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Location of Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a self-governing crown dependency in the Irish Sea between England and Northern Ireland. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who holds the title of Lord of Mann. The Lord of Mann is represented by a lieutenant governor. Foreign relations and defence are the responsibility of the British Government.

The Isle of Man is a low-tax economy with no capital gains tax, wealth tax, stamp duty, or inheritance tax[1] and a top rate of income tax of 20%.[2] The rate of corporation tax is 0% for almost all types of income; the only exceptions are that the profits of banks are taxed at 10%, as is rental (or other) income from land and buildings situated on the Isle of Man.[3][4]

Offshore banking, manufacturing, and tourism form key sectors of the economy. Agriculture and fishing, once the mainstays of the economy, now make declining contributions to the island's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Notable firms[edit]

This list includes notable companies with primary headquarters located in the country. The industry and sector follow the Industry Classification Benchmark taxonomy. Organizations which have ceased operations are included and noted as defunct.

Notable companies
     Active      State-owned      Defunct
Name Industry Sector Headquarters Founded Notes
Alliance & Leicester International Financials Banks Douglas 1990 Bank, defunct 2013
Bradford & Bingley International Financials Banks Douglas 1989 Financial services, defunct 2011
Bushy's Brewery Consumer goods Brewers Braddan 1984 Brewery
Celton Manx Consumer services Gambling Douglas[5] 2009 Gambling
Duke Video Consumer services Broadcasting & entertainment Douglas 1981 Video
EuroManx Consumer services Airlines Ronaldsway 2002 Airline, defunct 2008
Excalibur Almaz Industrials Aerospace Douglas 2005 Spaceflight
Isle of Man Air Services Consumer services Airlines Ronaldsway 1937 Airline, nationalized 1947
Isle of Man Bank Financials Banks Douglas 1865 Bank
Isle of Man Post Industrials Delivery services Douglas 1973 Postal services
Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Consumer services Travel & tourism Douglas 1830 Ferry
Manx Airlines Consumer services Airlines Ballasalla 1982 Airline, defunct 2002
Manx Telecom Telecommunications Fixed line telecommunications Braddan 1987 Broadband
Manx2 Consumer services Airlines Ballasalla 2006 Airline, defunct 2012
Microgaming Consumer services Gambling Douglas 1994 Gambling
Nationwide International Financials Banks Douglas 1990 Offshore savings
Neteller Financials Specialty finance Douglas 1999 Payments
Okells Brewery Consumer goods Brewers Douglas 1850 Brewery, pubs
Paysafe Group Financials Specialty finance Douglas 1996 Payments
Peel Engineering Company Consumer goods Automobiles Peel ? Defunct 1974
PokerStars Consumer services Gambling Douglas 2001 Gambling
Sea Breezes Consumer services Publishing Douglas[6] 1919 Publisher
Simcocks Advocates Industrials Business support services Douglas 1949 Legal


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