eta Johns Hopkins University Founded September 27, 1959. Closed in 1993.
Epsilon Mu Lehman College Founded November 19, 1959. Closed in mid-1980s.
Alpha Beta American University Founded February 27, 1960.
Sigma Phi C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University Founded June 8, 1960. Also known as Zeta Gamma Delta chapter. Closed in late 1990s.
Epsilon Pi Marietta College Founded November 13, 1960. Closed in 1996.
Epsilon Xi Clark University Founded June 3, 1961.
Kappa Zeta Phi Northeastern University Founded October 29, 1961. Closed in 2003.
Epsilon Tau Bradley University Founded February 2, 1962. Closed in 2006.
Epsilon Sigma University of Tampa Founded November 7, 1962.
Epsilon Omicron Pratt Institute Founded June 18, 1963.
Delta Tau Detroit Institute of Technology Founded June 23, 1963. DIT closed its doors in 1981.
Alpha Kappa Adelphi University Founded November 3, 1963. Closed in mid to late 1990s.
Epsilon Psi American International College Founded April 23, 1964.
Epsilon Omega NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering Founded June 9, 1966.
Phi Delta Armstrong State University Founded October 11, 1966.
Phi Zeta University of Wisconsin–Madison Founded November 6, 1966.
Phi Epsilon Eastern Michigan University Founded November 19, 1966.
Kappa Delta Monmouth College Founded December 18, 1966.
Phi Alpha Hunter College Founded December 18, 1966.
Nu Kappa Omega Cooper Union Founded February 12, 1967.
Phi Beta University of South Florida Founded April 23, 1967.
Gamma Delta Xi Southampton College of Long Island University Founded June 25, 1967. LIU closed the campus in 2005. The campus is now home to Stony Brook Southampton.
Tau Alpha Kappa Lehigh University Founded November 5, 1967. Closed in early 1990s.
Gamma Alpha Seton Hall University Founded November 12, 1967.
Sigma Lambda Bryant College Founded November 19, 1967.
Phi Mu University of Hartford Founded November 19, 1967.
Phi Kappa DePaul University Founded December 17, 1967.
Phi Nu Georgia Southern University Founded April 6, 1968.
Phi Xi California State University at Northridge Founded September 8, 1968.
Beta Upsilon Chi Jacksonville University Founded February 16, 1969.
Sigma Iota Alpha Rhode Island College Founded March 21, 1969.
Phi Delta Upsilon Ricker College Founded April 26, 1969. Ricker College closed its doors in 1978.
Phi Omicron Western New England University Founded April 26, 1969. Closed in mid-1990s.
Phi Deuteron University of Southern Maine Founded September 28, 1969.
Tau Kappa Beta University of New Haven Founded February 15, 1970.
Phi Pi State University of New York at Binghamton Founded February 28, 1970. Recognition revoked August 31, 2018.[4]
Alpha Gamma Phi University of Bridgeport Founded March 7, 1970.
Theta Gamma Sigma Fairleigh Dickinson University Founded April 26, 1970.
Mu Alpha Delta New York Institute of Technology Founded May 6, 1970.
Tau Eta Epsilon State University of New York at New Paltz Founded October 25, 1970.
Omega Lambda Chi Biscayne College Founded March 4, 1971. Biscayne College changed its name to St. Thomas University in 1984.
Pi Rho University of Massachusetts Lowell Founded October 13, 1972.
Omega Upsilon Chi Husson University Founded November 15, 1976.
Pi Beta University of Maine at Presque Isle Founded April 12, 1978.
Phi Sigma Chi California State Polytechnic University at Pomona Founded April 14, 1982. Closed in 1986.
Omega Beta Psi State University of New York at Geneseo Founded October 17, 1985.
Alpha Sigma State University of New York at Albany Founded October 19, 1986. Closed in mid to late 1990s.
Delta Epsilon St. Thomas University (Florida) Founded October 27, 1987.
Kappa Iota Chi University of North Carolina at Asheville Founded 1986.
Kappa Gamma Virginia Commonwealth University Founded 1985.
Tau Sigma Upsilon Towson University Founded 1985.
Delta Xi Lynchburg College Founded 1986.
Beta Delta Florida International University Founded 1987. Closed in late 1990s.
Phi Sigma Marist College Founded 1991.
Phi Tau Roger Williams University Founded 1989.
Delta Psi Omega William Paterson University Founded 1990.
Phi Upsilon State University of New York at Oneonta Founded 1990.
Gamma Delta University of Maryland at Baltimore County Founded 1990. Closed in 1999.
Phi Psi University of Delaware Founded 1991. Closed in 2008.
Phi Omega Mount Ida College Founded 1991.
Rho Beta University of Pittsburgh Founded 1995. Closed in 2009.
Sigma Mu Limestone College Founded 1995.


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