List of cities administered by the State of Palestine

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Map of Area A in the Palestinian-held areas (dark green) and major cities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

The following is a list of cities administered by the State of Palestine. After the 1995 Interim Agreements, the PNA took control of civil affairs in both designated Areas, A and B, where most Palestinian population centers are located (except those within the municipal borders of East Jerusalem). Israel Defense Forces are responsible for security in Area B in the West Bank and have full control over localities in Area C.

Following the 2007 rift between the main two Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas, the PNA has been split with the former dominating the Palestinian government in the West Bank and the latter controlling the Gaza Strip.

Local regulations in Palestine[edit]

The Local Government Ministry of the Palestinian National Authority is responsible for granting a town with city or municipality status. However, there is no specific guidelines for a particular locality to achieve the status of Palestinian city. It is mostly judged on the population reaching above 20,000. The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics took its latest official census in 2007.[1]

List of cities[edit]

The largest city in the Gaza Strip and the entire Palestinian Territories is Gaza City and the largest in the West Bank is Hebron. Some cities form agglomerations with other towns or cities, such as the Bethlehem metropolitan area with Beit Jala and Beit Sahour. Ramallah and al-Bireh also form an agglomeration and are often considered a single city.

The following is a list of all Palestinian cities under Ramallah administration, their governorates, their specific jurisdictions and their populations as of 2007 by the PCBS.

Hebron (al-Khalil)
Common Name Arabic Name Governorate Jurisdiction Population (2007)[2]
Abasan al-Kabira عبسان الكبيرة Khan Yunis Area A 19,000
Abu Dis أبو ديس Jerusalem Area B 12,100
Bani Na'im بني نعيم Hebron Area A, Area B 20,084
Bani Suheila بني سهيلا Khan Yunis Area A 32,767
Beit Hanoun بيت حانون North Gaza Area A 32,187
Beit Jala بيت جالا Bethlehem Area A 11,758
Beit Lahia بيت لاهيا North Gaza Area A 59,540
Beit Sahour بيت ساحور Bethlehem Area A 12,367
Beit Ummar بيت اُمّر Hebron Area B 13,348
Beitunia بيتونيا Ramallah and al-Bireh Area A 49,761
Bethlehem (Beit Lahm) بيت لحم Bethlehem Area A 165,266
al-Bireh البيرة Ramallah and al-Bireh Area A 179,202
Deir al-Balah دير البلح Deir al-Balah Area A 54,439
ad-Dhahiriya الظاهرية Hebron Area A 48,766
Dura دوره Hebron Area A 48,268
Gaza City (Ghazzah) غزة هاشم Gaza Area A 949,221
Halhul حلحول Hebron Area A 42,128
Hebron (al-Khalil) الخليل Hebron Area A, Area B, Area C 563,146
Idhna إذنا Hebron Area B 19,012
Jabalia جباليا North Gaza Area A 82,900
Jenin جنين Jenin Area A 260,004
Jericho (Ariha) أريحا Jericho Area A 40,300
Khan Yunis خان يونس Khan Yunis Area A 142,637
Nablus نابلس Nablus Area A 426,132
Qabatiya قباطية Jenin Area A 53,197
Qalqilya قلقيليه Qalqilya Area A 81,739
Rafah رفح Rafah Area A 71,003
Ramallah رام الله Ramallah and al-Bireh Area A 197,092
Sa'ir سعير Hebron Area B 18,045
as-Samu السموع Hebron Area A 19,649
Tubas طوباس Jenin Area A 46,154
Tulkarm طولكرم Tulkarm Area A 171,941
Ya'bad يعبد Jenin Area A 43,640
al-Yamun اليامون Jenin Area A 46,383
Yatta يطّا Hebron Area A 58,672
az-Zawayda الزوايده Deir al-Balah Area A 15,483

Mixed cities[edit]

  • Hebron (الخليل/חברון): Hebron is a city where few hundred Israelis live among 480,000 Palestinians. The Israelis claim to live primarily in the historic Jewish quarter, that existed before the 1929 Hebron massacre.[3]

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